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What Desktop Resolution Do You Run On?


I run a 1124x876 on a 17in monitor......i like it i can keep more stuff on my Desktop and it makes it ALOT easier to surf i dont hardly ever have to side scroll....and that my friends is nice


Well lets see here.......I run Windows xp ST2 and its dam good but i think i would egt windows xp pro home is not that great but i should really save my money for nice comp cuz this comp not all that fast its dam good for 98 i tell u that much but i think i need alien ware thay must faster and for gamers and *BLEEP*


umm,i use 1024x768 in my 12.1" laptop LCD but set the icon large mode.to be different,in little size display large resolution show good performence.


I run a 1024x768 resolution on a 15" laptop and in a 19" TFT screen. I got so used than a 800x600 resolutions seems huge for me.


1280x800 on my 15.4 in. TFT Widescreen Monitor, on my laptop, secondary monitor is a 1024 std. Res, on a 17 in CRT (big as hell ) Panda


1024 by 768 pixels on a 17"TFT LCD flat panel i like my monitor and i like my resolution 2


1024 X 768 on a 17" is how i roll.


I have a Samsung SyncMaster 192N LCD monitor and I use 1024x768 resolution all the time. I like how big everything is and how everything is readable. Go 1024x768!


I am using 1152 x 864 resolution on my 17" monitor, looks great though some site I visits does not sit well but it is tolerable, I like the space I have on my screen for working.


1600 x 1200 on my 15.4" widescreen Compaq laptop. I love it! It's great for spreadsheets and for database read outs that have several columns.


I use 1024x768 on my really bulky (so bulky on the back, you would have to dig a hole in the wall to fit it) 17 inch monitor... you know, I might get an LCD one when it gets cheaper than 220 CAD... (of course, it would be including tax... by the way, the tax in my province, added to the Federal Tax is 14%!!!! And that was because our government was nice and lowered it by 0.5%... anyways back on topic!)


1280 x 1024


1280x1024 on IBM 17" monitor


recently i got a wide screen laptop with 1024x800 desktop resolution.it is coool touch when watch filem with full screen.but pity that playing game is only in center is good.


i run on 1024x768works for me


I run 1152 x 864 on 17" for me.


i have 800x600 res, my monitor is a flat screen. Sometimes i have to switch to 1024x786 because the sites are too big and stuff @_@


1024x768 is what i use. I use to use the 800x600 but once i got use to smaller stuff its looks fine now. You should try it out.


19" monitor on 1280 x 1024, 80hz refresh rate. I can see perfectly with it! My eyes are used to it so, It's good. My moms laptop is on 1600 x 1200 and I can see that too. My eyes must be really good!


i run on 1024x768, i would like to run at 1280x1024 but my icons reduce in size too much...not proportional to the area of my desktop..i would like 1600x1200 but i don't have that under my resoultion settings, even in my graphic card settings.

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