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Windows Vista Beta Available? There is one going around

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wow quite funny windows vista beta was released to the public back in june lol june 1st acctually they have since closed the cpp but it was available here http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


thanxxx man


thanxxx man

why? you should be cursing him for telling you where to get Vista. Now you are probably going to actually get it <_<


Thank you for your interest in Windows Vista. The Customer Preview Program is now closed. We have reached our program capacity and no new orders are being accepted. We apologize for any inconvenience.
The information on this page is intended for Customer Preview Program participants. Participants will receive an e-mail message with additional information when Windows Vista Release Candidate 1 (RC1) is available later this year. Thank you for testing Windows Vista.

So it seems that “Windows Vista ” will be available for participants of the Customer Preview Program and to finalies of this year.

It is a pity, since I have seen some PC's with beta versions and is enough good, that pretends at least, also I have listened to the security has been increased and it has a new file system, who reduces the speed search in the hard disk.

I hope that already it lacks little so that Microsft finally sends it to the market.

That good! My laptop fulfills the minimum requirements( view requirements ), since I am desperate to have a copy (legal) of this version.


I think windows vista cant work fine with Hard disk < 60GB. The system is big. I'm satisfect yet with XP


I am desperate to have a copy (legal) of this version.



I also want to use Windows Vista... It might be very buggy... I don't care... I want news... I want a new design. There are going to have many improvements and 'deprovements' =D. One that I will like is the new desktop engine which will be similar to google desktop. I also do really enjoy its layout which looks like mac's one...


Yeah I agree with boyCradle. There is no point in installing an unstable operating system on your machine for the sake of having it. Until a proper version is released by microsoft then there is no point mucking around with beta versions.


except, of course that now you can get it for free, while the official release is not going to be free, is it?


Yea i have been looking for a legal copy of the beta verison myself. I think i am able to get a legal beta verison soon from my work, since they want our company to try it out in late august. Hopefully all goes well and there is something to look forward to when it comes out. But like i said i wont know anything about it until our copy recieves the copies, if we still get them that is. Yea i have heard that the new games coming out for the pc require windows vista. For example, Elder scrolls Oblivion i hear is vista compatiable because of the online service they have supporting this new function for the games.


I've seen a few warez sites with Windows Vista downloads, I didn't download them because I hear torrents are illegal and trace able, so I advise people not to use them if they don't wanna get fine'd and sue'd. XP


heh i like to steer clear of betas, especially operating systems, you never know what could go wrongbesides, another reason is of my low internet bandwidth lolfrom the screenshots ive seen this OS is looking good, though sort of mac-esque.-eternal


You are right. Downloading Vista torrents is illegal although you can order Vista beta DVDs directly to microsoft from their website.Moreover, Vista is scheduled to be released in first quarter of 2007.


i have it too, the looks are really great, but it's all additional i mean you don't need nice cool effects on how you window closes or opens, it just takes more RAM and CPU. If you see that windows vista is going to need 512 MB RAM i think it a little to much for effects you don't need, they just build a basic operating system with just the things you do need, effects are optional, that should be good.also windows vista beta requires new drivers and in my experience i couldn't get some games to install because it was another windows versionbut anyway when windows vista will be released all of these issues should be fixed i guess...


Didn't Microsoft put Vista on there website for BETA testers? I think you could download it and use the Key for a year or something. But it has ended now, so nevermind.


I have Windows Vista Beta. You had to sign up for the Windows Beta program by a certain date in order to download it. I got to it the day before it ended.From my experience, you have to have some pretty good hardware to run it. I would suggest at least a gig of RAM for a decent speed. And a 2.2 GHz CPU at the very least. There are bugs in it, but nothing too noticable from my view. I still have the download links, and they still work. But by law I'm not allowed to give them out :-\ Plus my registry key is only good for a total of 10 times. And I've already used it twice.You could also get the new version of MS Office Beta that's supposed to come out with Windows Vista. I think it was MS Office, at least. I could be wrong, I didn't download it.But in the Beta Program, you had a choice to download them yourself ("them" being the x86 or x64 versions), or you could get them to ship you a disk, but you had to pay shipping. I have download links for both x86 and x64 in 4 different languages.If you haven't seen any screenshots, it pretty much looks like the newest version of Windows Media Player. Except some things have transparency levels.


He is available but wait till he's not a beta version any more.Now he's buggy, he is but still is it when it isn't a beta version :)


i want to have vista update but its not available here


I'm not sure wether it's illegal or not to post the URL to download VISTA at this forum as it's not an illegal think (I suppose) as some people have received and e-mail with it's download URL... I got one... However I don't want to be againts rules.... Cya.


I am really looking foward to this new beta. The things instore and the new technology available is eciting. With DirectX10 around the corner games will be capable of reacher higher resolutions and graphic capablilities. with this I hope microsoft doesent mess anything up, witch usually wat happens. They always mess something up and hence it is fixed a couple patches and hotfixes later. The release date isnt a solid date however. There are going to be drwbacks, and the beta will probably last longer than it should. I dont know if I am going to try the beta software, because I dont want to risk my expensive system in such a way. But I can tell you that it is going to be a mjor upgrade for PC enthusiasts that are willing to pay the couple hundred dollars for the software. With this, hardware will be capable of reaching new stability and performance, atleast I hope so... so gamers be on the lookout for this. its going to be great. (atleast I hope so).