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Best Laptop Brand Which one?

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Very subjective question. Thing with this is, there are many great laptop brands out there. My personal favorites include Apple, Sony, and Toshiba. I've dabbled with the new Samsung Chromebook as well, so Samsung is slowly becoming a favorite of mine as well. There's no way for anybody out there to give you a definitive answer on what the best laptop brand is. This question, in fact, shouldn't even exist. Instead, the question should be, 'What is your personal best laptop brand." That question takes into consideration the fact that every indiduval is different, and thus has different preferences. For me, the qualities that I look for when searching for a laptop brand, includes stability, durability and price. I've found that Apple seems to be exremely durable and stable, however, it's usually steeper in the price category. Likewise, I have found that Samsung is good in the durability and price category, especially the Chromebook, however, it fails slihtly in the durablity department.

So, as you can see.. I went ahead and decided upon three different categories that I use to determine whether or not a particular laptop brand is correct for me. You also should do the same thing and think about which of the particular categoeis are the most important to you. Look at the different brands and compare and see which ones fit the most criteria that again apply to you.


Hope that helps. Good luck! :)


I have bought a Sony laptop four years ago but it is still working perfectly to me. I only face a one time battery issues nothing else. My other friends laptops are not working properly after such long time. So, i am happy with my lappy. It is the best brand I thought


If you are looking for a laptop-tablet-convertible, Toshiba and Asus have been building innovative products. Lenovo has the Ideapad Yoga and the cheaper Ideapad Flex, and they take a different approach to the laptop-tablet-conversion by simply having the keyboard flip over (the Flex doesn't do this all the way - it simply stays up as a 'tent' or has the keyboard act as a stand; it's they way of positioning it as a cheaper variant and preventing it from cannibalizing the sales of the Ideapad Yoga). These convertible units cost only a slightly more than the average laptop so why stick with just a regular laptop with a screen and keyboard?


PS: Does anyone remember the Asus AIO Transformer desktop-tablet convertible? That would convert into an 18" tablet! Just perfect for folks who need to read PDFs and find those tablet screens too tiny to read documents.


You'll never go wrong with lenovo or IBM. second option is DELL.

Lonovos generally look backwards to me but I hear they are durable if you buy their serious models. The budget ones that I've seen tend to disintegrate even if you try to take good care of it. The G585 is a good example


Amazing how things change in just a few years. Wanted to read threw this thread this morning because we have to deliver a pup to the big city and I was thinking about looking at laptops. Been seeing ads on TV all week for laptops for $249! That's a far cry from $1,000!


Laptops are really cheap these days. You can even find dirt cheap things that are on the border-line between laptops and PDAs but manage to do pretty much everything that average computer user would want to do. Plus, there are the outlet stores where they sell anything that has the box seal broken being sold as refurbished units - all they have is about a half hour of usage on them and there's a pretty significant price drop on those units. Unfortunately, the outlet stores only sell in the U.S. though.