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Laser Projection Keyboard Project a keyboard on any flat surface


Wow, that sounds amazing, but I do like my keyboard. And wouldn't it hurt having to tap on a table or desk all day?I'm sure it it quieter and more portable, but even so, I think I prefer my wireless keyboard over a Laser projection Key board.

Albus Dumbledore

personally--i would not want one for a few reasons..i dont sit at a computer desk i lay in bed with my monitor on the nightstand..but i think it would most definatly be cool! ive seen pix of the keyboard coming out of a pen...having it come out of the top of a PDA..and it looke like it would bee a bit difficult to comp with being used to accual keys that pish in etc...


yea, I heard something very similiar to this. We have the technology but not the need yet. Although it sounds way cool, practical use will make this a very slow process in development. I dont see this being released anytime in the near future.

Albus Dumbledore

yes it would be coool..but i see no reason for it either lol..it would still be cool to have it out on shelfs etc..


Well i've actually heard mixed things about these contraptions. Good and bad. One resaid it just didn't work pratically atall and another said they were definitly the way forward in mobile technology. I havn't had any real life encounters with one but I really would like to try one!


Yeah I've also seen a bit about these before, I think it was on some television show a while back (I forgot the name) any way these are one of those very cool things that are actually quite pointless, I mean normal keyboards work fine, ok so if theres a shortage of space then these might come in handy (doesn't stop me wanting one though), any way I doubt there is anywahere where I can afford one of these, plus you know I already have a perfectly good keybord.


It must be annoying to the eyes, and its expensive. Though it would look really cool at night, I would definetely like to own one.


I would love to get one of those for my PDA. I think it would be useful for simple word processing stuff, but not for games or anything. I think I'm going to look at getting one.


I think that fits to the topic...
A company called Lebedev Studio announced their OLEd keyboard.
The ‘Optimus’ keyboard has tiny OLED screens embedded in each key, allowing it to display context information on the fly or any key configuration you like, there is even a "keysaver" ;-)

Here you can find some further informations: http://www.artlebedev.com/optimus/

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