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  1. one of the best ways of getting your site noticed is by putting it on search engines so that when people look for stuff related to your site they can find it. you site is a good looking site and its topic, rims, is something a lot of people talk about so if it where to be on google or something it would have more visitors.
  2. i saw the same thing too and i think the reason it does that is because the titles have the words city in them. that can be fixed; they should just make it based on tags when some words match in the tags that when it should be considered similar topics. yah it would also be even better if it could differentiate new topics from old topics too.
  3. etycto


    i call all the crazy twilight fans cult members especialy when they start creating teams. all of my friends have read this book and they all love it and they too started creating teams (why are the only dominent teams edward and jacob). anyways i'm curently semi-forced/voluntarily reading "twilight" i've gotten past the first few chapters and the only team i'm on is team charlie. the book starts off very slowly, almost boring even. things don't really start picking up and getting interesting after the van incident. i hav'nt seen the movie but like almost all book movies i here it stank. but so far the book is alright though.
  4. i'd like to help i can code but rather i'd not do very complicated things. i also could theme, all i need to do is study the template style and i'll be ready to go.
  5. i prefer to design my website rather than use a templates, even though i am not the best at designing i think i get what i want that way. but when it comes to things like forums or blogs i would rather get a pre-designed template that i like or looks close t o my site's design, but if i feel like it i like to study the software's template's and make my own template.
  6. well for some people the only reason they buy name brands is so the can say they have the money for it, or they just think the name brand is better. the reason i'd buy name brand is i'd trust that they would function better. i myself i don't buy "knock-offs" very much, i buy name brands but not at name brand prices, i don't buy pants over $25 dollars, shoes over $35, and i don't buy glasses. some things i would rather buy "knock-offs," but there are some things that i would think twice before not buying the name brand like, medication. in my opinions somethings are worth the extra money.(but not all)
  7. just like most of the people have been saying it doesn't really start with the browser. first of all you need to stop going to "bad" websites that's the main problem you should install "McAfee SiteAdvisor" (i know it works for IE and FF). then you definitely need to get an anti virus and an anti spyware ( i have avast and windows defender) also get a firewall (if you want to stick with windows firewall you can but it's not the best). then you should get rid of IE6 you should upgrade to IE7; or if you want to, switch to another browser.
  8. you know it's not attended for one hundred percent use as a furniture when i first read about this they said i could be a quick way of ordering in restaurants, and i remember seeing on the news that an at&t store was using it as like a way to browse different products. so it's for more than drinking coffee or beer. i think it's a great idea and can be very helpful to businesses not really everyday people.
  9. yes he won i think this is a big step for the US and i know and hope that this will inspire a lot of people, and even though i support obama i hope he brings the US in the right direction like he said he would.
  10. that makes a lot of sence, because if the focus is more on the discussios than their obligation to hosting there will be better posts, not just attempts to get more credit.
  11. etycto

    Things I Hate.

    wana know what i realy hate; people that make things i hate posts and don't give any explanations why they hate these stuff. J/K . but seriously you should at least say why you hate these things. here's some reasons i hate some of the things you hate or why i dont hate some of the stuf you hate. two faced people- yah me too i dont like the too they're your friends one day but your enimy the next; it's kind of sad realy the fact that they can't make any real friends. also you know when someone doesn't like a person but they want to be nice so they act like they dont hate that also makes that person two faced does it not or is that just being polite. people that dont shut up about the war- if your talking about the iraq war i think people has the right to complain about the war especialy since its a war that most people did not want to get into to begin with. stupid people- that's just harsh and irrational if that was true it would be a big world full of hate because every body will meet someone they think is stupid then they'd hate them. liberals- why do you hate librals they've done so much good they've hellp so many, they're the very reason for the United State's excistence. the people you should realy hate are those erattional convervatives. cheaters, liers, decivers- yah i hate them too it's wrong to get stuff you did not diseve let me guess you're a babysitter and you babysit some braddy kids and their parents dont even pay you right. algebra- enjoy algebra those are the easy days wait till you get to calculous you'll just hate math all together lack of talent- dont talk abou yourself that way be more confident. p.s. i dont like people that can do someething but they're too stupid to stop complaining and try harder. taxing- take it from someone from a country with no taxes believe me your life is way better with tax than without it well that explains why you dont like liberals; do you realy think we dont need to change, you might regret that later conservatives- especialy at a time when change is realy needed; they're too stubern to realise the old way is not working and that we need to change anyways that's a big list you realy cant go around hating things especaly when you cant do much about it. just done let hatred take over your life.
  12. to get started you should learn some web languages starting with html and css then you could move to javascript and or PHP when you understand html and css. learning these stuff should be easy since for you since you know computer programing. also maybe your site could be about computer programing or about the things you've done with computer programing. managing is a bit easy, just make sure you update your site often to give your users something new to come back to.
  13. i really disagree with that statement because for as long as windows is the dominating operating system and microsoft keeps providing internet explorer with operating system internet explorer will dominate. also with internet explorer 8 being web complient and having great new features and improvements there will be less reasons to switch. maybe a couple losts here and there but not major ones. but what it think though is that with google chrone coming out internet explorer wont the only browser effected firefox might also get effect; google does have a lot of power.
  14. when you said the three levels of consciousnes i thought you meant the conscious, the subcobscious, and the i think paraconscious ( i dont remember it that much). but i'm assuming you're talking about the id, the ego, and the super ego. while i dont think that's the scientific names but the way you explained it or your teatcher explained it actually makes a lot of sense. because dormant in the subconscious is our primitive selves and the idea of defying the "id" as an animal makes sense because the id pretty much wants every thing no matter what the cost. also defying the "super ego" as god also makes sence because the super ego wants to do things right and want to be perfect, hence godly. also the human being the ego makes since because in general we are the ego, humans, we dont want to be like animals but it is imposible to be godly so we humans are in the middle and we try to keep ourselves from acting like animals and at the realise that we cant make everything perfect.
  15. i would like to live forever, but i'm not afaind of dying because i know it's going to happen eventualy. but what i would'nt want is for me to die at a young age (below at least 80) because i would'nt get to live my life fully and do all the things i want to do. also i would'nt want to die painfully i would just want it to be from old age. anothere thing is that if i live up to 80 i hope i'm not one of those confused old people that can't do anything for themselves, i'd like to be capable to take care of myself.
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