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  1. All 3 are monochromatic, meaning 1 colored. Work on multicoloring
  2. http://m-e-c-a.deviantart.com/art/DeadPool-PSD-File-25765090 Comments at DA Please, dont rip. thanks, enjoy.
  3. Your what signature?I've improved more than you could imagine.at nsl i could get semi-professional soon
  4. 1v1, celebrity stock, or gaming stocks only, no sprites.No animation.Nothing <400x150.
  5. Reaver we could always battle Thanks for coment SM.
  6. I'm done coming here, you guys are all novice, beginers, and you are calling my stuff worse? You have to be kidding. I could take any of the designers here, and no one appreciates any good *BLEEP*.
  7. I am now High Intermediate At Digital Industry, Semi-Pro at DC-Styles, Moderate at NSL, and yeah, ive improved a bunch.
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