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Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire May contain spoilers


In the middle of all this mayhem once sat a few funny scenes of the Weasleys trying to use Floo Powder to get through the electric fireplace of the Dursleys, and a lot more detail that explained every scene and didn't throw them all at you like cannonballs. But Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is a condensed, light-weight and new, improved version of the 700-odd page book, so removals are justifiable, and additions will just have to be borne with a grin. For die-hard, swear-by-J K Rowling, Potter loyalists, the initial parts of the movie will sadden their hearts. But that is no reason to cry. While screenplay writer Steven Kloves has sliced and diced the original book, he has kept Mad-Eye Moody intact. Brendon Gleeson is a treat to watch. The Yule Ball, featuring the Green Day-ish Weird Sisters, is another fun event. But all this peppy-ness is just to prep us up for the horror of the graveyard scene.

Has anyone seen the movie? I read the book so I was really eager and really really excited to watch it! The first day of showing here in the Philippines was last November 16 (I think it's the same with other countries) and I watched it on the first day. The cinema was FULL, we almost didn't have a seat.

As I watched the movie, I noticed a lot of the scenes and details from the book weren't included and that made me a bit disappointed because I enjoyed reading the goblet of fire to bits so I wanted to see each and every detail of the book to the big screen. But nevertheless the movie was great. I love it.

For those who have seen the movie, what are your opinions about this?


I've liked the movie but it's definitely not a movie you can really understand without the book ... and it's running through the story pretty fast (well, as fast as two and a bit hours of movie can be; all the important scenes are in it and even those have been somewhat shortened...)my favorite scene was after the Yule Ball when Neville came back to the dorm telling Harry that "I've been out until now ... until now..."


I'm watching it now, seems to be a good movie; making me laugh quite a bitrofl "viktors more of a physical being..." just some really nice one liners as well as some more sophisticated humour.Definetly a movie I would recommend seeing (wont be out in australia for a while yet though), though I'd agree with brainless in that you would have had to read the book before hand to completely understand the storyline.


I definitely agree!! People won't understand and not to mention APPRECIATE the movie without reading the book. It's in the details that makes the story enchanting and special. I pity those who haven't read the book yet because they are definitely missing out on something wonderful and entertaining.


I saw the movie last night! It was too fast at the start and they cut out so much important stuff. It was good, but it did not have the kind of feel that it had in the last 3.


i really want to go watch this movie, i read all 5 books at the end of 8th grade in two weeks because i needed AR points.. =P.. but i really enjoyed the series.i will read the 6th book when i have the time =P.. maybe over the summer.


I saw the movie last night. I think it ties with the first movie for the best Harry Potter movie. I like the new producer. I still don't like that little tie that they put at the bottom of Dumbledoor's beard. It looks weird. I like the graphics in the new movie too. Some of the scenes are great!


I just saw the movie, and I thought it was great. I've read the book...but I don't think you need to read the book to understand the story. I recommend it.


Goblet Of Fire will come out in Japan soon (if not already....very fast, considering Japan is one of the last places to receive the movies after they initially premiered in North America/The UK). I've only seen the first two installments of the Harry Potter series (and yes I've read the books prior to seeing the movies), but via the previews I can definitely see the series taking a much darker turn as it progresses.


i have already see it, and the especial effects are very cool, obviously they are some parts of the book that weren't included in the movie like the substorys, quidditch match, the dursleys, etc but the actor that is representing Lord Voldemort, (and lord voldemort itself) was the same thing that i was imaging in my mind, so to be a short movie comparing to the book, i like it but my favorite one is The Prisioner of Azkaban (only for lupin *-*)


This was the first Harry Potter movie I have ever seen on the movie theater, and believe me I was Impressed, totally. I always had this idea that it was sort of like a spy kids type movie, and I have obviously not read the book either. I got into it a couple of months ago when my girlfriends sister was watching the last harry potter movie on dvd. I saw some frogs singing, and you bet I will never forget that, it was really crazy. This last movie was great, I dont know about the book, but it really wasnt that hard to understand except the part where harry potter enters the well of thoughts or whatever it is called of the director of the school (dusseldorf or whatever he is called) where they are judging someone.


I think the story is really stupid. I haven't read the books so I can't say about the books.It seems like they are just talking for the sake of talking because the words that they speak really have no meaning. They say it is very dangerous etc. to join the competition, yet they are all shocked when someone dies. They say that the competition is supposed to be for "international cooperation" or something like that, yet all the tasks are individual tasks.Next, it is so obvious who is the villian. i guess it is supposed to be for kids...


A like it but I think its a little bit too much magic. And I have seen the three first movie but I think I will see this one too. Hope this one is good as you are saying that it is.


i thought it was a horrible movie, the beginning was just really stupid. The intro on the book is like half the book, and in the film they've made it 2 minutes :S, the story is totaly twisted... i like the book 993993938 times better


Dude this is really ur first Harry Potter movie?Well actually it's mine too but i read all the books and i can tell u somethin. It is cool I like it but if read the book oh man! You will know there is a BIG BIG DIFFIRENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And if u think i'm not a harry potter fan well i am!


I'm not a Harry Potter fan but I watched the first movie. It was nice and I think I'll go watch the fourth one soon!


I have not watchg the movie yet(well i a going to watch it this coming thursday) but I know they cut alot of scences in all of the HPmovies that is.But what I also know this is going to be a great movie best of all of them I think.Oh and I also read all the books.Some people are so scared cause they din't read the book and are all frightened by Voldermot's A.K.A. You know who's or in the 6 book You know poo's face!!!I like the You know poo part that kinda make me like you know...well i dunno but you know wat i meant.Yep that part was great.


I have always enjoyed the book version more than the movie version of any story because the author doesn't have to disclude information because of length or money issues. However, I still thought The Goblet of Fire was a good movie. I forgot a lot of what happened in the book so I was able to see everything at face value, which was good because I saw the movie as a movie, not as the movie adaptation of the book. I think Mike Newall (the director) did a really good job of portraying the graveyard scene as the main focus, and having everything else work around that. J. K. Rowling does a good job at giving side plots, but no one wants to sit through a six hour movie (think Lord of the Rings), so in the end, I was pleased.


It came out yesterday over where i live. I don't really like harry porter. But my friends are crazy about this movie. They went to see it yesterday, like omg...I only watched one hp movie, i think it was "the chamber of secrets" well i was obliged to. It was for my english class. I had to analyse the movie later...i mean come on? Analysing hp?...i failed it though, lol.


Omg the newest harry potter movie was incredibleON A/E they had a inside the movie and they showed how each scene was made But they left out the dursley part the monsters in the maze (even tho it was still amazing) and other partsThen underwater scene was unbelievvable since it sued so much special effects and it took them the longest to make. THe make up on lord voldermort was wonderfully done.The movie was incredible all together

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