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Well, I want a banner for my website,Size: width: 700px, height: 100-200 pxTheme: I want it to fit in with the rest of my website, the screenshot of my layout: post-71342-1238254466_thumb.png the red are is where I want the banner to beI can change the 'fading to dark' on top of the screen if I have to.Text: konevinkit.net font: well this is a site about software and other technical stuff, so no too curvy beautiful looking font.colors: blue, black and other color that you think would go well with my layout.I would like also the size to be as small as possible, but if it makes banner ugly, then normal size is OK.You can also do this with flash if you want to, I don't mind .swf files as long as they aren't gigantic.3D: yes, if possible and if it looks cool if it's in 3D.Shadow: Yes, if possible.Also, I want the area around the text and shadow to be transparent, so it's not like a box, rather like printed text on the screenshot above. Of course if it looks a lot better box-like, I will use it that way.

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Sometime simple just works:


Posted Image


It looks different in the layout, with the correct background, tell me if you like it.

Well, it's good but it somehow doesn't follow the theme of my layout.


Otherwise, nice work. Perhaps you could but a stronger border for the text? or make it darker?


Check it out with some Drop Shadow added.



That looks a bit better.


Imma sue you, you never had my permission.

Yea I think haslip should've asked your permission but I think you don't mind? it's just a small addition.


Simple is good but I think I need it to be darker, or you could add colors?


Nice work both of you tho.

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Ill go and look at it again when I get home.What makes it tough are the colours, they are kind of odd and not the easiest to match things to. Also it can't be a real graphicy/effectish banner because it doesn't have a solid background, and the colours wouldn't match.I'll see what I can do when I get back home.

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Anyway my website is using another theme now, and I made this for the site(I'll change the font, it's stupid...):post-71342-1241714007_thumb.png

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