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to bad thats all they have gamefaqs.com is the best source for all games


I use GameFAQs for everything I need for games. It has so many systems and games I've never even heard of... Last time I checked it didn't have screenshots on the site though. You have to follow the link to GameSpot. A little bit annoying, but still the best gaming site by a long shot.

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cheat code central used to be good but now they have way too many popups and ads everywhere, i mean i use an adblocker but still the site looks very messy, yes i prefer gamfaqs for cheats and i usually use gamespot for any game reviews.

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My rule number 1 for gaming, never cheat... What's the point of playing the game when you cheat? You will never feel good about yourself but only fill with guilt..

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Hello, Everyone I have found a website with lots of cheat codes Cheat Code Central. This website has a lot of pop-ups but you will get around them. Have fun. B)  :D  :D


At Game Winners you can get more than at Cheat Code Central and with certain web browers you can copy the cheats, hints, and reviews

B) For example: The Sims: Bustin' Out for PS2


Cheat gnome:

Quickly press R2, L1, R1, L2, Left, Circle during game play A Sim voice will say something to confirm correct code entry. A blue gnome should appear near the house that your Sim is at. Your Sim will get a phone call each day to receive Simoleons. This will also happen if they are visiting another house, except for Mom's. In order to get the Simoleons there, force the Sim that is hosting you as a visitor to answer the phone by walking near it.



All socials unlocked:

Enable the "Cheat gnome" code. Quickly press L1, R1, Down, X, L3 + R3 during game play. A Sim voice will say something to confirm correct code entry. Repeat this code to disable its effect.


All objects unlocked:

Enable the "Cheat gnome" code. Then quickly press L2, R2, Up, Triangle, L3 during game play. A Sim voice will say something to confirm correct code entry. Repeat this code to disable its effect.


Extra money:

Enable the "Cheat gnome" code. Press Start to pause game play at home, then quickly press L1, R2, Right, Square, L3. A Sim voice will say something to confirm correct code entry. Select the cheat gnome then choose the "Give Money" option to get 10,000 Simoleons. Repeat this code to disable its effect.


To get money quickly, enable the "Cheat gnome" code, then the "Extra money" code. Hold R1 to speed up time and keep selecting the "Give Money" option to end up with 999,999 Simoleons.


All visit locations unlocked:

Enable the "Cheat gnome" code. Then quickly press R2, R3, L3, L2, R1, L1 during game play. A Sim voice will say something to confirm correct code entry. Note: This code can be entered any time after your Sim wakes up at Mom's House after the initial "Dream Sequence". Repeat this code to disable its effect.


All skins unlocked:

Enable the "Cheat gnome" code. Quickly press L1, R2, X, Circle, Up during game play. A Sim voice will say something to confirm correct code entry. More hair styles, accessories, and outfits will now be unlocked. Repeat this code to disable its effect.


Raise motives:

Enable the "Cheat gnome" code. Press Start to pause game play at home, then quickly press L2, R1, Left, Circle, Up. A Sim voice will say something to confirm correct code entry. Select the cheat gnome then choose the "Fix Motives" option to raise your motives. Repeat this code to disable its effect.


Team picture:

Enable the "Cheat gnome" code. Then quickly press L3, R3, R1, R2 during the credits. A Sim voice will say something to confirm correct code entry. A picture of the developers will appear in the background. Repeat this code to disable its effect.


B) Hints :D


Hint: Two player mode:

Enter freeplay mode (if there are two or more people in the house) or into the levels. Have player two press Start and a bus appear if you are in the levels; or the second player will become one of the family members in freeplay mode. Note: In freeplay mode you need at least two Sims in the house to make this work.


Hint: Boosting a low budget:

At Mom's house, Mimi's place, or Dudley's trailer, buy things until your budget drops below $100. Wait about an hour. When the phone rings, answer it. You will get free money. Repeat this as necessary.


Hint: Fun rating:

To always have a good Fun rating, buy the Aromaster and place it in your Sims bedroom. Each time your Sim goes to bed, turn it onto the second selection, "Lavendar & Marjoram". This will boost your Fun meter while your Sim sleeps. You need to have at least 150 Simoleans in order to run the Aromaster. Also, if you get robbed, the Aromaster will be one of the first things stolen; have a burglar alarm in place.


Hint: Raise motives:

To help raise motives in later levels, move back to Mom's house. The Artificial Love will make raising motives easier.


Go to work one day then skip work the next day to fill your motives. Note: Be careful; if you skip work two times in a row you can get fired.


Buy the Aromaster Windpuffer Gold aroma machine. Peppermint and Juniper increases Comfort. Lavender and Marjoram increases Fun. Juniper and Rosemary increases Energy. Rosemary and Peppermint increases Room.


Use the following trick to max out the Active, Outgoing, Neatness, Niceness, and Playful personality stats. Play in free mode and evict the Tutti family from their home. Then, edit the family. Choose Ginger to edit. Go to the place where you can put in your personality "points". Go to Neatness and the bar will keep moving further when you move it up, even though all of the points have already been used.


If your Sim is having trouble boosting their motives, buy four Aromasters and set them on a table. Set all four scents and it will raise some of your Sim's motives.


Use the following trick to raise your Happiness. Enable the "Cheat gnome" code, then enable the "Extra money" code and collect it. At every house you move to, buy a maid, repairman, and a gardener to keep your house looking nice. Watch out for the repairman though, as he sometimes sneaks off and watches the television. It also helps if you have bought that expensive robot that can do a lot of things like cleaning. This leaves you free to work on your logic.


At the beginning, stay with your mom and complete all goals except getting a job. Then, keep painting and selling them until your Creativity is filled. Then, read about Cooking until it is all filled up. Next, read about Mechanical until it is all filled up. Then, work on Body by buying the weight lifting set until it is all filled. Next, work on Charisma by practicing speech in front of the mirror. Finally, work on Logic by playing chess. Note: every time you get another point in doing these things, go to the bathroom, eat, and watch television in order to remain happy. When everything is filled, sell the things you have bought and move out.


When you start, do not leave Mom's house. Enable the "Cheat gnome" and "All objects unlocked" codes. Get the most expensive things in the skill building section, then raise all of your motives. Then, go to work.


Hint: Raising skills:

While living with Mom, do not run out and get a job after you have completed the first few goals. Instead, stay around awhile and use that time to build skills. Mom will nag you, but just select "Okay" and keep doing everything else. Make sure to keep yourself happy and entertain/talk/joke with Mom to keep your relationship up to par. When you have your skills where you want them, move out. This will make things much easier. You will then be able to concentrate on your job and relationships, rather than skill building.


Notice that when you are at your Mom's house at the beginning, your Sim's energy and social do not go down, and will remain at the halfway point. Using this, you can raise your skills faster. First, have breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Then, use the toilet, take a bath, watch television for fun and comfort, then finally work on whatever skill you want. After repeating this routine before having breakfast, lunch, or dinner, clean up the plates. Do not call a maid or anything else, as it is a waste of money. For extra money, do creative skills on your paint set and sell your paintings when done. This will give you a lot of money when you are done with your skills. Do all goals except getting a job. Do not sleep or talk to your mom while doing this. When done with Cooking, Mechanical, Creative, and Charisma, buy a chess table for Logic. When you are done with those skills, sell the chess set (whole refund). Then, buy the weight lifting machine for the Body. When done with all skills, get a job and move out.


While waiting for your baby to become a child, you are not allowed to leave your house. This is a great time for building your skills up, improving your relationships for your career, and doing whatever needs done around the house.


To raise your Body skills much faster, work out on the Rock Climbing Wall. Your Sim will get Body points going up the wall and also when going down the wall.


To successfully gain skills, put fun in between your tasks, such as Study, Read, Study, Dance, Paint. Note: Do not them do dancing and watching television very long before going on to the next task.


If you have a lot of stats to improve (for example, 5 Body and 4 Mech), move to your Mom's house and stay there for a while. The bus will not come for work, and you will not get fired. You now have time to raise your stats. Also invite your friends over and keep your relations up if needed. If you get your stats up, keep friends, and stay connected, you can move out in a week (Sim time) or later and continue with your life.


In free play mode, create the Sim(s) you are going to use, but only as kids. Move them into any lot. Enter the house, then press Start to save and quit. Next, go back to Free street where you have the family you are going to use and evict them. Then, go to "Edit Family" and edit the kids you created. You can now raise all of their personality points. Make them adults and dress them however desired. Then, move them into a lot where you want them to live. If you look at their skills, they will already have some.


In free play mode, edit Ginger then go to her personal information (Nice, Outgoing, Playful, etc.). You can raise all of her stats without having to take some away, and make her a super Sim.


At the beginning of the game, unlock Club Rubb by doing a goal. When you walk in, there will be a DJ stand. Highlight it and select "Spin" .Your Sim should walk over and start making music. If there are people nearby, they should start "booing" or sticking their tongues out. Keep playing and your creative stats should go up.


To get a full Mechanical skill in one day, buy the Tesla Coil 3.0 and use it. By the next day your Mechanical skill should be full. Note: This works best if you fill all motives with the "Raise motives" code first.


Before you begin Bust Out mode and get a job, if you want to fill up all your skills it is best if you do this at Mom's house, You will get unemployed and will not have to worry about your job.


Hint: Raising relationship:

Use the following trick if your Sims are married with a low relationship. In Free or Bustin Out mode, buy a white love rug and place it in your room . Buy a fireplace and put it in front of it. Then, move your pointer over to the love rug and select "Relax". Select the female Sim, and there should be a suggestion that reads "Join". Select it and your lover will kiss and play on the rug . Your relationship should rise to 106% on the girl you are with, and you to 103%. To make it really romantic, turn on your radio to smooth jazz then light a fire.



Hint: Completing all goals:

If you want to complete all the goals (the goals besides getting promoted to) do not fill up all your stats(Body, Cooking, etc.) at the start. This is because you will go through the levels very quickly and will not have time to do the other goals. Instead, at the start just fill Body, because your energy only goes halfway down; and Creative, so you can throw a great party.


Hint: Unlock social options:

To unlock most social options, become friends with the Sims. For example, when you be friends with Randy you will unlock "French Kiss" and with Paisly you could unlock "Spank Booty". Each Sim has there own social option to unlock when you become their family friend.


Hint: Keeping Social Points up:

When creating a Sim (Bust Out or Free Play mode), remove all Outgoing Points. This has two benefits; more points and your Sim's Social level will decrease at a slower pace. With that done, your Sim will not need to talk to others as much, making it easier for you to keep them happy.


Hint: Making friends:

Invite a friend over, then get into a hot tub, preferably the Love Tub. Then, ask a friend to join you. When he or she gets in, place items around the Love Tub. The Sims will not be able to leave, and will keep talking to each other.


Hint: Keeping friends:

Get married when possible, then instead of getting the friends you need to get a promotion with your Sim, get the friends with the Sim you are married to. The relationship that the Sim you are married to has with other Sims never decreases. You can get friends and not have to worry about keeping them.


This trick will allow you to advance through careers quickly, and keep friends without a lot of work.To build your skills quickly, enable the "Cheat Gnome" code, get a lot of money, fill all motives, and unlock all objects. Build yourself a room on the side of your mom's room. Fill it only with the stuff you need to build up every single skill. For Body, a Rock Climbing Wall works faster than anything else. After you have built up all of them and maxed them out, get any job desired. You will only have to worry about friends at this point, because you are skilled enough to do anything. To make friends extremely quickly, invite three over at a time. Get them all in a hot tub, and place objects (buy plants if you cannot decide what to use) around the hot tub. If you are not friends with them by the time you must go to work, unblock the corner you are at, get out, then the Cheat Gnome to fill all motives and go to work. No one will climb out because they are still blocked in. When you get home, get back in, and start all over. This is made easier if you have a husband or wife; their friends are your friends, and you can just keep all of them locked up. When you have become friends with three Sims, unblock the tub, and invite three more over. Do not forget to use the Cheat Gnome on your husband or wife when they get out of the tub, or else they will pass out. You only need to keep six friends for the highest level in the careers; do not worry about making more than that.


Hint: Angry roommate or family member:

Live in a house with a roommate have your friendship not good. Enable the "Cheat gnome" and "All socials unlocked" codes . Select your roommate and scroll down to the list of suggestions until you find "Use Sign Language". Select it, and you will hear bleeping while your Sim flips off their roomate. They will get mad and slap or insult you.


Hint: Having a baby:

Your Sims must be married and the Love Bed must be unlocked. Pick your female Sim and tell her to "Sleep". Then, bring the male Sim and tell him to "Play In Bed". After you finish, kiss her and you will be asked if you would like to have a baby. Note: Your relationship must be 100%.


If you need to have a baby as part of a goal, in free play mode make a family with just a male (if playing a female) or a female (if playing a male). Then, make them have a child. Save them, then move them in on 3 Free Street. Build a small nice house then go back under your Sim that need to do this goal. Have him or her get in love and then marry. Make sure this is the last goal that you need.. This way, you can just move out and move on with the game. When you move in with the next family and view your goals, "Get married" and "Raise a baby to child" will be already be checked.


Use the following trick to have a baby on a low budget. If you have not unlocked the Vibrating Bed, use this instead. Tell your Sim to call your mate over. Then give them a gift, kiss them, hug them, then kiss them again. You have to do this immediately. That means they must be lined up at the top. You can do this without being married. Your Friendship meter must be high.


When you have a baby, it is difficult to take care of because you need to be in the house all the time. You will have to skip work until the baby is grown. Pay attention to it constantly. The moment you hear it cry, abort everything and run to it instantly. When they cry, feed it, then sing to it. When it cries, try to avoid playing with it to stop the crying. The crying will most likely just get worse. If you are feeding, playing, or singing to the baby and it starts to cry, press Square immediately and abort that. If you let it cry, social services will give one warning before taking it away if it cries for thirty game minutes or longer. Also, try to avoid letting other Sims that you are not controlling make contact with the baby. Most likely they will pick it up and play with it, which usually causes it to cry. In about three game days, the baby will become a child. You must still watch the child closely. If he or she receives bad grades, social services could take away the child. Social services does not take away teenagers however; do not worry about them when they get to be teens.


In Free or Bustin Out mode, have a Love Bed and a spouse/partner. Chose the Love Bed and scroll down the list of suggestions and select "Vibrate". Your Sim will take off their clothes and crawl into bed. Then, click on their partner, scroll down the list of suggestions, and choose "Play In Bed". The partner will take off their clothes and also crawl in bed. You will hear your Sim bark or howl.


In Free Play mode, create two Sims (a male and female). When the game starts, enable the "Unlock all socials" code. Start to do the Moon Walk and do things with the other Sim. When you get the option to flirt, do so. Start spanking and French kissing them. When it is at 100% love, do not stop. A message asking if you want to have a baby will appear. Alternately, get 100% love then play in a Love Bed. The phone will ring. Answer it, and you will asked if you want to adopt a baby.


In free play mode, control a Sim female and mail. Talk until you like each other at 90, then kiss until it is 100. You will be asked if would you like to have a baby. Playing with the baby does nothing. If it cries, feed it then sing a song. Do not let it cry for too long. You will get one warning, then the social worker will take it away. Make a room with a bed and move the cradle beside it. Make another room with a bed for the other Sim to sleep in. By doing this, only one Sim will wake up. Take turns every night. During the day, put the baby in the living room. If it cries while in the living room, cancel whatever you are doing and see to its needs. Take turns seeing to its needs.


Hint: Raising a baby:

Every time the baby cries, use one Sim to feed, play, and sing to it, in that order. Let one Sim go to sleep at night. The baby might cry once. Note: Make sure that one Sim is awake and one is asleep. Let the parent that is sleeping wake up. Then, send one Sim to take care of the baby. After that, let the parent that did not sleep, fall asleep. While one sleeps, get the other's motives up. Keep switching off until the baby becomes a child. It only takes three Sim days for a baby to become a child.


Hint: Ditch baby:

After getting a baby, select the car and pick "Move Out".


Hint: Never lose baby:

If both of your Sims leave the room that your baby is in, press Start and go to buy/build mode. Move the cradle to one of the rooms that your Sim is in. This works better if the cradle is near the Sim. If outside, put it near the Sim.


Hint: Jock career:

To successfully complete the Jock career, you need to have all Body points, 4 Cooking points, and 5 Charisma points. You will also need six friends. A quick way to complete this is go to Mom's house and buy something to work your body (for example, a treadmill, pool, etc.);a bookshelf or something similar to the gourmet cooking stove; and something for your charisma (for example, a microphone or a mirror). Do that, then build your skills and move to the different houses so you can complete a goal and unlock something. You will eventually get to Malcolm's mansion.


Hint: Career for completing the game faster:

To complete the game much faster and easier, start it with the Mad Scientist career. Work on your Mechanical and some Body skills, then after completing that career, get a new job in the Counter Culture career. Work on your Cooking and Charisma skills. While doing these careers, you can stock up on the "important" skills. For example, you must work on your Mechanical and some body Skills in the Mad Scientist career so you can get full bars for those, full bars of Cooking for the Counter Culture career, and Charisma for both.


Hint: Promotions:

Find a job at Mom's house. The pop up box will say something similar to The bus will pick you up at Mimi's house at 8:00". You must move there on the scooter. Go to work in a good mood. You should get promoted the first time you go to work. Next, check on the job box at the bottom of the screen (press the right arrow). Complete the skill points overnight, then get them into a good mood ready for work the next day. If you really want them to be promoted for the next day, then try taking a day off work (do not bother going). Keep doing this for every promotion. Eventually you should move from one home to another. Note: This may not always work -- you might need family friends as well.


Hint: Skipping work:

In Bustin' Out mode, you can skip work by moving back into Mom's house. While you live with Mom, the bus will not arrive, and you do not have to work. This is useful if things are not going so well and you need some time to "restore" your Sim.


In Bustin' Out mode, you can skip work by changing jobs before the bus arrives. Later, you can just change back to your old job. This is useful if you are about to get fired. Note: You will only get fired if you skip work two or three times in a row.


It is easy to lose your job when you do not go to work for two or three days. When this happens you will get a phone call saying that you have been fired. Even if you do not answer the phone, a message will appear stating that you lost your job. Your Sim will be unemployed, but it will not be the end of the game. Getting fired gives you a chance to raise your Sim's motives, build some missing skills, or make more friends to help you advance in your career when you start your job again. However, when you get your job back you must start at the same slot that you were before. This means you are going to have to work hard again to get promoted and be able to move out.


In the Bustin Out mode, if you have unlocked every visit location you can go anywhere. Go to someone's house and visit them as long as desired. When message stating that the bus arrives in two hours appears, ignore it and continue what you are doing and miss work. There will be no phone call or warning. You can roam around anytime as long as desired, and visit anyone.


Hint: Never work:

In Bustin' Out mode, the people who you live with (who you can control) cannot get fired. If you want them to stay home, just let them. This can be very useful if you need them to clean up, or need them to do some other things.


If you do not want to keep a job, use this strategy. Stay with your mom to raise your skills then get a job. Make sure that you raise Creativity, Mechanical, and Cooking (slightly), because those are most important skills. Get a job, and if desired, get promotions to unlock places. When you get to a place that you think would suit you do not go to work. You will lose your job and perhaps a skill point, but you will keep playing. Since you already unlocked the places, you may now work on the necessary things. If your creativity and mechanical are at 10 (Logic also) you can make gnomes, sculptures, and mutant plants that will help you gain money. Once you have full skills in everything, work on making friends. Then, get a job and complete the other goals. This will enable you to unlock everything.


Hint: Never sleep:

Enable the "Cheat Gnome" and "Raise motives" codes. Select the Cheat Gnome and choose the "Fill all motives" cheat. Repeat as needed. You will then never actually "have" to sleep.


Hint: Live alone:

Use the following trick if you want to take the day off and control another Sim, and do not want to mess with it. When your roommates go to work, leave and return after the time they come back from work. You will be able to live alone. Alternately, you can build a small room in the back yard, with a door. Go into it, call the other person over, and leave once they get there. Then, go to build mode and delete the door.


Hint: Catch a robber:

Enable the "All objects unlocked" code. Buy a motion sensor alarm and place at your front door on the wall. If you have a backdoor, do same thing there. This security costs only 300 Simoleons, instead of buying walls at the corner of your street and putting burglar alarms there.


Build a wall at each corner of the map that a burglar can approach from and place a burglar alarm at every wall. The burglar will be caught before entering the house.


When you first move in to someone's house, buy the Sims home alarm systems and put them on both sides of the doors, outside. This will stop the robbers from getting anywhere near your possessions.


Hint: Easy promotions:

Enable the "Cheat gnome" and "Raise motives" codes. Depending on where you live, make family friends with who you live with and many visitors. Then, go to work and if others are there, make them stay home. They cannot get fired.


Hint: Get rid of annoying Mom:

At the beginning of Busting' Out mode, you will start out living with Mom. She will keep talking and say things like "What did I do to deserve this?" or "When are you going to find a job?" She will keep saying things and will not allow you to play without interruptions. To avoid this, Enable the "All socials unlocked" code, then take your Mom to the back of her house. Hypnotize her, walk away, then put a wall around her. That will take care of her. However, when you move out she will wake up. You must take her somewhere quiet so that if you make noise with a radio or television she will not wake up.


Hint: Get a bigger room:

When at Dudley's trailer, go to the master bedroom. Then, sell the door that leads to the smaller room so that there is just a wall. Next, make a door at the top right corner so that there is a place you could walk into the smaller room. Then, decorate both rooms' wallpaper and carpet to be the same and you will have a bigger room.


Hint: Getting married:

Make a meal, then call your potential mate over. Sit down and eat with them. When you are done, let him or her use the bathroom. While they are doing that, watch TV then have him or her join you. When they get up, propose.


Eat dinner with someone. They will use the bathroom. While they are in there, watch television. When they leave, highlight them and the "Propose" option should appear. You can also have a baby with this person by getting the Love Tub. Mimi or Dudley are the best choices, because they will pay all the bills.


When you get the "Propose" social, serve a meal. Invite your lover over and have them get a plate of food. They will go to the restroom then go swimming. When they get out, propose. Note: You must have a pool before they get to your house.


In order to get married you need to do th following things: serve food, then watch the nine screen television and an expensive three seat couch. Your mate should be in a good mood at a high relationship with you to propose. If not, talk and cheer them up. You cannot get married to Mimi, Maxine, Mom, etc. Try 1st Street, 2nd Street and 3rd Street.


First, serve dinner. Then, let them go to the bathroom. Watch television with them. As soon as they get up, kiss them. Then, propose. They will say yes about 95% of the time. Note: You must have a 100 relationship with them, and the kiss must be serious and not like a little kiss on the cheek.


Because you must marry a Free street, if you do not like their personality or clothes, evict them in freeplay mode then change them. Note: You will also have to remake their house. If you try this with Ginger, before you do anything with her, fill up all her stats (glitch and she will like anything). When you now want to get married to her, she will never stay long enough so you can propose. Her fun will go up and she will leave. Make sure your relationship is at 100 and feed her, dance twice, then propose.


Hint: Raising a baby:

When you have a baby, do not play with it ever, as it does nothing. If you feed it then sing, it will stop crying for a couple of hours.


Hint: Alien abduction:

Buy the telescope and use it until you get two skill points. Your Sim will be abducted and disappear. It will reappear some hours later, with different stats.


Hint: Aromaster:

Use the following trick to never have to fix a broken Aromaster. Save the game before you turn it on. If it breaks, quit the game without saving and resume from your saved game. Instead of turning it on again, sell it then buy it again.


Hint: Limo:

To unlock the limo easily, buy 3 of the 9 screen television. You will unlock the rare limo.


Hint: Rocket Gnomes:

To be able to make Rocket Gnomes, you must have an Inventor's Workbench and Mech skills at 8 or higher.


Hint: Anti-War Protesters:

While living at the Pentagon, you must stop the protesters. Go to Club Rubb and wait until Mona or Bing call and invite everyone to the party. After Mona or Bing says, "Let's get this party started. We need to raise funds for the antiwar fund", attack either Mona or Bing. This should unlock the Toy Parrot.


Hint: Contaminating sports at Shiny Things Labs:

To find out where contaminating spores are coming from when living at Shiny Things Labs, visit the Goth Manor and steal a fern. This will unlock the Giant Fern.


Hint: Daydream Sequence:

At the beginning of the game, you will be standing in a place where people are dancing and music is playing. All of a sudden, a puff of smoke will appear. A Sim of the opposite sex will appear from the smoke. A message will appear, stating something about kissing the Sim that just appeared on the cheek. The Sim you are supposed to kiss will whistle at you, trying to get you to kiss him or her. Your Sim does not kiss the other Sim automatically. If you do not want to kiss the Sim, press R1 to speed up time. More messages will appear about kissing the sim or stating that the daydream will be over soon. After a few quick minutes in the game, another puff of smoke appears. This time, your mom appears from the smoke. She will ask you to stop daydreaming and say that Malcolm is taking your scooter. After that happens, the daydream ends and you begin the game. Also, during the "Daydream Sequence" if you do not want to be near the Sim you have to kiss, move away by using the "Go Here" queue. However, when you move, the other Sim will just follow you. Note: When you are in the "Daydream Sequence", you cannot interact with anything. The only thing you can interact with is the Sim you must kiss.


Hint: Eliminating Senator Landgrabb:

To eliminate Malcolm, you invite him over while you are raising a child. Keep him around until your baby cries.


Buy a wall or fence and trap him until he gives up.


Hint: Finding the Goth's fern:

In order to get the Goth's fern back, you must be living in the Goth's house. Then, visit Dudley's house. When you go to the very back of his house you will see and old broken down car, and a fern that is close to it. Select the fern and choose the "Steal Fern" option. A window will appear, and Dudley will tell you that he was just borrowing the fern. Go back to the Goth's house and a window will appear, with Bella saying something about how it figures that it was Dudley who took the fern.


Hint: Finding the Sci-Fi script:

Go to the Shiny Things lab and talk to the brain in the jar.


Hint: Finding a neighbor with candelabras:

To find the candelabras, enable all the social options. Do Romantic Kiss on Mortimer if your Sim is female or your wife if your Sim is male.


Hint: Malcolm's big movie:

While you are living at Tinsel Bluffs, invite Malcolm over and make food. When he is done eating, socialize with him until he is your friend. Then, throw a party. After everyone arrives, go into the room with the guitar and play it. Malcolm will eventually come in and listen. When he does this, stop playing. Select Malcom and choose "Ask for movie role". He should accept.


Hint: Framing Malcolm at Pixel Acres:

You first need to unlock the Synthesizer and the Pixel Booty Song. Then, move into Pixel Acres. Buy a Synthesizer, make food, throw a party, and invite Malcolm over. Then, play the Pixel Booty Song on the Synthesizer. A cop should appear from the bushes and arrest Malcolm.


Note: When playing the Pixel Booty song on the Synthesizer with full creative points, all Sims on the screen will take off their clothes.


Hint: Getting the Pixel Booty Song:

Go to Goth Manor and play the synthesizer. You accomplish two goals, which are "Find out the Ghost problem" and "Getting the Pixel Booty Song".


Hint: Score a red pool table:

When you are living at Tinsel Bluffs, visit Club Rubb and play pool with Bing. This will unlock the pool table.


Hint: Play air hockey with pizza man:

If you have an Air Hockey Table and a child, have the child play air hockey then get a different Sim to order a pizza. Switch back to the child and when the pizza arrives, select the pizza deliveryman. The option "Join" will appear. Select it and he will come over and play air hockey.


Hint: Pet repair man:

To get a pet repair man you must have unlocked the last television with nine screens. Buy it and the most expensive three seater couch. Turn the television on and then hire a repairman. When he arrives, he should fix the lights and things, then steal a snack and sit down to watch television. He will not go away until you turn off the television. Note: This will keep boosting his bill.


Hint: Find and shut down the hackers:

At The Octagon, visit the Shiny Things Lab and select the first computer at the front of the lab. Select "Steal Computer" and it will confirm that the mission is complete.


Hint: Find and destroy bio-weapons:

While living at the Octagon, visit Goth Manor and select the incubator. Then, choose "Destroy Bio-Weapons".


Hint: Find someone interested in Chase's secret formula:

While living at Pixel Acres, visit Shiny Things Lab and use the "Tell Secrets" interaction on Makino or Vaughn.


Hint: Making sure Mimi's OK:

Go to Mimi's house. She will tell you that she has made a mess around the house and for you to clean up. Then she will tell you a secret. Once you have picked up all the mess you should be rewarded with a car.


When you live with Mimi, make sure to hire the maid to come everyday before you move out. When you are living at Studio 8, skip work one day and visit Mimi to clean up her mess. Normally, this would seem nearly impossible to do in one visit. However if the maid is there, she will clean most of it for you, and you will still get the car as a reward.


Hint: Get through Dudley's party:

When you are staying at the gym your roommates will want you to go over Dudley's Trailer to party. Move out of the gym and move in with Dudley. While you are there, serve breakfast/lunch/dinner and have Dudley order pizza. Then, move out of his house and back into the gym. When you visit Dudley's Trailer, food will be already laid out on the table. Before you move out of Dudley's Trailer, buy a bigger table and lots of chairs to seat the guests. Then when you visit Dudley's Trailer for the party, eat and talk to at least five party guests to make your relationship with them above five points. If this does not work, talk to more guest or see if your relationship went down by some points.


Hint: Get through the Rocket Gnome party:

At Shiny Things Lab, you will need all Mechanical skills. Then, make five Rocket Gnomes. Put them all outside then launch all five.


Hint: Throw the ultimate DJ dance party:

All you need is the dance floor. Have one person spin on the DJ Booth and another person dance on the floor. Then, have that person ask everyone, but the person who is spinning, to join in the dancing. It will take about fifteen minutes in Sim time. You will unlock the Q3 Recliner.


To throw the ultimate DJ dance Party at Club Rubb, select the phone and go all the way to the bottom to "Throw Party". When your guests arrive, in about thirty seconds, one of the Sims will say something. After that, choose the DJ Booth and "Spin". Then the Sim who said something before will say, "Club Rubb is Da Booommmmbbbbbb!". It will confirm that the goal is complete.


To throw the ultimate DJ dance party while living at Club Rubb, you must have somebody with 8 or more Creativity. "Spin" on the DJ stand and get five people dancing at the same time. To do this, raise your Creativity skill, "spin" at the DJ stand, then switch to Mona or Bing and have them dance at the dance floor. Then, select all the guests and choose "Join". After about ten minutes Sim time, somebody will say, "Club Rubb Is Da Booooooooooommmmmmbbbbbb!!", which indicates that the mission is complete.


Hint: Find out what is going on at Toane's Gym:

When you are at Tinsel Bluffs you must complete this goal. Go to Toane's Gym and do three triple back flips on the diving board. You will unlock the Wicked Breeze Outdoor Shower.


Hint: Muscle the Muscle at the Gym:

While you are living at Tinsel Bluffs, go to Toane's gym and attack someone.


Hint: Seduce someone at Casa Caliente:

When living at Pixel Acres, visit Casa Caliente and select the love rug "Relax". Then make a Sim of the opposite sex join. Talk for awhile on the rug, and you will soon kiss. Note: You need to like the person 100% or else it will not work.


Hint: Show off some Club Rubb moves at Studio 8:

Enable the "Raise motives" code, then go to the car and select "Visit". Then, select "Studio 8". When you are at Studio 8 go to someone and select "Breakdance". If this is not unlocked, then use the "All socials unlocked" code. You will then get awarded the light. This will work regardless of whether they turn their back and do not like you.


Hint: Change minds at Studio 8:

When you have to go to Studio 8 to change their minds about scientist, go to Artie and hypnotize him. The mission will now be complete.


Hint: Solve the ghost problem at Goth Manor:

You must be living at Pixel Acres. Then, go to Goth Manor and play the TumulTech "Sim-Phony" Synthesizer. Once you do this, your goal is now complete. Also when you do this, you will get the Pixel Booty Song.


Hint: Stop protesters at The Octagon:

Go to Club Rubb and attack Mona or Bing. This will unlock the Parrot.


Hint: Throw an art opening:

When you move to Studio 8, one of the goals is to throw an art opening. In order for the art opening to be successful, you have to purchase a Sculpting Block and sculpt it first. Then, have the party and it will be successful. However, before you can purchase the Sculpting Block, you must complete the goal that will give you access to it.


Bring all the art and sculptures from out back into the studio. Arrange them however desired, then buy a cooler in buy mode (miscellaneous). Go to phone and throw a party.


A very easy way to make the art opening successful at "Studio 8" is to delete one section (square) of the wall that separates the art room from the kitchen. You will even made a few Simoleons in the process.


In order to throw an art opening in Studio 8 you need to let Charity sculpt either before or during the party.


Enable the "All objects" code. Buy a dance floor and put a stereo by it. Then, buy a sculpting block and put it in the art room. Next, have your Sims throw a party. This should be an easy and successful way to throw an art opening.


Hint: Help with outsider art:

This is a Casa Caliente mission. Just go to Studio 8 and use the easel to paint a picture.


Hint: Mission Classified: Eliminate Senator Landgrabb:

First, you need to be at The Octagon. Make sure you have the Miss Gyrotic (obtained after you unlock it at the skill building menu at the buy/build menu). Go to the phone and call Malcolm over. Once he is there, go to the Miss Gyrotic and program it for defense. The robot will appear and go after Malcolm.


Hint: Dead plants:

When a plant is dead, do not throw it away. You can sell the dead plant for as much as a new plant costs.


Hint: Plants in house:

If you want plants in your house, keep the wall open in build mode and put the plants in. Then, close up the wall.


Hint: Hot tub in house:

Delete one wall in your room then put in a hot tub. Then, close up the wall.


Hint: Kinetic Gnome and Flamingo limit:

When your Creativity bar has reached its peak, use the workbench with the tank on it to build Kinetic Gnome and Flamingos. However, after you have built a certain amount, you will not be able to select it again. Either sell or launch them to build more.


Hint: Change scooter color:

If you do not like the color of the scooter that is given to you, select the scooter and choose "Repaint". Your scooter color will change.


Hint: Easy money:

When you go to a house and do not have much money, trade in all the wallpaper and buy the cheap version. You can get a good amount of money. You can do the same thing with the tile.


When you move into a house, sell all the wallpaper and tiles. Then, change the tiles to grass and the wallpaper to nothing.


Instead of working, you can get a workbench from the "Building Skills" section in buy mode. When your Mechanical skill is at its best, you will get 100 Simoleons for each gnome you make. It only takes about five seconds to make each gnome, and you can make about thirteen gnomes at once. Note: Your Sim will only make gnomes when in a good mood.


To get lots of money, enter buy mode and sell the paintings. Some of them are worth a couple thousand Simoleons.


When you get the Tesla Coil, go on it and wait until it gives off an electric bolt. Then, go to the Build/Buy menu. Select and sell the electric bolt for 50 Simoleons.


When you move out of a house (for example, Dudley's Trailer) sell all of his stuff except the toilet, shower, bed, and refrigerator. The Sim will survive, and you will make a lot of money.


When at Mom's House, Mimi's Place, or Dudley's Trailer, buy things until your profit goes below 100 Simoleons. Wait about an hour. You will get a phone call and receive free money. Repeat this as necessary. Then, before you move out, sell everything that you bought. You will then end up leaving with more money than you started with.


Buy the mechanical object that costs the most money. When you produce a ball of Blue Lightning, pause game play and go to buy mode. Then, sell it for 50 Simoleons.


When you move into a new house, Malcolm always comes in and steals his items back and you can do the same thing. Once moved into the house, press Start and go to the "Buy" section. Flick the Right Analog-stick and the game will allow you to move items that are already within the house. Once you select an item, an icon that reads "Sell" will appear. Select "Sell" and the selling price will be added to your account. You can sell everything in the house and the tenants will not get mad. Make sure you leave essential things such as bed, bathroom, kitchen items ,etc. or the tenants will get mad. When you leave, the people will not ask for money back. Continue to sell all your friend's items for free money. Note: When you get to Malcolm's Mansion, he runs off, and you own the mansion, sell all his items and you will have a little over 70,000 Simoleons in your account.


If you want to buy things without actually losing money, go to buy mode, buy whatever desired, place what you bought wherever you want it to be, then select your vehicle and choose "Move out".T he residents of the place you are at will pay you back for whatever you bought. Move to any random place, then move back to where you originally were. You can keep doing this many times as desired. Note: You still need enough money to buy the item -- this trick just lets you get your money back while keeping the item. This of course does not work on other expenditures, such as food, money, and bills.


Build up your logic skills and then buy a Gene Genie Incubator and create a mutant. Feed the mutant until it gets bigger, then sell the mutant for 500 Simoleons.


In free play mode, evict the Tutti or Frutti family, then and go to "Edit Family". Select one of the families and customize it. You will have 36,000 Simoleons.


When using the Tesla Coil, pause game play, You can sell the lighting balls for 50 Simoleons each.


This trick requires two saved game files. Start one save and quit it. Start playing the file that you want to earn money on start and start the other player on the same game. There will be a trunk. Collect as much money as desired. Repeat this to get as many Simoleons as needed.


This trick works in both Busting Out and Free Play modes. Go into buy mode with the walls. Take the black fence and put it on both sides of the door. Then, have a Sim walk in or out the door. Go back into buy mode while they are still walking out. Pick that fence again and tear it down. You will get 80 Simoleons for the first three to five times. After that, it is only worth only 20 Simoleons. This may be done as many times as desired.


Buy a workbench. Make a lot of gnomes or flamingos and sell them.


At the beginning when you move into any house, find Malcolm. Wait until he is outside. Pause game play and build a gate around him. After awhile he should give you money.


When you want to move out of someone's house and you have purchased everything to the very last Simoleon, you normally must pay back what you have left to the owner. To avoid doing this, move out when all the people have gone to work.


First, make two single families (opposite gender). Have the girl live on 1st Street, and the boy on 2nd Street. Make the boy on 2nd Street have just a wall with a telephone. Then, switch to the girl and play as her. Build a house and wait until the boy comes over. Become friends with him and fall in love. Get married and you will have an extra 20,000 Simoleons in your pocket. Buy the diving board with no swimming pool underneath. Have either the boy or girl jump off it about ten times. When that Sim is dead, either sell or place his or her grave. To get even more money, repeat the process, but this time make the same gender of the person you killed live on the street with the wall and telephone. This trick is useful until you max out your buy and build.


Hint: Easy house improvements:

When you are trying to improve a house, upgrade everything to the highest possible level. If you run out of money, move out (they will repay you), then move back in. This will upgrade the house so that your Sim can live comfortably and you will not lose any money.


Hint: Mirror reaction:

When creating your Sim in a new game (Bustin' Out mode) or creating a family (Free Play mode), rotate your Sim until he or she is facing directly at the mirror behind them. Once done, your Sim (if a male) will bend down to the mirror, take his hand, and rub his chin smiling. If it is a female, she will turn her body sideways and look at herself in the mirror.


Hint: Triple time:

To make time go by faster than "double time" (from pressing R1) when sleeping, control another Sim in the house and make them go to sleep. If both Sims are sleeping, time will go by much quicker.


Hint: Throw a great swimming pool party:

In any mode, buy a swimming pool and a high diving board to go over it. Then, throw a party. Barbecue some hamburgers and have a blue drink cooler.. Once the party starts, put on some music. All the Sims will be swimming in the pool. Note: Buy a Heligraphix Video Game and place it outside, where the pool is located.


Hint: Changing personality when creating your Sim:

When your changing your Sims personality, they will give you a little demonstration of how they would react to other Sims. For example, if you change their personality of a girl Sim and you select "Active", she will jump and dance as Mimi does on a "Bounce My Booty Dance Floor" at a party.


Hint: Quickly kill Sims:

Purchase a high diving board in free play mode. You do not have to place it over the pool. Position it over the patio. The Sims will jump onto the tile and smack their face into the ground. If you purchase a glass coffee table, you can place it under the diving board. When the Sim jumps from the diving board, they will do a face plant into the glass table and immediately die. The Grim Reaper will not even appear; they will just turn into a tombstone.


Hint: Kill Sims with mutant plant:

Buy an Incubator from the skill point raising items in buy mode. Then, have your Sim incubate a mutant plant. Next, feed and water the mutant plant until it grows then stop watering it. If you watch it, the plant will eventually get hungry and thirsty (a thought bubble will appear above it). Wait about a day longer then have your Sim stand in front of the plant. If the plant is hungry enough, it will either attack your Sim or eat your Sim whole.


To feed the mutant plant with friends or a Maid, you will need an incubator and fully grown mutant. When you have a fully grown mutant, do not water it for four days or until it attacks people. Make sure you have hired a maid or invited a friend to your house. The maid or friend should go over and get eaten by the mutant. A grave and message will appear.


When living in a house in free mode, incubate a mutant plant and wait until it grows to be as big as possible. Then, throw a party. Cook food or barbecue hamburgers. When the guest Sims go to the bathroom, press Start and place the mutant plant in the bathroom that they are in. Then, take the door away, sell it, or put it somewhere else.. Your mutant plant will eat your guests.. Note: The mutant only eats one Sim at a time . Gravestones should appear.


Hint: Kill mutants:

To kill mutants instantly, you need an incubator and a grave or news paper. Buy an incubator. Once you have a paper or grave, put it on the incubator where the mutants are. Then have your Sim select the incubator and make them incubate. A mutant should start forming. When the mutant is made, it should fuse with the paper or grave, then disappear.


Hint: Kill Sims with fire:

In free play mode, when you have a grill, place wooden chairs and a wooden table near it. Then, have one of the Sims cook on the grill (or more if it does not work). A fire will start. Have your Sim move toward the flames. If you want to see a show, do not call the fire department or extinguish the fire. Your Sim will then start to burn with the other Sims around watching screaming and crying in terror. The body will collapse to the ground. The grim reaper will appear and walk to the body. The body will turn into a tomb stone and remains there until you sell it.


Buy a fireplace and place it in an empty room. Buy some of the crates in buy mode and surround the fireplace with them, but leave a path way leading to the fireplace. Tell a Sim to light the fire. Once they get in the room, sell the door. After the fire is lit, tell the Sim to go to a location in the corner where there are no crates. Then, put more crates in the pathway and in a few seconds the crates will catch fire, and so will the Sim. Also, if you have a fireplace in your living room that you do not want to catch on fire, do not put a rug or a table next to it.


To kill a Sim with a fire, build an empty room outside the house. Then, make a door for the room. Put your Sim in there then call over the Sim you want to kill (unless it is one you can control). Then, go outside and press Start. Before you do anything else, remove the door and buy a lot of chairs to put around the room. Make sure there is enough space in the room for the Sim and a fireplace. Then, buy a fireplace and place it outside the house. Light a fire, then press Start again. Move the fireplace inside the house. The chairs should catch on fire momentarily with the Sim in the house. The Sim will catch on fire. It will scream for a few Sim minutes, then die.


Hint: Kill Chase at Pixel Acres:

At Pixel Acres it is possible to kill Chase. Do this by buying the most expensive fireplace, and putting two wooden crates next to it. Note: Put the fire at the back of Pixel Acres, where the waterfall thing is located. Have Chase light a fire. The fire should spread, eventually killing Chase. When you move back, you may hear a strange noise, and a message may appear stating, "I'm OK...Are you OK?". Then, Chase may start walking around. You will hear noises every so often.


Hint: Injured Sim:

Buy the Official Diving Platform and place it on the ground. Do not put a pool under the diving board. Make your Sim do a swan dive, back flip, or a triple flip. He or she will land on their head and begin to rub it and groan. Note: Your Sim cannot die from this.


Hint: Torture Sim:

Buy some walls and a Bug Lamp. Make a small box, big enough to fit your Sim and the Bug Lamp. Make him or her turn it on. Then, make him or her touch it. They will fall down and scream.


Hint: Ghost maid:

Kill the maid in any way possible, then select the phone and hire another maid. The new maid will be a ghost, and can now walk through walls and clean your house faster.


Hint: Ghost child:

In Free mode, get a wife and kids. Take one or two of your children and place them in a room with no doors . Wait for your child to starve to death. After he or she dies, place the gravestone in the backyard by a dead tree and flower bush. Put the dead tree on the side of the gravestone and the flower bush in front of the gravestone. Wait until the next night. After midnight, you will hear strange music. You will then see your ghost child. He or she will be making scary noises. Sometimes your television will turn on by itself. He or she will walk around the house until 6:30 a.m., then disappear. This will continue on every other night, unless you sell the gravestone, dead tree, and flower bush.


Hint: Make your house haunted:

Create a family of four. Choose two Sims that you do not like and buy a high diving board with no swimming pool. Place the diving board over a glass coffee table in buy mode. Select one of the Sims then click the diving board and scroll down the list of suggestions. Select "Swan Dive", "Back Flips" or "Double Flip". Your Sim will jump and die . Repeat this with another Sim. After they both die, place the gravestones next to a dead tree and a flower bush in front of the stones. The next night, you will hear strange music and see the ghost Sims you just killed walking around the house, making scary noises. This will go on every other night until you sell the gravestones, dead tree, and flower bushes. You can repeat this to get more ghosts.


Hint: Contact the dead:

Note: Before doing this you must have your house haunted. It must also be dark as well . In Free or Bustin' Out mode, go to buy mode. Then, go into "Miscellaneous" and look for the Seance Table. Buy and place it in a fun room or the living room. Next, buy a chair or two . Then, choose a Sim and select the Seance Table. Choose "Contact The Dead". Your Sim will go into a trance when he or she starts it . After about two seconds, you will hear strange music. You will then see the ghosts that are haunting your house. After completing the seance, a message will appear on the screen indicating that you have exorcised the ghosts and that they will rest in peace. Note: This can also be done at Goth's Manor to get rid of the ghosts and complete the goal.


Hint: Avoiding fires:

Sell the range and buy a microwave.


Enter the options, then go to "Free Will" and turn it off. By doing this, you can tell your Sims to go do something else or call the fire department.


Hint Moving objects other than furniture:

Use the following trick when newspapers, or sometimes empty plates are in your way. Press Start, then choose "Buy" or "Build". Select the newspaper or plate and move it instead of waiting for your Sim to put it inside, or throw it away. This does not always work on every plate, and only rarely works with pizza boxes.


Hint: House already filled with objects:

Take a single Sim and move them into 1, 2, or 3 Free Street. Then, fill the house with anything you can afford. Note: It is better to keep at least 100 Simoleans. After that, move another Sim into a different house on Free Street. Have the two Sims get married in the Sim that was moved in second's house. Make another Sim and move them into the house the first Sim used to live in. In that house will be everything that the previous owner had. The house will cost more, but you will have almost everything you wanted without having to buy it yourself.


Hint: Avoiding death:

When in free play mode, study cooking before you try to cook.


Hint: Cheap fire alarm:

If you do not have the time to study Cooking and do not want to buy a Fire Alarm, do the following. When your Sim is hungry and needs to cook, save the game before doing so. If a fire starts, press Start and quit without saving. The fire will not be saved and it will be as if it had never happened. You can also do this with other things such as burglars, getting fired, etc.


Hint: Phone calls:

If you get a phone call saying "Think before you open the door" or "They are coming soon. Be warned", it could mean a robber will arrive soon or nothing at all. If you get a phone call saying " Friendships are like plants", talk to the Sim you are close to 50% liking and raise it to 100% liking. That Sim will be your friend for a longer time. Do this to all of your friends so you will not have to worry about friends in the near future.


Hint: Stupid Sim behavior:

Start spinning on the Abdominator and your Sim will begin barking like a dog.


This trick requires an Invention Work Bench and a Teppan Yaki Table (the most expensive appliance). Have your Sim go on the workbench and make a Rocket Gnome. Put the gnome onto the frying part of the table and have your Sim select "Kick" or "Launch". if you select "Kick", your Sim will kick the table. If you select "Launch" your Sim will stick their head into the frying part of the table, and appears to try to kill itself.


Hint: Deleting object warning:

You should not delete all the objects such as wallpaper, flooring tiles and paintings. When you get the two promotions you need for your job, you must move to a new house and have to pay back all the money for the things that you deleted.


Hint: Marilyn Manson Sim:

When creating a Sim in Freeplay mode, enter "Manson" as a last name, and "Marilyn" as a first name. Then, select the hair that has the black hat with hair/bangs coming down to the left of the face. Select the formal suit as a shirt and suit pants for pants. If done correctly, your Sim should appear similar to Marilyn Manson. Also, his Sim face icon (that appears when you pick your street), is dark and speckled with purple, green, and dark blue.


Hint: The Sims reference:

Look closely at the back of Dudley's trailer. You will see a trashed car with a missing wheel. This vehicle is from the original Sims. It was your career vehicle until you got promoted two or three times.


Hint: Splinter Cell reference:

When your making your Sim, if you remain idle about five minutes, a character that resembles Sam from the Splinter Cell will try to enter your house, but ultimately smashes his head in the window.


Glitch: Kill and revive your roommate:

Play Bustin' Out mode and choose the roommate that you want to kill and revive. Make sure that they have very little Cooking points. Press R2 to change into the person that you want to kill. Note: This cannot be Mimi, Dudley, or Mom because you cannot change into them. When you are that person, make them cook food. When they are cooking, a fire may start. The Sim will catch on fire if they are too close to the flames. If they do not, change into them again and have them move very close to the flames. When the Sim catches on fire, they will begin to burn then will fall to the floor curled up in a ball. The Grim Reaper will appear and revive the dying Sim without you pleading to him.

[note=BuffaloHELP]You cannot take the credit for what you have copied and pasted. Sources: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ Edited by BuffaloHELP (see edit history)

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i dont really like to use cheat codes unless i beat the game and then go back and c how much easier it is with them or unless i get stuck before i beat a game and give up and use them anyways but i usually gamefaqs also.

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right......................... *cough* cheif cheats all the time*cough* theres a better site than CCC its gamewinners.com lol the only reason i know is bc my lil brother is like the master cheater lol he gets cheats for any and every game he played lol then he beats the game he even hacks online

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i agree i tend not to cheat until after i beat the game and with most games i play rpg and sports games cheating is not really needed, but with shooting games i test out the difficulty and then if need be i slap in my device and bam away i go.

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I agree with everyone else. I don't like to cheat the first time I play a game (I don't like to even use a guide the first playthrough. Plus Cheat Code Central isn't that great of a place. Its useful, and slightly more sorted then GameFaqs (in my opinion) but its not as good as GameFaqs. Also, Gamewinners is such a sad place. They include so many fake cheats, I go there if i want a laugh.

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I think cheats should only be used the second time you are going through the game, because it takes the fun out of trying to complete it. i only use cheats if i am really stuick and if i have been stuck on a particular level for ages.

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tamagotchi V5

Cheat Codes


Aquarium 07500-43391


Disco ball 07500-43492


Bubble set 07600-43291


Basket ball 07600-43392


Silk hat 07600-43493


Tennis racket 07600-43594


Panda 07700-43494


Koala 07700-43595


Merlion 07700-43696


Space shuttle 07800-43192


Book 07900-43395


T-shirt 07900-43496


Credit card 07900-43597


Computer- 07900-43698


Special drink 07900-43799


Magnifying glass 07900-43890


Roll cake 07001-43094


Mankamitchi 07001 43195


Watering can 07001-43295


Creme pastry 07001-43397


Karaoke machine 07001-43498


Trophy 07001-43599


Jukebox 07001-43690


Maki 07001-43791


Pizza 07001-43892


Cookie 07001-43993


Mirror 07101-43095


Repotchi DVD 07101-43196


Friend egg 07101-43297


Mushroom 07101-43398


Gingerbread church 07101-43499


Pottery 07101-43590


Cruise ship 07101-43691


All-inclisice familey trip 07101-43792


Canned fish 07101-43893


Necklace 07201-43197


Gingerbread house 07201-43298


Pinball machine 07201-43399


Ladys hat 07201-43490


Clothes 07201-43691


Cell phone 07201-43692


Noise maker 07201-43793


Magokorotchi 07201-43984


Crab 07100-43195


Prime rib 07100-43498


Bagel 07100-43993


Hot dog 07100-43690


Mabodofu 07000-43992


-reply by lauren

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Your codes are AWSOME!!!!Cheat Codes

Awesome, awesome and even more awesome, your codes are the best I've had and I've been through a lot of V5 codes, thanks so much! 


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I have been using cheats to advance to the next level that I want to explore, It doesn't mean that you have to cheat all through the game. For as long as you enjoy what you are playing/txtmngr/images/smileys/smiley2.Gif

If you want to try, got here a link form Consolecheatcodes.Com, my favorite cheat site.

-reply by Lilibeth

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