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  1. Well the title says it all and I wanted to let Xisto know that its doing great and I had no problems or anything, but I have now moved to a bigger and possible better server. I won't need hosting from Xisto anymore and I've backed up all my files on my computer so its safe to be deleted. Although I do not need the hosting from Xisto anymore, I wish to stay in this wonderful community of help and support. If I could, I would request to wait out my last 10 days before my hosting is terminated and keep this account on the forum for help and to help others. Thank you all so much, I shall see you on the forums still in some time, but not much anymore. If anyone wants to know what my new host are, they are good-host and i6networks. Farewell and Good-bye to everyone! :lol:Edit: Website: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
  2. Disco music. Tie dye attire. Super Nintendo. Koosh balls. The aforementioned subjects, among many others, share a few common aspects despite their difference in matter composition and intended use: all of them are at least remotely familiar, all of them were well-known at one point, and all of them have become relatively popular in a short amount of time and lost their appeal at a similar pace. When this is the case, it normally means its success is a fluke. Referred to as fads, they have captivated people around the world and have become forgotten altogether in what seemed like a matter of seconds. Many fads are a result of oddities, usually from unique qualities emitted from the specific object. Whether it be attainable items, the latest music, newly established slang, or even a form of conduct, these short-lived trends have come and gone without any initial warning. Trends typically meet their demise through redundancy; if everybody buys into them almost simultaneously, then their quick decline is destined as they are seen as common and dull. But even if this is not the case, then newer and more appealing innovations may detract from people?s interests. After all, the majority tends to conform with what is freshly new in order to expand their horizons. There are generally two classifications fads can be categorized into: those that become antiques, and those that become practically forgotten. The nature behind whether a craze develops into an antique or an obsolete item is quite different in terms of the path it takes to success and its drop in popularity. Trends that become antiques often possess a more original quality, saving room for evolution in the future. When something is regarded as a classic, it is more likely to achieve a somewhat timeless value. An example of such value is the retro videogame Pong; considered one of the first of its kind, it has ultimately gone out of fashion but still stands as an impressive piece of modernization. Those that become ?erased from the maps? on the other hand experience dramatic downfalls that never recover. A lot like summer flings, they are mere novelties that were fun to have around without a special spot on the shelf. These are the fads that can be identified as flukes, as mentioned earlier. Such an example may very well be the infamous pet rock, which only lasted around six months in the 1970s. Each and every era has its own fads. It is up to time to reveal whether they will be at least remembered, or treasured as a timeless antique that will have a place in the history books.
  3. Occupation:Interests (Please be specific, e.g., application programming, web designing):1. Webpage scripting and Designing2. Fishing3. Buildings4. Science/Discovery ChannelHours Online/day: ~11Nature Of Sites you visit often:Webpage help or entertainmentSites You Visit Often:1. Yahoo.com2. Spikedhumor.com3. Cpanel4. My website5. Jupiterportal.com
  4. Wow, that seems great! Sometimes I wonder who would really fiqure out prime number to such large scale. What would this do for math, just make it more confusing? I mean, its infinite, unless something runs on only prime numbers, its good to have =]. Personally, I wouldn't even think of spending that much time for the 100,000.
  5. You have a very creative way on thinking of ideas that would help our society and future, but you need to know the facts that come with it. Inforunetely, Science tends to prove things otherwise, and in this case, this is true. When you said "Rotating motion + dynamo = electricity,' this would no be possible because the needed force to spin the dynamo would be taken from the car's efficency of the car. Vehicles already have alternators that is attached to the engine and constantly charges on idle and while the vehicle is being driven. If you think about it, if you want to make electricity by having a group of men push a generator around and around, and you had another generator (the rotating tires of the vehicle) it's going to take more energy and work from the men to keep it going. This would result in more CO2 and energy needed, similarily to the vehicle. The vehicle would use more fuel, and put out more CO2 and other elements of the vehicle it must use more of to work harder. So, I like your ideas on new ways to make things more efficient, but I'm sorry, the scientist tested it and it doesn't work. Keep up the good thoughts though!
  6. Okay, I have the program Marcomedia 8 which is pretty cool, but is still very confusing for me. I don't know much on it at all and I was wondering how to create a flash player like sites such as Youtube, Google, Spikedhumor, and etc. Basicly I want a way where I can stream my videos on my site with my own player, that doesn't have the name Youtube, and such on it. Also, if I change it, the school will be able to view it since its not blocked. I want my flash player to have play, pause, volume, durations, etc. I tried playing around with Marcomedia Flash 8 and it has a option where you could stream your own videos, but I don't understand it. It said some things about a Flash Video Streaming Service, but the program they offer is $4,500! They have a demo that is everying in it, but its limited to 10 users and a time viewing it. I wanted a program that I have already such as marcomedia flash 8 to do it for me. I managed to get a example while trying to get a streaming video file at: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ If someone could give me a full tutorial on how to create a flash player as described, please direct me to an appropriate place or speak to me directly. Thanks!
  7. If you want a Music editing software, you can most likely split the different intruments into different tracks. I'm not sure of it, but I only have experience in Adobe Premiere. Try Searching for the topic next time. Found at: http://forums.xisto.com/topic/34522-audio-editing/ I would recommend Audacity because I've used it for a couple editing of music. Good luck on composing your music! We're thinking of composing our own music too for our videos that we make. We'll start making them once we get a MIDI adapter for the electric piano. Also, show off your music when your finished so we can all enjoy your talent.
  8. I think its pretty amazing how much pressure and heat his needed to make diamonds. I remember watching on the science channel where they were able to make diamonds and other crystals like jewlery by have a machine that compresses and heats it, with and added element, making it bigger. I don't quite remember, but I know that they are very similar to the real diamonds.
  9. Hey, I think that would be a nice way on finding others and their locations. I'm not sure of the privacy I would give it since its only to the public. If there was a password or some page or some sort where Xisto members only can join and view it. As a 15 year old, I wouldn't want to place my infomation on it, because of all those wierd people out there
  10. I currently have both and I switch in between them daily. I've had contacts for about four months and they've helped me see better in school, because I would avoid wearing glasses because of the stereo type "nerd" Yeah, I only wore glasses at school when no one looked, and I still do that now. Now that I have contacts, I can overcome my fear or being a "nerd" or a guy-with-glasses dude. My vision's about 200 degrees so I wear it all day. I love contacts and all because their hassle free and it doesn't fall off very easily, but it does has it's disadvantages such as:Irritation of eyes when placed in incorrectlyIrritation of eyes being dry after long use, or after a nap.Things getting into my eye easilyTaking extra time to put it on in the morning, and taking it off.Although its has its disadvantages, I like contacts more because of its easiness, when actually done right.
  11. Oh gosh 20 grand for a graphics card? They better have like a whole bunch of other really exensive and good stuff to go with that. Don't you think that the graphics would be so good that the games they release won't even make much of a difference? Anyways, I still would want one
  12. Ah well, this is is a rather wierd poll, but I think I would not want to harm my feet in any drastic ways such as stepping on glass or hot coals. I'm not sure about the coals, because I heard that if you step on them, your feet will sweat and you can actually walk over it without big problems. When walking over glass, it seems that if there are not any jagged pieces, I would pick that. By far, I would think human waste would be the safest and reliable way, but, think of how long it will take to clean my feet and disinfect it. What kind of bateria and other feces matter is gunna be in there? Warm, and smelly, gosh that sounds horrible! I'm picking human waste
  13. Well if you login to your cpanel and find the Fantastico Icon, there are so many scripts you can easily install to for your site. Find one with a forum function and config it how you like! Its that easy. If you need any assistance in installing or any other problems you may encounter, either me or post a topic on Xisto.Edit: Didn't see he was hosted by Xisto.net, but for those who are, use Fantastico for those excellent scripts.
  14. Haha, well I have Battlefield 2 and I liked it so much, that I played it pretty much everyday. My brother had the game also so we could challenge each other or work as a team to win. It was a really fun and enjoy until, you know that your basicly doing the same maps and things over and over. I was hoping that Battlefield 2142 would be better with better graphics and stuff. Instead when the Battlefield 2142 demo came out, I downloaded and tried it on my computer. I didn't see much difference of the gameplay and it seemed that I lagged a lot more then Battlefield 2. I hardly had any lag in Battlefield 2. It seemed that Battlefield 2142 changed much, but the maps and the menu, but there were a couple things that I saw that were good. I thought that the loading time for the map was a little faster, and there were some pretty cool new features like ejection pods, a mothership, etc. The things I was dissapointed in was the style of the maps were too dark, the vehicles were slow, the helicopter was uncomfortable to pilot, and the objective of the game we pretty much the same. In conclusion, I think that Battlefield itself is a great game, but I don't think I'll be buying Battlefield 2142 this year.
  15. Excellent tutorial! Now I can finally remove the icon that was part of my content manager and replace it.
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