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  1. That's becaues you haven't taught anyone anything except that you know how to blow your own trumpet. All you've done is give unsubstantiated figures as to how many backlinks you've got with no clue as to how you got them. How is that teaching anyone anything? If you don't like the attitude some people are displaying towards you it's because you've brought it on yourself with your ever so slightly holier-than-thou attitude. As for 'snide' and 'belittling' - 'snide' at a stretch, but it's more like skeptical; and if you've felt belittled at all you either need to get a thicker skin or find a dictionary.
  2. Not trying to be funny, but if you've backed up, how can it have ruined so much?
  3. You don't need to use tables. You can do it table-free using CSS and it'll be far more flexible and scalable. You also don't need a script to adjust your design depending on screen resolution. Again, using CSS this can be done automatically. It's called creating a 'fluid' layout.
  4. Experimentation is not stupid. That's how we learn things - by trying them out and learning from the experiences whether positive or negative. Without experimentation none of the technology that we benefit from today would exist. Now I'm not advocating that everyone should go out and try all manner of drugs/alcohol, but saying experimentation is stupid is ... well ... stupid.
  5. If you'd spent the time it took you to write that and instead input the terms into Google, you'd already have the links. Yeah, if you use Web CEO you can submit your site to hundreds of SEs from around the world for free.
  6. I think you'll find a lot of professionals already do provide templates for free for things like Wordpress etc however that's not to suggest that I agree that professional templates 'should' be free.
  7. Forget that; no-one uses that resolution anymore. I'd forget that too - too many people with monitors much bigger than that nowadays. Also 'best viewed' notices just illustrate that your site isn't as flexible as it should be.
  8. Flash doesn't make a better website - good content does.
  9. Wouldn't that depend on what type of content/sections you're going to have on your site?
  10. Sounds like you don't really understand Google's business model then. Taken from here:
  11. Yeah, no-one will get any exercise cos they're tied to their computers all day long and the already increasing health crisis in Western countries will just get worse.
  12. I read that they'd just move their servers to a new country if it turned out what they were doing was illegal in Sweden. Try North Korea; I'm sure they're not going to bow down to any pressure from a US organisation like the RIAA any time soon.
  13. If you want to remove all HTML, you can use the strip_tags function: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
  14. Or rather rethink your design so that it still works if js is disabled.
  15. If you're charging 'cheap' then you're obviously not doing it as your sole source of income. I doubt there'd be very few who consider themselves professionals who only charge a little because they don't feel people should have to pay too much. If you're doing it as a business and aiming to make money, you won't be solely thinking about the customer, you'll be thinking about yourself too.
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