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Jet Packs Did they make a succesful one?

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Yeah, but a jetpack would be a wee bit more expensive/dangerous.


I bet they thought the car was dangerous.(Which it still kind of is) But we made it much safer. So maybe the Jet Pack will be dangerous in the begining but they will get safer and safer. <_<


Yeh, we have huge changes in cars since they were released, to make them safer, most important was seatbelts. They might implement parachutes and inflatable tyhings which activate in an emergency, an inflateable thing would blow up beneath you, for good landing in water, or on ground, and parachute would slow you down, and you can steer.


well they have planes that can over now a days and can move side to side and stuff so in relaity it wouldnt be that hard to make it work in a jet pack cause the jets just rotate to produce this effect...Hover boards i would see coming sooner and would be deemed safer imo but w/e


Through the years they have tried to make plenty of jet packs for military use. I beileve as in lemonwonder was saying they have finally came out with a working one for the public at a very heavy price.
story inside.


for a start, if a jetpack was available, it wouldnt be made for kids to travel to school with.the closest thing i have seen to a fully functioning jetpack was during a michael jackson concert years ago. he put on what looked like a jetpack and took off from the stage into the sky.whether it was real or not is another question but it did look cool.


While jetpacks may appear appealing, current real jetpacks have little practical value. The United States military, which conducted most jet pack research, has declared that helicopters are far more practical. Many others have worked on devising a functional jet pack, but with limited success. Currently the most advanced designs are more similar to helicopters than jets. Because of the current impracticality of long-term use of jet or rocket packs, they have found more use in contemporary fiction or more futuristic science fiction.


Your thing about hover-boards, 3 months ago I would have said utter rubbish but yes, that is true. People have worked out how to make something that is not affected by gravity, and it would cost about 250 dollars to make a 1 person hover-board platform. Now, this could be dangerous, even though it would only use tiny litle puny fans that normally couldnt make themselfs lift quarter of a millimeter, but with the anti-grav station it is possible for about 100 of these very in-expensive fans to lift a 1 person board with a full load, and because there is no gravity.. people could go as high as they like.. this means deaths would occur. They would be great if they only went 3-4 cms above the ground... and this could be done with a built in alti-meter that would stop the fans when you get too high, and start em when you get too low, thus you would stay roughly the same height all your trip. Another thing is steering... and actualy moving(not just floating in the same spot), extra fans would be needed, this time not under, but on the sides... they would have to be much more powerful, as wind would be stopping puny fans like that, this would mean that there would be a constant sound of humm, but I am sure they can find very quiet fans. Also, at all the edges there would need to be powerful sensors that detect the height of the ground.. detecting the height of the ground for a circle of... atleast 2m radius, they would need to quickly adjust the fans to go higher and lower, and it the odd case where there is a spot with 2 little mounts and a hole in the middle, the hover-board would need to use the info from the detectors around the edge first... otherwise you would be flying all over the place, and in some cases... not flying at all. Next, we run into our next problem, we would need another set of sensors to detect walls, and small cliffs, for small cliffs (we are talking about 2m high etc) the hover-board would need to enable driver-management of height, so that you could climb up walls, and with this we run into another problem, it would need to be auto-balancing for the hover-board to actualy stay the right way up, the auto-balancing is like on those things that are like pogo-sticks... except they have wheels and you stand on em and steer. And now again more problems, all sensors would need to work together with an artificial intelligence system to work out if you are going to drive off a cliff, we cant just have sensors detecting big drops, otherwise the hoverboard would decrease altitude and drop to the ground if you were driving on the side of a cliff/small drop, and another problem, it would need to detect wheather it is just a small drop.. or a grand canyon cliff, because you want to be able to hover down public stairs without your hover-board saying NO NO NO WE ARE GONNA DIE! O and more problems, if any part such as Artificial intelligence system or fans failed, it would need to have a backup system which can slowly drop you down to the ground, it would then need to warn you of failtures. Auto-Pilot, this would be needed as the hover boards would be very quick to go fowards and slow down, and un-easy to control, so you could easily go onto the road infront of a car, this is where traffic light crossing assistance things would need a wireless transmitter to send a signal to put any hover-boards that have the AUTO button switched in to automatically switch to auto-pilot, this would automatically stop you, and when the man goes green it would automatically cross you over the road, making sure that you arent to slow or fast. Another thing, hills, the sensors are most likely to get confused with hills, AND when you go down hills the hover board would need to maintain speed and height, and it would have to slope itself on the side, another use for the artifical intelligence system, it would have to make fans at the back or front (depending if you are going up or down a hill) to be more powerfull, to put you on a slope. Well there is a few ideas, I am dead bored of typing so... yeh.


The 5-minute process is mute, as you can fly for 6 miles in that time. however, it is very impratical; a better option for a jetpack would likely be solar power with the backup being a much better-developed energy source; It is said that energy can't be destroyed, only transformed. so if we could transform it back then we could havee limitless energy. :) I don't believe that sort of thing will happen for a while.


Yeh.. but had any1 read my hoverboard thing? It explains alot of interesting info


I guess it matters on how you want it to work,the successfull jetpack would change gravity instead of with fire, but gravity cant be changed that easy has been proven many times in the past :)Making a jetpack with rockets built in seems to be a bit "hot" to wear as a backpack if you get what I mean.. hehe


I remember on MythBusters they once tried to make a jetpack, but it was unsuccessful. IMO a jetpack is unpractical, it would be kind of hard to have a working engine on your back, and it would probably get very hot :)


If we say that the Jetpack really worked...and you came flying around successfully, but how do you land it? consider the fact that you will be using your body to maneuver it...


I remember on MythBusters they once tried to make a jetpack, but it was unsuccessful. IMO a jetpack is unpractical, it would be kind of hard to have a working engine on your back, and it would probably get very hot :)

I remember that, yeah, you have to think of this in terms of weight of the rig (w/ fuel), weight of the person, and thrust, I just don't think we posses the technology to SAFELY make something light enough that has enough thrust to lift somebody and has enough manueverability to be of any practical use.


I have seen those jet packs in some James bonds movie or so and they look cool. Are they really practical or not is another question and also I remember watching in some science show on discovery that these jet packs can only be used for a few minutes and that too with a heck load of fuel consumption.


May be in the futur