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What Deadly Animals Are In Your Backyard? Deadly animals you have seen.

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Chinese Crested are nice little dogs, is your brothers dog a hairless, or what they call powder puff? They have a sweet, affectionate personality. And of course, the hairless varieties are obviously non shedding. (hard to shed if there isn't any hair) They are however, one breed I won't raise. It is unfortunate that the breed is rather uncommon, and the general public hasn't got a clue as to what they are. I would be afraid of having visitors to the kennel see them and not knowing what they are, they would beat a fast and straight track to the nearest law inforcement agency and turn me in thinking my dogs were mangy and hairless.


Its a hairless, unlike the picture my brothers one has a marginally white crest towards the back. It also has fluffy white legs. Its actually a big version of the breed (a mid size dog) it weighs about 15 kg. It slightly cowers each time you walk past it and sometimes you have to chase it a little to pat it. It plays with the cats and is like a gentle giant to them.Definitely not a dangerous animal in my backyard! Although perhaps it is in its imagination.


Hmm, where I live at we have a lot of poisonous snakes and spiders. But that's because there's a lot of farms nearby so there's swamps and stuff.Really all animals are poisonous though, just some won't be able to inject you or your body can fight off the disease.

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