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  1. That was so obvious yet never thought of that. Short and quick tutorial that works. Nice one wlite.
  2. Hello, I just started looking at Xfire. Looks really nice. Is the slow down really that bad? Also, a few games I play aren't on that list. Mainly Shattered Galaxies. That makes me quite sad... though I'm still going to try it out. Only because minimizing in MapleStory is annoying.
  3. Only good ones I know are Maple Story, Ragnarok Online (Free servers) and Shattered Galaxy, Wow, I didn't know people on this forum played Shattered Galaxy also. Though its not exactly a MMORPG, It is a MMO atleast.
  4. Xbox LIVE has a fee. PS2 Does not. Understand? But really, I also dislike the Ps2 and going online. Though Resident Evil Out break File 2 has never failed me yet. Which is rather amazing.Second. Yes mods wreck games, hacks and the like are the reason most people do not like online. So, I think consoles should leave online alone. Computers are always better for online anyways.
  5. I've never heard of this before. I think it's a great idea to remake older systems. But this sounds a bit bad, seeings as the revolution coming out. (Yes I know this new was out 2 months ago.) I am a big Nintendo fan, though a younger gamer, I still loved the NES, and would love to see if come back up.
  6. You are comparing a Old system, a New Handheld, and a DS game? How is that even a REMOTELY fair poll?
  7. Nice find, thanks for the link. I'll have to check it out farther. But it would be really awsome if they gave away .com's. *will be waiting until the day*
  8. Cheats are funny fun AFTER you've beat the game and gotta all you can out of any replay at all. That's what I think. Any one who has to cheat while actually trying to progress the game doesn't deserve to play it. (And FYI, Walkthroughs are not cheats, some people believe they are.)
  9. I can't find Lost Chapters anywhere in my city. So I really want to buy a Xbox for Fable. Really want to play. But from what I hear from my friends whom talked alout about it when it just came out. Being Evil pays ALOT more then being good.
  10. Favourite online game, StarCraft and Ragnarok Online. Easily.Favourite online Ps2 Game, that would be Resident Evil Outbreak File 2.
  11. No Gamecube? Anyways, The poll is a bit weird comparing different generation consoles. My Vote goes to ps2 with it's TONS of RPGS.
  12. Woah, I was just looking for this to, the one I was about to use got closed down. Thanks no9t9.
  13. Heh, April fools day, I always wondered how that came to be, much like valentines (which I still don'tknow how started, and is to lazy to look up) I knew it had started some time in France, but thanks for the exact. It's actually kinda funny when you think about it. *is going to invite a bunch of people to a "new years" party*
  14. I'm going to have to go with StarCraft : Brood War. Because Starcraft is the one RTS game that uses different buildings and units per race, but is still VERY balanced. Thats just amazing.
  15. I tried Mu Online once, didn't really like it, but it reminded me of Diablo II, so I pressed on, only to find, yeah I don't like it. But I did end up playing Diablo II until a lvl 89 Druid. Eh... I'm getting offtopic. Mu online is ok, but Diablo II is better.
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