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  1. Hello, I am going to get a laptop very soon (hopefully tomorrow at some point), and where I live at the moment a tele isn't exactly ideal let alone cheap.Does anyone know what ways I may be able to hook my xbox 360 (and others) to display on the laptop screen?Aside from features that may come with it (like s-video input or something like that).I'm using standard AV cables for the 360, plus it has an s-video cable for s-video input.
  2. I cannot find how to change this and am unsure how it will help.I don't have a Credit Card, or atleast not one that can perform these types of transactions.I have money already in PayPal the old normal, standard way, just via my bank account, it's already cleared and ready to be used.It's just the CH order at the point of PayPal forces me to use eCheque (there are no other options), and I can't find even a proper settings page for PayPal or anything in their help.
  3. Is there any way to resolve PayPal's most recent annoyance?I went to the trouble of getting the money into PayPal from bank so I can pay instantly, bu when I go to order it wants to do this eCheque rubbish and take more money out of the bank instead of PayPal.
  4. I have almost no time lol, just got home from work then and have to get stuff sorted for work tomorrow and then pretty much head off to bed ready for work >_>.Does Xisto itself have paid hosting or anything like that (I can't remember exactly), in a fashion where I could have my current account re-activated without any major changes or anything, and what kind of payment options are available? (I'm Australia and don't have a Credit card unless a Visa Debit card issue for works salary sacrifice benefit counts).So yeah if anyone can clear up the generality of paid hosting if it's available would be awesome, don't have too much time to run around looking till the long weekend (4 days of no work YES!!!!!!! ).
  5. Well that's what I needed to know.Iv'e been around probably a couple of years now so I understand most of it, but this is the first time where I haven't been able to really post, especially when the people I live with only have 400mb monthly, i'm lucky to be able to check emails and bank lol.But from my understanding you lose credits as the site is "Active", well once it reaches 0 it isn't active anymore is it...... so why is it still hitting into negative lol...... and then need to gain more credits to be positive despite it technically still not being active.That will suck hard if they don't switch plans or I don't get my own place anytime soon lol.
  6. Hello, I just started a new job Monday and it's pretty long hours and travel time, so basically haven't been on much, anyway for some reason I have neg 9.79 or something (Iv'e never gone to 0 before so this is new to me), does this mean I need to get 10 points basically just to bring it to 0, despite my site being suspended at this stage anyway? Notice from OpaQue: Adminstrator: Title and Description changed.Please choose Title and Description carefully. Title: The Title should be descriptive and should summarize your entire post. Description: The description should be usedto add further details/information about your post.
  7. Yeah I started a bit like that, just modifying some mIRC scripts, or more examining them to see which piece does what.It helps to gain a better understand of what more specific things do, especially if you can't manage to build things yourself from scratch, or know how to use certain functions and/or features etc.
  8. I can't really find any information or a proper website for DIV Games Studio, or anything computer related under Fenix?
  9. Of course they don't mention god, because they have nothing on the subject and never have lol.I don't think they would be too worried about it either .We have been given or somehow grown a brain to think with, no one really told us how to use it, so we use it and everything else as we see fit.
  10. I pronounce it exactly as it is written....... exactly as words all should be......"ch ar" ch and ar, char.As in short for "char"acter, except of course there is no "acter" at the end, so no "care" pronounciation.
  11. Well if we can clone animals already...... God ain't so big or smart anymore now is he .It's a matter of time before we unlock everything from within the human body, it's a heck of a lot small and simpler than the universe (and were already exploring that......).Though I'm not religious, but i'm not an aithiest either.There were humans before any belief in gods of any kind existed, there were no real issues then, so why bother now?As for evolution, I don't really know, theoretically though it is a good explanation, but there could be more to it, or we could be more off than we think, we'll find out one day
  12. Well whenever the sun does it's thing, isn't the only concern."There is more than one way to skin cat" as they say, so there are many other things and factors that can frankly screw us, long before the sun gives in.Exploring fair enough, but I have no interest in space what so ever, the internet is more than possible without space (we do still have land lines and dial-up/cable you know........).Sure it'd be more of a pain, but very possible, that and we would just find a way around that issue soon enough.But it's got to have it's uses, considering what goes into it, so just leave it alone.
  13. I have not done VB in a long time, but I assume you can make object arrays (filled with strings and what not), or record arrays maybe.Use that instead of if/then/else if, and if you have something available like record arrays, add an extra value for primary (or the answer), so say if you load 4 strings from file, 1 will be marked in some manner as the correct answer, mark it as primary.Then if someone checks a box, check the correspendence between radio button and record array, and check it's primary property to see if it's the correct answer.Anyway, I do all this stuff in Object Pascal (Delphi), but VB should have something.
  14. I don't have any issues like that lol, I work in my country, for my country and frankly it won't be long before they can't get anywhere without me .But what a pain this all sounds huh, why can't they all just use the same damn values and keep it even or something.Instead it's up and down and all around 24/7 lol.
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