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    I love horse riding. I own a Quarter Horse named Mac. He is 15hh and is a handful. At the moment Im working with him on his trotting and cantering, and Im gradually jumping higher with him. I own three horses in real life. <br /><br />I joined Trap17 a fair while ago, stopped using it, and I've just started using it again.
  1. I honestly couldn't give you a straight answer because truth is, I don't WANT to believe in them.
  2. Wow! It's beautiful! The nebula type thing in the top left hand corner is impressive!I absolutely love graphics with space etc. They are always so magical :PGreat work!!
  3. I don't think I'll ever forget my first love, and although they were probably the best memories of my life, the memories of my relationship with him are slowly disintegrating. I only have a few memories of him and I together, and most of them are from out break up. My first love occurred during year eight of middle school. Yes, I know what you'll probably be saying; 'thirteen year olds don't know love,'. But when you experience love, you know it. And I definately knew it. He made me feel wanted and needed. That's probably what made me fall so deeply in love with him. Unfortunately, his love for me died after almost a year of our relationship, broke up with me, and five days later was in a relationship with a older girl who was known... for.. I'll simply say having multiple relationships with multiple partners.
  4. Haha very nice quotes. I quiet like these four
  5. Haha, very entertaining cat photos!I love the photo of the cat in the band, hilarious! :PGood job on finding them!
  6. I quiet like them! And I love the effect you have used to wash out or fade some of the colouring. It gives the photo a more classic look and, as someone has pointed out, make it look like an old photo. The last is unusual- but nice
  7. I haven't.. or at least not intentionally. Once I was sitting outside the secondary block for recess with my friends. It was beautiful and sunny so we were just laying against the warm stone wall - chilling out. We hadn't realised the bell had rung and turned up to class about half an hour late. That's honestly the wost I've ever done! That was when I was in a country school, so there were only about seventeen people in my calss... and you actually got noticed if you were missing from class then questioned about your whereabouts. Haha.
  8. No, I don't hate it. In fact I pretty much love it. I love the feeling I get when I accomplish something and I'm recognised for my strengths. Sometimes I don't enjoy it, I'll admit. When I have an English Essay due, a few Global Issues Assignments and Maths to complete it would be so much easier for me to just give up and not go to school. But then what would I do? Probably sit at home on the computer all the time. School gets me off the computer and out somewhere I can enjoy myself. School is aslo a great space to develop friendships. Where else would you have six hours to spend with your friends? When ever I feel like giving up on school because it feels to hard for me, or I feel to pressured to accomplish high grades I always remind myself what school is really for. It's to train us up so that when we leave school we can contribute to our community, our national and perhaps our globe. So if you're failing or struggling in school, really, it just means you're not ready to go out into the world and that you just need a bit more training. A little off topic I know, but then again it's my thoughts on school.
  9. Aahh! That's one of the cutest things I've ever seen! I adore kids! Actually.. I adore anything that's a baby
  10. Evolke


    I've read them all, and I've got to say they are VERY impressive. I'd highly recommend you read them. There are four novels, although I should probably say bricks because they are huge , in the Twilight Saga; Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. They all follow the life of a girl named Bella (Isabella Swan) as she moves to a small town in Washington called Forks where she lives with her father. She meets Edward Cullen, a gorgeous and mysterious boy at her high school and basically the books erupt from there. Stephani Meyer's writing style is highly captivating and even the most simple things are made highly enjoyable. Everything about the Twilight series makes it more realistic, especially the way in which Stephani has linked events in the novels to real life events. Seriously, if you want to read the most amazing book ever- Read Twilight.
  11. Awesome! I'll take a look through them, download and have a look at how they are set out for practise with setting out my own (Newbie ) Thanks for posting!!!
  12. Wow! That is really interesting! I never thought that much about the precise positioning of things on a web page, such as search engines/navigation etc. Thanks for posting!
  13. I've been making and editing graphics for about a year and a half now. This is one of the things I have made. The Copyright found on it 'Depplain Valley Graphix' is my account name on the website I use them on. It is there so people don't steal it B)Feel free to comment and give constructive criticism
  14. Spy on your neighbors? Now that's what I'd call fun! I can not wait for the Sims 3!!
  15. Evolke

    Sims 3

    Roaming anywhere you want your Sims to go? That's exactly what I'd love to see!When I got the Sims 2 I had no idea how Maxis could improve the game anymore... but I suppose there's always ways to improve.For anyone that doesn't have the Sims, I 100% recommend you go out and purchase one!
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