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I use the FF extension, fireFTP. It's pretty much the best thing I've found so far. Once you figure out the options in the first place (which should be really easy, I'm just really slow with that kind of thing), it's really useful.That's what I use for this...

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I use FlashFXP, how about you?

i'm not too familiar with the different ftp programs out there but i've been using coreftp ever since i've been publishing my web pages. very basic and easy to use with drag and drop feature.

i was always curious what other people use and why and if in fact the one i use competes with the others out there...

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I'm completely with hippiman. FireFTP is the best FTP program I have ever used and I get to use it within my webbrowser!


I also like FireZilla but due to so many connection problems, I gave up and got FireFTP, and for the record I LOVE Firefox! :)

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I'm surprised SmartFTP hasn't been mentioned in this topic. I thought it would have been. I use SmartFTP Client. It was one of two FTP Clients that some software I was installing for the first time recommended. Been using it ever since. I have tried others like Filezilla(the other recommended FTP program), but SmartFTP, in my opinion, is the best. Though, I am slightly biased.

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i use to use filezilla i was good not the most organized looking soft ware but it was cfine, but i stared cleaning up my hard drive for stuff that i really did not need or there was a better allternative so now i use net2ftp its an online FTP client and it works pretty well and has a more organized look to it


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well, i tend to actually stay clear of ftp programs. i tried using filezilla once (this was while i was with my horrible old host), and for some reason all the files it uploaded to my website were corrupt.

just like etycto, i then began using net2ftp, an online ftp client.

it works very well, and has an organised look just as etycto said.

it has everything other ftp clients offer, and it is really easy to use. anything you would ever want to do to your files is just a click of a button away. it even has an option to move files to ANOTHER of your websites!

here are some of its features:

* Navigate the FTP server Once you have logged in, you can browse from directory to directory and see all the subdirectories and files.
* Upload files
There are 3 different ways to upload files: the standard upload form, the upload-and-unzip functionality, and the Java Applet.
* Download files
Click on a filename to quickly download one file.
Select multiple files and click on Download; the selected files will be downloaded in a zip archive.
* Zip files
... and save the zip archive on the FTP server, or email it to someone.
* Unzip files
Different formats are supported: .zip, .tar, .tgz and .gz.
* Install software
Choose from a list of popular applications (PHP required on the target server).
* Copy, move and delete
Directories are handled recursively, meaning that their content (subdirectories and files) will also be copied, moved or deleted.
* Copy or move to a 2nd FTP server
Handy to import files to your FTP server, or to export files from your FTP server to another FTP server.
* Rename and chmod
Chmod handles directories recursively.
* View code with syntax highlighting
PHP functions are linked to the documentation on php.net.
* Plain text editor
Edit text right from your browser; every time you save the changes the new file is transferred to the FTP server.
* HTML editors
Edit HTML a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) form; there are 2 different editors to choose from (FCKEditor and TinyMCE).
* Code editor
Edit HTML and PHP in an editor with syntax highlighting (CodePress).
* Search for words or phrases
Filter out files based on the filename, last modification time and filesize.
* Calculate size
Calculate the size of directories and files.

for webmasters, they even allow you to download their entire script, without having to link back to them or anything for FREE! i now use their script on my site, and surprisingly it works even faster than on their site (must be due to the number of people using the script on their site at a time). here are some of the features of this script for webmasters:

* Safe Mode net2ftp works perfectly under safemode.
* MySQL database
... is optional. A MySQL database is only needed for logging, and for the Daily Limit (see below).
* Authorizations
Allow the users to connect to all FTP servers, or to only a predefined list of FTP servers.
The input box on the login page will change accordingly.
* Logging
Activate or deactivate 3 kinds of logging: pages requested, logins and errors.
* Daily Limit
Restrict each user's daily data transfer volume and script execution time. Once a user reaches the daily consumption limit, he will still be able to browse FTP servers, but the transfer of data to/from the server will be blocked.
* Large File Limit
Files bigger than this limit can't be downloaded/uploaded/copied/etc but can still be renamed/deleted/chmodded.
* Templates
Change the layout as you want using the template files.
* Integration in other PHP applications
net2ftp can easily be integrated in other PHP applications. Modules for Mambo, Drupal and Xoops are provided in the zip file.

i would highly recommend giving net2ftp a go, for me it is definitely the best ftp client ever.
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