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My Relationships? long story.

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This will be my story..all true nothing made up or exagerated. all from my



I knew she existed in 3rd grade.

Played Dodge ball with her in 5th, 2of my friends liked her and she liked

one of them back.

6th grade first time i talked to her, on aim or anywhere else (the first one

outside my family for the least but, that was only for that one conversation.)

First one id have feelings for.


School year of 2003-2004

7th grade, Wow. that year was just like any other. I didnt like anyone or

think of liking anyone then. all i focused on was my schoolwork. When i

found out my friend C liked K, that was cool with me. and i supported

him. Even told him to ask her to one of our school dances but, he

never did so. He would always ask me who i liked and name out all the posible

girls that i might have. I would always laughed saying no to his choices.

Until one day, ive started to crush on her. Ive never felt this way before,

n i would just ignore it all denying it. part of the reason is that i knew my

friend liked her. and rumor had it that she had feelings for him too. So i never

bothered to say anything or tell anyone. On the last school dance, which i

didnt attend.. he come n told me that they were dancing i was tryn to act happy

for him saying how cool that was. But deep inside i kinda felt dissapointed and

i thought that my chance would never come. So from that day on i told myself i

wouldnt say anything to anybody about how i felt aobut her. Why would a girl

like that even picture herself with somebody like me anyways, rite? So ya

everyday my feelings for her would grow more and more.And ppl were saying that

they were together and stuff. i didnt know what to do. And everyday afterschool

i would see them 2 hugging each other saying bye. i felt so bad.. So even over the

summer i had feelings for her....i didnt know y i never saw her o r talked to her

on that summer vacation..


Fall 2004-2005

So new school year. Never thought i would sitll like her. but then i did. that was

the sad part.First day of school, we were in the same class agen.[side note: our

school is a k-8 grade so middle school classes worked differently 5 periods 3

teachers. one taught 8th grade science and math another taught 8th grade social

studies and english, another taught 6th 7th 8th grade p.e this worked for all

classes of 6th 7th and 8th] me and my friends including C sat in the table

next to the one she sat in. I tried to ignore her cuz i knew C still

liked her, and i didnt wanna get into anything with him. but i kept looking

at her but, i would always turn back. Then the teacher just had to pick me

to pass out papers.. as i was passing it out i walked by her..and that was

the closest i ever got to her. I felt even more awkward and nervous. like

always. everytime i was within 10feet of her, i would be nervous and not

say anyything walking away staring at the floor. As the first day of school

moved farther away i started to talk to her on aim. i wouldnt have nothing to say,

except some weird and very random things. I

still felt nervous. talking to her and this was AIM! wow, damn she really drove me crazy.. So as

we talked more on aim, i would ignore her just as much at school. I mean

i totally dont talk and avoid her on purpose and, just admire her from a

distance away. C on the other hand..started talking about her less

and we would just fool around in class and stuff. The only reason y i would

do so, is to get her attention. I knew that when the teacher called us out

or yelled at us, the whole class would see. which means K would see too.

As the school started getting more organized for the school year,the classes got all screwy and

everything was different. the only times i would be in the same class as her

would be in social studies and science. Everyday after school i would look

forward to talking to her on aim. Everything i had to say or thought of

saying to her i said it. except the feelings i had for her, nobody was to

know. And i started to play gunbound and i told her about it. and we

started playing, me being the one who taught her how to play, her being

newb and all, i taught her. and i still remember in one game, all of a

sudden she said i don`t like you. that hit me hard..how could she know?

how would she know? how? this i didnt know..i just ignored it. since girls

ussually say "i dont like you" or "i hate you" when they're loosing or

soemthing. Liking her form a distance, just talking to her on aim was

good with me. as long as there wasnt anything less. i didnt need more.

So few days later. My friend Ivan told me that he had asked her who she

liked and she replied saying that one of her friends [J] said that

i liked her. This surprised me alot how could he know? i mean i didnt

talk to him since the 2nd grade. So i as the only thing to do. i just

ignored it agen. So with with the question of, does she know? and the

fact that she doesnt like me i would sitll talk to her everyday saying

my weird stuff and she would just reply with a "lol" all the time.

I thought this was a good thing, since most advice would come saying make her laugh be funny.

As time passes on i would just continue my daily basis still having

feelings for her, even after beeing rejected? So to keep the convo

going i would tell her everything that was going on in my life. New

shoes? got a hair cut. i would tell her. wheather she was intrested or

not i would just tell her. When something happens she would be the one

i go to telling her whats wrong. So our p.e teacher set up this chess

club thing for tuesdays wednesdays and thursdays after school until 5 o

clock. So for some reason she tells me that shes gonna go to chess club...

cuz she has nothing to do afterschool. so imm like oh *BLEEP* this is my chance

to talk to her. [at chess club i mean] So i signed up too, even though

i suked *bottom* at chess. So i would go to chess playing other ppl from

the other side of the room, when it wasnt my turn i would look at her

even if her back was facing me. Most of the time i would see her and

another person playing chess, hearing them talk with her laughing, i

would always get jealous, but i just kept it inside of me. Even at

school, i would see her talking to other guys, wearing their jackets,

hugging, doing all sorts of stuff and the fact of her not liking me

would always come up...but i didnt care.. i didnt need those stuff

or did i? And that would be the only reasons i would go to chess.

I knew she had all these other guys, who are better then me that

are always talking to her, and the only way i knew how to get her

attention was agen, acting up. Me and my friends would act up alot still.

Sometimes we got yelled at soemtimes we didnt, but as long as it got K's

attention it was fine with me.



As time pass by i would sitll have feelings for her. And the only person

that i know forsure knew who i liked, was I. this guy is trust worthy.

Once in a while we would sit down and he would listen to my problems about

her. he was kinda like my therapist. And what he would say is " i dont get it..

why do so many ppl like her...what do they see in her" my reply would be..dunno..

i especcially didnt know y cuz i knew she didnt like me..So as time pass by..i

would think about her not liking me, more and more. One of my friends E,

introduced me and a friend of hers, A. Me and A would talk. we had many

different things to talk about. weeks gone by and i dont recall thinkning

about K as much as i did. My freelings were growing on A and i would talk

to K less and less. i would call A randomly and our coversations would

be veryyyy weird and funny. so the more we got to know each other i started to lose intrest in K mainly becuz of the fact that she didnt have any internet source.

and A was the one that i focused on. Lol, and A would always ask me woh i liked and i never told her becuz

i was afraid of expressing my feelings, scared of rejection.

until one time i said id tell her only if she told me who she liked first..

and asked her y does she wanna know. she said y not. i told her it was because

"who ever i liked wouldnt wanna be with my so it wouldnt matter" so when

she finally told me who she liked, it was very surprising, becuz somebody

like her...wow..would like me? thats like.. a solar eclipse. so when it was my turn,i told her it was

her that i liked. From that day, we would text msg each other alot. saying

how we felt about each other. XD. Until oneday i asked her if she would wanna

be with me. she told me yes. and that was that. From that day on i would

call her everyyday to talk to her. our conversations would always be weird

and painfull..becuz we would always come up with scenarios about how we would

leave each other and this would just come up randomly. I still called her

everyday with many textmsgs. My mom would complain about how i use my cell

phone too much n this was odd becuz she complained that i didnt ues my cell

phone at all!!!! One time the phone bill came and the fee for text msging was

60 bucks and o__O each text msging [sending only costed] was 10cents..so as

time moved by..i started to think about K more.. and i lost intrest in A

but i didnt wanna hurt her so i never said anything. When K got her interent back,

i would try to talk to both girls because i liked them both but i would talk to A more

just because i was with her. K's profile would have these things expressing herself,

i didnt know who it was about or why it was there, but i would soon find out.



imm not done but ill be adding more later.

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Hrm....interesting story so far...I just have a question beforehand...


Do all asians play Gunbound? I mean, I'm not trying to be stereotypical or anything, but my ex-girlfriend was Chinese, and she played it, and her little brother always wanted to play with me, and I have a LOT of Asian friends, who pretty much all play Gunbound as well. It's a fun game though. :unsure:


Anyway, I don't think I'll give anything too detailed until you finish the story, but I just wanted to say I've had the same problem lotsa times. This K girl sounds similar to this girl Kayce I like a lot in like 8th grade...I really really liked her, but I was too afraid to talk to her about it...my best friend also liked her, and she kinda liked him back, so that was kinda tough.


And currently, I'm having a similar situation...There's a girl I really really like, but we barely talk in person, not really because I'm shy (I've grown out of that) but more like I never know when the right time is to say certain things. We talk a LOT on AIM though...and I really REALLY like her...she's like AMAZING...and we've gone on movie dates and such, but I just can't seem to take the extra step. I think part of my problem is that I don't have a job or a car...needless to say hanging out with her would be kinda difficult in most cases. This is also our last year in HS, so we don't have much time left to set it off. We're planning on going to the same community college for a couple years though, so meh...hopefully I can hang out with her more there.


Anyway, I look forward to the rest of the story. ^-^

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Do all asians play Gunbound?


This asian does.


I had to edit my post because all I had at first was "This asian does.", and that's because I did not read the story yet.


Your story seem very familiar to something that I was in last year....except that mine was sadder, the girl I gave the Gunbound CD to didn't play, and I didn't hook with up any of her friends. :unsure:

Edited by snlildude87 (see edit history)

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Hm...just noticed I said certain things in the past tense...my ex-girlfriend IS chinese, PLAYS gunbound, and her little brother always WANTS to play with me. :unsure:@Nguyen -- Haha, you too huh? But man, don't you hate it when you give people games and they never play it? T.T

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Oh wow, what a story, I'll need to hear more.Doesn't love suck sometimes? Basically, I think love sucks all of the time. I've had this crush on this one girl for years, I mean YEARS...aka, a very, very long time. It hurts because of the fact that we're designated "friends", and by us still hanging out together I still can't seem to get over her. Additionally, I can't seem to be able to catch a glimpse of whether or not her feelings for me has changed. Ahh, I'll tell everyone about it sometime, it's an long and interesting story to say the least. As for XeNo, it seems like you have a lot of time for your relationship status to take shape. You still have years of school left to work stuff out, in contrast, I'm in my third year of college starting this fall. My chances of getting the one I want right now is slim to none. You on the other hand...take your time, and sooner or later, you'll get the right girl to hold in your arms...

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to my knowledge everybody who is asian played gunbound atleast once. they either get bored of it..or gave up on it cuz they suck.ill be adding on more later. that whole thing took me about a week to rite. and theres still half a year more to add in XD. thanks for taking your time to read it,.

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i onced used to like this ger in my class... or at least i thought i liked her then... her name was priscillathen i found another gir, michelle, l i really liked and was mad over her....priscilla then became more of a friend to me...michelle had a boyfriend and i was devastated... even cried...yea... priscilla is still my friend, but im afraid to fall in love with her again...because i know that my best friend had fallen for her already...

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Something alike happend to me... There was a girl in my class in highschool, and I liked her very much. But she had a boyfriend :) and as time passed I didn't know what to do. I haven't cried like astraesboi ( it doesn't mean like crying is something wrong or ashaming thing ) but I was really devastated like he was :D . The only thing I managed is to become her best friend. I think that's not so bad at the end. :D

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That is one of saddest stories ever..two hearts which never meet...two people going through what i would say 'mushy peas' this stories so sad and it hasnt even finished yet please please please keep me posted

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Well, I feel sad for A because she seemed to like you more, and somehow I have the feeling that you never liked A as much as you liked K. You liked her, that's for sure, but if she didn't express interest in you you would never be with her.

I don't understand the part why you started started thinking about K more after your cell phone bill went up. Is it because you talked to her less so your feelings for A couldn't stay strong enough?

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To me it sounds like you LUSTED for k.. purely 'cuase of looks .. and this is .. so typical of highschool crushes..


but hey.. a might develop into something serious. she sounds like the right girl =)

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