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  1. Lol hope you don't hate me for having Soviet in my name :P

  2. yes its a typical pyramide...which is stupid..I also trust only in google adsense..You dont need nothing to do just paste the code Thanks for google..
  3. nice joke But personal information in pizza hut?
  4. Yes as Up was set, that it is for that because it taste good, and it is cheap :)I like delivering pizza to me You just make me hungry
  5. I was at this in the cinema..I was very suprised from this film..I havent been a Batman fan,but this film was one of best movie ever...Joker was really good..Like he was always Joker I loved this film..One Batman,One City,One story, One super motorcycle and there is a brutal story ^_^10/10 for me too...
  6. and if i buy a domain for 8 dollars then Can I have my site at that domain with any problems? Or it is same domain as i can have for that credits?
  7. and one question at all Can I buy hosting credits and use it for buying domain? Or I must make credits with writing?
  8. Hey, can I buy for credits free domain like .com .net etc?? Or just domain redirect? If i put topic to bad theme then please give it to good.. Thanks
  9. Hey..My site http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ is not working for all IP adresses.. Why? It started 5.1.2008 17:01:05 (slovak time)... For my Ip it is okey..but other ip adresses cant load this site.. What is bad? Please check it..Thanks
  10. OH Asian man I glad too see you here and just want to talk to you some good luck I dunno that in asia is learning English language ..Good luck with learning and I think you will find here all you want and if not then just post your topic with your problems
  11. Lost is the best tv series that are going.. I cant wait for start of 4 season...It is really dramatic and really mystery..It is the best TV Series for me and for my friends too..we are still talking about new episodes and cant wait for next Just brutal story and brutal psycho mystery
  12. Soviet

    Hi a newbie

    Hi canner2uI m long time here (more than 2months ) and I can tell you that you can find here a lot of helpful people and a lot of good people. Make sure you don't post a lot of one-liners, because MODs dont like it and you will not make many credits for writing one-liners. And If you just joined because you are looking for good hosting, then you are at good way.This is the best free hosting on web i swear Take care of yourself and enjoy Xisto as much as you can. Be a good writer on forum
  13. Sorry for this topic but I need find someone who have Ireland o2 mobile number and is using it.. Is someone here? (Please send this topic to good category because I don't know where I have to pick it.. Thanks
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