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Sig Of The Week #2 -- Entries Entries only.

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Okay, as described in the pinned topic, here are the rules for the SOTW contest:

Problems:If someones entree has a mistake or breaks the rules, pm him/her, post in the discussion thread, or pm me. Pm me also if you have questions or concerns.

The winner of the SOTW will win a prize.

1. The entry must be your creation. You may use outside brushes or renders, but no ripping sigs, and no collab sigs.
2. One entry per person.
3. You cannot change your entry.
4. Animation optional.
5. Flash sigs (.swf) not allowed. Use only jpg, gif, bmp, or png.
6. Keep the size reasonable. No wallpaper-sized entries.
7. Your name must be on the sig somewhere.
8. Nothing but entries in the entry thread. Discussion is for the discussion topic. Any other posts will be hidden, and your entry may be disqualified.

When entries are finished, a new poll will be created where you may vote on your favorite sig. There will be no replies allowed, just votes. The people with the top 3 votes at the end of the week each get recognition, and the person with the most gets a prize.

There will be one week of entries, and one week of voting. While the voting week is
underway, the entries for next week will also be going on.


Sig size min: 200x75
max: 450x250
Brushing: Any
Text: Must have at least your name.
Theme: Any
Entry due date: Entries will be closed for voting on Friday Aug. 19th.

So have fun, and remember, entries only here. Any other posts will be deleted and you will lose credits.
Edited by Johnny (see edit history)

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Here's my n3:


Posted Image


Yes, it's made by me. It's just a gift sig.


Your rules state you must have your name on it!

I only see biskie there


Notice from Klass:

After Johnny so successfully and sneakily switched images he forgot Klass had already quoted him with his previous image of false truth.

As many of you want to believe Sir Johnny, Klass still holds the truth.

Edited by Klass (see edit history)

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OH NOEZ IT'S THE SIG NINJA @___________________________@

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At any rate, here's my entry - it's a mishmash, I know :lol:-_- -_-


Posted Image

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