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  1. The later being preferable. Consider tables as inline-blocks, that is they shouldn't be a top level element like divisions.
  2. twitch

    Pre-ro Pre-RO

  3. Welcome ss2 im sure you'll like it here. You may want to try Qupis for the free hosting without posting (but has an advert)
  4. Why? Nobody uses the enter key to skip through fields online, they use either tab or the mouse. Besides, it would be easier just to fire them back with a validation error for not completing fields if they were to press enter to try and toggle fields.
  5. AHEMM. Opera > Firefox. And it is sites that have not been written to conform to the standards exactly that cause problems, not the browser itself (unless you don't support the standards to the letter (cough IE, cough FF, cough non-Opera). And what they are doing is technically illegal, and not to mention highly stupid.
  6. Caffeine and cookies are what you will need most. Trust me.
  7. Poor you. Though, I am glad that I have never had such a nerdtastic dream.
  8. I basically agree with pyost.Keep your visitors happy, and they might talk about your site on their blog or even to their friends (if it's good enough). Remember not to overload your site with ads.Provide updated content and remember to reply to any comments you get on your site (if it's got a blog).Remember, a little goes a long way. Adding a bit of content every other day or week is a hell of a lot better than a tonne of content every month.
  9. I've tried both registry and XML one. I do have a registry cleaner, however the settings still don't stay when I don't use the cleaner.I'm not too fussed as the only settings I change is what panels are shown lol.
  10. FF is not fully compliant with CSS2.0, as it doesn't render certain properties accurately (or at all in some cases). Read: http://www.opera.com/docs/specs/ And tell me that Opera doesn't meet the most current CSS standard.
  11. Yes global warming is really that bad, we might escape it, but what about all those people that can't, and what about animals? They're habitats are being destroyed because of our stupidity. And will it flood? Of course, will running away work? No. And flashdiamond, making loads of junk posts just to build up your credits then try and aim for hosting won't work. I suggest, that if you're going to make such general posts, you head on over to http://forums.xisto.com/index.php and start off there. They have a much more relaxed environment and are more likely to give you hosting.
  12. I dont understand how Firefox is apparently a standards-compliant browser, yet it's taken version 3.0 to develop compliance for Acid2 testing. I still think Opera is the way to go for now.It tells you everything you need to know when FF3 is trying to achieve the abilities that Opera already has.I think they should take their time with FF3 now and not try to be a rival to IE. They should build it up properly, ensure that there isn't such a large footprint, that there are no memory leaks, that the standards are fully met. There's no point in rushing a job, because it will only be half done.
  13. +1 for FileZilla again :PI've tried SmartFTP, CuteFTP, DOS and the extension for Firefox. All of them fail in comparison to the ease of use, stability and functionality of FileZilla.The only issue I have with FileZilla is that my personal settings are never saved, only the history of connections.+1 to FileZill server as well! FTP Server for your webserver (unless it already has one).
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