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I need Rap Lyrics Can somebody write me some? plz..

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Ok I need someone to write me some rap lyrics. Basically what I want to say in the song is that i love you, do you believe in destiny, that we'll be together, and kind of saying I'm not good enough for you, you'll never be mine.Really hope someone can write me something with these messages in. No not exactly like that but you know.. as I'm going to give it someone special to me. Thanks.. :D :DOh I forgot.. Please no swearing if possible he he!

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My friends have a lot of them, but some of them are on Serbian language...if they come to MSN soon ill post here few good ones.that remanded me, im going now to make something in FL studio 5 :D

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Time goes byIt might all come out all rightYou might just come in sightIt all just mightCircling inside your headVoices inside your headLike I always saidBut was all fed (Up)You are all over meThis time you will seeThis is the real meNever, see me fleeI know I may be wrongI knew that all alongMaybe that's why I'm writing this songI'll be strongI gave everything away to youI'm in your bed'til I fled'til you told me to drop deadWhere did you go?It seems like foreverIt seems like neverI've ever seen youI know I may be wrongI knew that all alongMaybe that's why I'm writing this songI'll be strongYour voice is inside my headCalling every secondI should've reckonedI just find myself filling my timeI know I may be wrongI knew that all alongMaybe that's why I'm writing this songI'll be strong________________________________________Wow, I'm so used to writing rock songs. This is actually my first time writing rap lyrics. It's a bit weird. So...yeah, the rhymes are weird, and yeah, it sucks. :D

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i love you i know you love me tooi knew i loved you the first time i lookedthe first time i saw you i was hookedand i know you got a bigg oll bootyand your lips are fruity lol yea thats freestylin lol

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Well, if that person is so special for you, then it?ll be a bit dissapointing to give her a lyric or sing something that you haven?t written. Rap lyrics are like poems (well, more modern and direct but you?ve got the idea)... and if you want that girl to fall in love with you, just do it yourself... otherwise, she will be tricked.Anyway, those topics are so common that I think there must be tons of rap songs about love, destiny and being together :D Try something more original.

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love confused

Rap Lyrics


I just don't know what to say

Thoughts going thru my head all day

Words coming like a beat

Hold on I aint coming easy

I don't know what to think

My mind all blured

My speach is weak

Times seem to get so hard

I feel uneasy

Yet your so far away

I seem to sit and gaze

Of the life I dream

Of just you and me

This feelings weird

Not sure what to feel



But dazzeld by your smile

Boy you got me on fire

Your body hot

Your heart beats locked


Wait a minute


Every time I see you

My heart skips a beat

Drumming hard

Beatin theift

Holdin on

For the road ahead

Boy I need you

Your in my head

I hear your voice

When I feel alone

I wish I ...

Could pick up the phone

Tell you I love you

Tell you your my world

That boy

I need you here






Why I bother

I try and stay strong

Just to hold on

To what I feel

This love is real

Aint no joke

Baby ...


Dis s**t for real





-Katherine Evans

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need a rap song to battle with my couisn

Rap Lyrics


Like a burnnnnnnnn rap that will make berybody screammmmmm

and my name is jessica so rythm with that pleaseeeeeeeeeee

I cant think of anything


-reply by jessica

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New to this forum - but thought i'd give you all a verse I been writing at work today.I came to ur friends to make it easyBut all of the time I had my eyes on uI said to u, will u dance with me but I cant dance girl so will u talk to meMaybe we could take some extacymaybe come outside u could blaze with memaybe u could even come home with megirl ur my fantasynah nah nah dont trample mei'm f*ck'd in the head, i'm kind of mad you seeI'm not one of them lads all brash and sleazyat the same time girl im not f*ckin needymaybe im talkin awkwardlymaybe ur thinkin is he stalkin me?maybe this skunk has got me paranoidam I talkin to a girl or have i turned to an androidi need a dance for this like soulja boybut more gay than soulja boy if thats possibleimprobbable like a fake hair folliclethe way the breder fronts is simply incredibleim loosing my mind and im lost to my own kindstuck in a high riseemerging at night timetime for a white linewatch for the bacon rind comin inand bustin toilet doors open (crash!)my heart is broken,the floors awoken and the bouncers chokinone last toke and i reach for my groceriesstep over the body cos its time to fleereach for my girl scream its time to leaveshe looks at melike shes never seen me!A bit random - but sums up them messey nights - Peace!

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write me a rap song :]

Rap Lyrics


I really need someone to write me a rap song for this competition that I'm entering. It's for Habbo Hotel if any of you have heard.

I need a rap about anything that is related to any of the Habbo Hotel anti-retro protests but it needs to be 200 words or less and I need it to follow the Habbo Way which is just a list of rules and things.

If you don't know about Habbo Hotel, go to http://www.habbo.com.au/ for all the information about the competition and the Habbo Way.



-question by Ashlee

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i need some lyrics for the anivesory of my friends death

Rap Lyrics


Hey my best friend died 5 years ago I need a song some rap lyrics that go deep the stoy is we met became best friends did every thing together smoked drank evey thing he was foced into ganglife cuz of his family I got him out and they came after him. At school he made a joke about my sisters BF cuz he got stabed so I beat his *bottom* and stoped talking to him we finely became friends again and he disipeard for a wile then his brother calld me crying he was dead so I need a song for that use the story and his name its jason I need it to be pretty deep


-reply by unknown

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btw lol is eny1 interested in startin a newbie rap group need a DJ Writers n sum1 hu can make beats n 2 or 1 more spitterif yo interseted me e-mail is Da-reaper@hot mail .co .uk <<<<remove thee spaces lol an am english btw

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Yo this is mine...Thought might join inI�ve loved you for so long I�m simply heartbroken without your loveWords don�t express how much I�m addicted to you my angel from up aboveI'm of the opposite sex so my soul is full of the most dirtiest thoughtsWhereas you my better half are clean and pure like heaven�s holiest doveYou touch me like nobody has done before cause when it rains I cryBut your love clears the clouds and makes my heart shineI'm happy to tell you I�ll love yuh till the end of timeGlad its gonna last long after after this rhymeI will forever love yuh till the end of the worldA promise I intend to keep, I give yuh my wordOf all that God�s created you are his most celebratedBeauty is a word described but you require a whole new definitionYou were God�s first creation therefore loving you is not an obligationYour beauty and love is not matched throughout the 6 billion of earth�s populationI am great full for all the time spent with youA true blessing, my dream come trueLove is a word describedWhat I have for yuh requires a whole new different category

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love in da sno

Rap Lyrics


I'm hot ure cold you go around lyk you no who I am but you dnt youve got me on my toes in the cold icey sno no no you dnt no I'm screeming because of my toes help me Please you dnt no wat pain I'm feelng den you came to save me I was happy oh babby you no me you do no me


-reply by lilly

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can someone write me some rap lyrics for a love song please

Rap Lyrics


Can someone write me some rap lyrics for a love song please


-reply by carlos colon

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Here u go romeo

Rap Lyrics


A millionaire I'm a Young money millionaire tougher than Nigerian hair,

My criteria compared to your career just isn't fair,

I'm a venereal disease like a menstrual bleed...

Threw the pencil and leak on the sheet of the tablet in my mind,

Cause I don't write **** cause I ain't got time,

Cause my seconds, minutes, hours go to the all mighty dollar,

And the all mighty power of dat cha cha cha cha chopper,

Sister, Brother, Son, Daughter, Father motha **** a copper,

Got the maserati dancin on the bridge ***** poppin,

Tell the coppers: hahahaha you can't catch em, you can't stop em,

I go by them goon rules if you can't beat em then you pop em,

You can't man em then you mop em,

You can't stand em then you drop em,

You pop em cause we pop em like Orville Redenbacher,



A millie in here a millie in there

Sicilian ***** with long hair with coke in the derriere

Like smoke in the thinest air I open the Lamborghini

Hopin them crackers see like look at dat bastard Weezy

Hes a beast hes, a dog hes, the muthfukin problem

Ok your a goon but what�s a goon to a goblin?

Nothin, nothin you ain�t scarin nothin

On some *BLEEP* bull**** call em dennis rodman

Call me what you want ***** call me on my Sidekick

Never answer when it�s private damn I hate a shy *****

Don�t you hate a shy *****? yea I ****ed a shy *****

And she ain�t shy nomoe she changed her name to My *****

Yea *BLEEP* that�s my *****

So when she ask for the money when you through don't be suprised *****

And It ain�t trickin' if you got it

But you like a ***** with no *bottom* you ain�t got a hole to ****

Muthafuka I�m ill not sick

And I�m ok, but my watch sick

Yea my drop sick

Find More lyrics at http://www.sweetslyrics.com/

Yea my glock sick

And my knot thick

I'm it


Muthafuka I�m Ill�


Ya see...

They say I'm rappin like Big, Jay, and Tupac Andre 3 Thousand where is erykah badu at

Who dat

Who dat said they gon' beat Lil Wayne

My name ain't bic, but I keep that flame maine

Who dat one

Dat do dat boy

Ya'll knew dat

True dat swallow

And I be the ****

Now you got loose bowels


I don't "O-you" you like two vowels

But I'd like for you to pay me by the hour


And I'd rather be pushing flowers,

Than to be in the pen sharing showers

Tony told us this world was ours

And the Bible told us every girl was sour

Don't play in the garden and don't smell her flower

Call me Mr. Carter or Mr. Lawn Mower

Boy I got so many *****es like I'm Michael Lowry

Even Gwen Stefani said she couldn't doubt me

Muthafuka I say life ain�t **** without me

Chrome lips pokin out the coop like it�s poutin

I do what I do and you do what you can do about it

***** I can turn a crack rock into a mountian

Dare me?

Don�t you compare me cause there ain�t noody near me

They don�t see me but they hear me

They don�t feel me but they fear me

I�m Illie



C3 3 Peat



-reply by *BLEEP*

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