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Why And When Did You Make Your First Site?


I created my first website on geocities. I created it, because I needed webspace to upload my voice for my yahoo profile. But I think, geocities is the worst place to make any website. So, I started to search the web for free domain and free hosting for making a new website. And at last I reached to Xisto.com. Now that i have already fulfill all requirements for getting a free hosting account on Xisto.com, I can finally start to brainstorm on my site designs. But I do not know, how to describe about my new website which I will be making. Actually, I still have to decide, which type of website I should make.


My first webpage I made when I was about 10, I made in on Geocities too. Of course, I lived on the built in editor. It was going to be a homepage for me, but it wasn't really good. I stopped making webpages for a while until I really got into it and now I can make pretty decent webpages. I now need this host because my other one was very bad.


The forst website I made was a personal website. I had tried three coded three different designs by then. Atlast I settled for this one design but that wasn't wnough eiher. So I finally found a way around it and created http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ which is hosted at 50webs. I have already shown some of the good folks here. Do check it out and tell me what you think. This final design was done one fine friday night in July this year.


First site I made was in about '97 and was a personal site featuring music & film reviews and stories about my travels cos I was living in London at the time and visiting lots of different places.


My first was also on Yahoo!'s infamous Geocities. ( Oh, how I hate geocities ) It was for a comic series I was running, before I eventually moved onto getting the comic series its own .com and improved the art-style of it greatly. Basically, I wouldn't wish Geocities on my worst enemy.


My first was freewebs.com where I learned how to make something with HTML, and it turned very bad then I used CollateralFX host where I learned lot of PHP with other GFX making forum members... After the horrible hurricane Catrina It went down ... Then I boughtmy own Latvian domain where I started to make an game guide but my busy life didn't hoped it alot ... Then I met old CFX member who showed me Xisto.com and Im now very happy that Im here


The first site I ever made was about 4 years ago, and it was basically me testing a load of HTML code, JavaScript and a little bit of PHP eventually, and putting all my scripts up for download. That was on Lycos, and I have since migrated to the excellent Trap 17, but I didn't copy my old site, I decided to start a fresh site with a new design. Just to make my life easier at the moment I'm using Wordpress, but that may change when I have the time.


It was in way back in 2003 that I created my first webpage I was lucky enough not to have created my page in geocities or any other free host. I had my own website I was managing at that time. However, to make things easier and not to bother about those hosts I've started using free scripts and free content management systems which manage my sites.

Nani Cheri

I made my first website on a dial in internet with Tripod. There were probably more gifs to see then content ...hahaha kinda cute. After that I started with Frontpage...Now Im trying Flash..and Fireworks and Dreamweaver.So, I will probably post many topics about question I have with Macromedia Studio ahhaha


My first site was made about five years ago, as a personal site. The host was actually provided by my university and it was pretty stable and fast. It was really a good site to host bigger files because even mp3 and avi and be uploaded. However, the host did not provide scripting support, that's why I have to look for another site with php support and MySQL database. I have never attempted making sites other than personal ones. Although I have quite a lot of hobbies, I simply lack the time to put all of them online. I have never come into a good host anyway. Xisto is fine in many aspect, but not good in the sense that it is a post to host system.


My first site was from Bravenet. I didn't like it because there were so many advertisements and it made the page look bad.


My first site was like six years ago more or less. I think it was in geocities and later in galeon.com with a horrible template but I had no idea of html then and frontpage express was not a good option. Besides, I uploaded it at university because I had no internet at home then.Oh, and it was a music website, but very poor, of course.


I made my first site for my communications class in school. It was a plain html site that was god-aweful. I loaded it with animated gifs and annoying graphics. It was hosted on one of the Universities servers and didn't manage to get deleted for a long time so I had the opportunity to go back and look at it after a few years. It was so horrible, but I had to laugh.


It was about 1997 or so, I think. I got a computer and started going on the internet a few months before. I was involved with different email lists and stuff (the things they used to do more before message boards) I was chatting a lot, and sort of making new online friends. So I got some space on tripod and I put up a very basic page that I made with Frontpage to let people know a little about me. Kind of like a prehistoric myspace page, crappy layout horrible colors and kinda pointless ;)As the months went on, I started to learn about HTML and started throwing pictures and poetry and weird fan fiction on there. Now that I think about it, the page I have here now is nearly the same.


I designed my first website when I was in my second year at the university, That was five or six years ago. I am a fan of this blond American singer and I was overwhemled by those fansites dedicated for her so I decided to create my own. Learning wasn't a problem because I have a cousin who studies computers and computer programming so I searched his books trying to see if there is one about webdesigning. Luckily I got one. I studied hard coding of HTML, then later shifted to WYSIWYG programs like Frontpage. And the knowledge on HTML coding was very helpful because WYSIWYGs does not really give me what I wanted to see. I uploaded my files to Geocities. I wa hosted there for a long time until later I found Trap 17.


I created my first site using Geocities (I guess like most here). I used a template that looked a bit techy (night vision?)but later used the site's own file editor to create my site. I wanted to put up a site because I thought it would be cool but I realize now it's really not something to be proud of . The journey from geocities to Xisto was very long indeed. I don't even think PHP was born already when I did it.


My first webpage was made way back in the day many years ago. My sister started making websites a year or two after my family got our first computer and had dial-up. She used a free host that I think was geocities. She then introduced me to making websites. For the first while I used a WYSIWYG editor while my sister was using HTML, then I decided to learn and use HTML and made a webpage that didn't look so great. That is how it all started for me.


lol My first site was a year or two ago. I was a scammer on a game and went to geocites to make a form that submitted an email to my yahoo account. I told people if they gave me their username and password I would give them money. I quit that long ago and made a new site to start helping people on the same game. I then gave up playing that game altogether and ended up moving into web design. The game was Nitto1320, in fact that is how I found my first web host that got me into web design. My first real web site was with CollateralFX (now out of business temporarily) I wanted to get a chat for Nitto but ended up getting into web design and started thecsmnetowork which eventually went down the tube too. lol So now I am here.


I made my first website.. almost 5 years ago. I went to an enrichment thing for school on making your own webpage. They used Frontpage (we were in gr 7..), but there was a lot of coding html to it too.. It was a terrible website, and had no real information on it, but it got me into web design. I think we uploaded it at angelfire, but they (angelfire) deleted it after me not having updated it after so long..


My first official web site was hosted on AngelFire. Being a gamer, I made a site for gamers. And like most amatuer gaming sites back then, that meant I stole every picture I could find about new games from other sites, slapped them on the page one after the other with no text, and thought I was contributing to all the other fanboys out there.Since then Ive become an infinetly better web designer ( making me a decent web designer at total ), and yet, I got more hits on my all pic sites back when than I have with any of my other ill-fated yet content-filled endevours.By the way, Im all for biting the hand that fed me. Angelfire blows. Dont use it. Work your *bottom* off on these forums for free adless hosting, then pay for it when enough people care about what you have to say. Hosting is so cheap these days that if you can afford an internet connection, you can DEFINETLY afford $3.33 a month for gigs of storage space and bandwidth.

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