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  1. wow that's really cool it's amazing what science and technology brings us everyday, floating-in-water cars, HDTVs, mp3 players, inet fridges. . . i wonder when are going to bring these cars to mexico and how much money would they cost X_X, or maybe they would be exclusively for the army <,<
  2. i love mp3 players, i found them quite usefull, now i dont need to buy the whole record for only one song i liked because i can download it (from legal sites of course) and hear it the number of tmies i want, and basically i can have different music in my mp3 player, so whenever i feel tired to hearing a song i just change it to hear a totally diferent BPM so in conclusion (lol) I LOVE MP3 PLAYERS! i have one that is RCA Lyra it has a very low memorie (64mb) but i can use SD cards to expand the memorie and har tons os music =D!
  3. WOW it really seems to be a very good page! thank you so much! untill now i've been using ROempire , but this web page seems to be more usefull than ROempire because some times the database isnt complete (they are some items that aren't custom type that i can't find) so thx =D!
  4. i thought that Froogles was a site that when you typed wrong Google (notice that the F is next to the G in our keyboard) you accesed a super VIRUS, Trojan, spam, whatever you name it site that would kill the compu (well not kill it but infect it) but i dont think FRoogle is from Google, why would they change their names? so i just think this is some kind of copycat
  5. hahahaha it's so funny!! i really want to make one but i dont even know how to use Flash xD only Swish, and i suck on it , well the concept is nice, but the animation itself could have been better, but aw well i'ts just a 404 page
  6. i know plain HTML, CSS, and im learning PHP and the basics of MySQL =D tutorials are really good i personally recomend a page called Codegrrl for php tutorials
  7. I dont even have a polyfonic cellphone, ir with color screen, haha i laugh at myself xDU but well i really didnt imagine in my woldest dreams that a cellphone with tv existed!!! God maybe someday (surelly not to far from now) we won't have to worry about buying a TV, a MP3 player, Radio, PC and stuff because our cellphone will be all that ._. if i had a cellphone with tv i will ask for an anime channel =PU
  8. OMG that's so cool! FLakes do you live in mexico city? i live in puerto vallarta and it's really calm over here (not all the time but most ) i really liked the phone, because im using the same old motorola brick from 5 years now u_u but i can't think of the day this phone comes to mexico, AND the price maybe my wallet wouldnt let me buy it now =P so it's seems that i will have to start saving . . . by the way i wonder which company will get ir first (TELCEL, Movistar, they're kind of cellphone monopoly war ). But returning to the concept, i really liked it, i wonder how a liquid battery works ._. and i suppose the numbers are for you to touch. They should make one that blocks itself in speech mode, so that if other person grabbed it/stole it it wouldnt work for them, that would stop some of the stealing.
  9. yes, i love gmail is so easy to use and has a friendly interface, at least for me is everything i've ever wanted =)
  10. i like to use <iframes> and some php includes, thinking of using javascript makes me lazy, because in some explorer they don't work quite well (at least for me, maybe i did them wrong =P) you can also try php includes by using <? include("page.php/inc"); ?> i havent tried it in html or htm files but it sures works fine with me =)
  11. yes, i got this problem with addon domains... i got 2 added domains, but one of them is causing troubles, because when i want to install b2evolution into the added domain folder it says i cant, so then i tried to erased the folder by using ftp but i couldnt erased it im thinking of deleting the added domain/ (consequentely the folder too) and then run the b2evolution script and then add the domain from the add-on domain option . . . do you think it will work?
  12. yeah that's kind of stupid i mean like a guy in Xisto say if you where in 30 ilegall websites probably the FBI wont sent you an e-mail it would be knocking your door!
  13. well its a very bad/sad feeling what are you feeling but i dont recomend you to start a long distance relation ship because the fact that when a girl/boy with a gf/bf start dating and other peoples approaches to them in a 'more than friednship way' the other person feels temptation like 'ok i got a bf/gf but this person is sourrounding me too, im too lonely because he/she's not by my side. . . what should i do?' way it may lead to a infidelity/affair there's some thing that we say about long distance relationships and is traduced to something like this: 'love from far is for dumbass' and another one 'love from far, happy the 4' (you know gf/affair bf/affair xD)
  14. i got this msn space thing, isnt it the same? or myspace.com is a company appart from Microfost (MSN) i know that some bands use it, like a band here in mexico called 'Panda' but when i saw it i just thought that it was a MSN space that was customize (you know that today you have to pay for premium accounts to have more space, upload things speaking of MSN) so i didnt give it to much importance, when i first registered to get my MSN space account i think that saw or was redirected to a myspace.com site . . .
  15. i got a domain with yahoo too, (i bought ir from a third party) do you know where do i log in to my account?
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