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Can You Suggest A Beginner Php Tutorial Or Book? Can you suggest a beginner PHP tutorial or book?

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Hello members..I heard from my friends that PHP is a good scripting language for Web based application.Can you suggest one good beginner PHP tutorial that is using database as mySQL.So please suggest me..Most of the hosting websites allows free hosting for PHP and mySQL..please reply

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For beginners I really like to suggest to learn things in w3 schools here: http://www.w3schools.com/


Also, Zend has quite good tutorials for learning PHP, which you can find here: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


You can browse more at Zend website and find stuff, you later can start learning PHP framework like Zend Framework, with which you will be able to write professional PHP applications fast, learning it is a bit difficult, due to its OOP, but when you get hang of it, you don't want to use anything else and you forget simple functional programming :D


If you'll continue on learning OOP, I suggest you to read about the standards for UML, rules like GRASP and etc. The way you need to write OOP applications. :)

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Thanks for the list of a few places. Just to confirm, if we want to program something that inputs messages to either email, forums, or something like that (such as forms), php is the way to go, right? And php works with SQL? (like CMS's use php?)

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Some good books that i know worth checking out are:


1) PHP in action.

Covers most of the beginner and intermediate stuff. MVC & Database related chapters are included as well.


2) Progamming PHP (Oreilly)

Another book from orielly, worth checking out. This was recommended to me by my friend. yet to check this out. If any review about this book then please post about it here.


3) O'Reilly PHP Cookbook

This is from cookbook series of O'reilly. most of the books in cookbook series follow simple learn by doing approach. so i guess this is applicable to this book as well.


If possible check Sitepoint Books. they're simple and easy to learn from.


Some online tutorial sites :


1) Php tutorial.

2) Php Documentation.

3) VTC tutorials


There are more tutorial link, you can google for them. Hope this helps.

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