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Robots : Our Future Or Our End

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heh, i do think the robots will go against us one day. for one they might have a old circuit that they cant think for them selves and will attack on any target they see moving. but heh, we dont know until then. but i still think the robots will go against us

amit nigam

hi,thank u for all your replies...i personally do think that robots can definitely be a threat to us if not handled properly....like some time back i was going through an editorial in which it was given that some people hav proposed that after about 20 years there will be some sort of robot rights.....these kind of things are pretty dangerous....since because of these you lose the edge to fight any kind of mishappenings.....like right now human rights people create a lot of hurdles when governments try to quickly punish terrorists who are not of the level that they be called humans....therefore i think that there must never be any sort of robot rights....Bye....keep writing.....and have fun...


I think robot will have first be something good for us to help us do things that we can not do ourselves, but then after we abuse the use of robots then what will happen is the robots will retaliate against us and become their own race and go on a rampage and try to kill everybody so then the u.s millitary will come and try and destroy all the robots which will will start a big frenzy thatwill wll godown iinm history. Probably will not happen, b ut this is just my stupid little, maybe big though :P:P

amit nigam

hi friends...what is written in the last post is absolutely right... i do believe that the way we are going and seeing the nature of human beings, we first encourage something and before seeing that it is a threat to ourselves it is too late, this is surely on the cards..ok bye...keep writing..


I think aliens invasion it is our future!If robots dont help people to make a greate space flying. WE all die!


We dont need to fear robots. What we should fear is the men who created these said robots. What are there purpose and intentions. Is it for good or for thier own greed. Robots are just tools, as a rule we should not blame the tools for destruction but the men who used and created these tools.But I believed there will be a day that we will have to fear robots. WHen the level of AI of robots is so high that they develop self awareness then this maybe the time we will somehow fear robots. But for now fear not since robots just perform task base on conditions which is encoded and programed by man. Whatever robots do they are always bound to the commands and conditions its programmer supplied. Humans have created giant robots but they are far from the intelligent of an ant. Independent and aware of itself. An ant will bite with free will while a robot cant.


Personally I would love to see more advanced machines. I'm talking really advanced stuff here.More to the point of the discussion I think the key in the situation of robots possibly being our end is -control-If we are to at some point create artificial intelligence of any kind, and most likely it will be created in some sort of mobile unit because it would be more beneficial to have a machine that is mobile and can think for itself, we must not by any means slack on the control issue. If we do not control artificial intelligence granted machines at many different levels of control with many different fail safes in place it could possibly put our entire race at risk. I'm sure a few trials and experiments will -not- harm us badly as a race because they would be very containable(considering that they do not have 1. A projectile weapon of any sort [Gun, Grenade, Missle, Laser, ect] or are linked to a large network [internet, Any sort of large network with sensitive reasearch or information]. When you think about it those are the only two real threats that anything has on our race in this day and age that we know of. Physical damage obviously ends us at some point. Informational warfare such as a AI linking to the internet and then subsequently hacking everything and putting our society through utter chaos(wouldn't actually end our race but could help spur it or set it in motion alot faster. [Make America or some other country fire a Nuke at another country starting a world ending event or some other horrific event or series of events that could destablize(s/p?) our race through information warfare]).Point being if we are to make intelligent machines we must exert control over them. At some point in time our technology may be advanced enough to make a independent machine that can think for itself and not freak out or do something horribly wrong, or God forbid a large number of them doing something horribly wrong; but you must also take into consideration that giving something intelligence as we so think that one day(and I know it will happen) we could be able to do has it's own consequences. If we are to truely(s/p?) give intelligence to a machine then we must be prepared to let it live and do whatever it is going to do. The only alternative is to become afraid that ''One day...'' they will turn on us or figure something out we don't want them to or possibly just believe that we are a simple contradiction hurting ourselves and put us out of our miseries and then make the next gigantic corporate leap and watch the Artificials like they were children for their entire existence.When we do finally let the leash go we will undoubtedly have to give them rights, they may even at some point be equals in our society and maybe even in some alien societies hell they might already be equals. We give rights to animals no matter how insignificant so these creations of ours should be no different from the children that we breath life into.The thing that really interests me about the entire talk about a intelligent machine is... What would 'it' for lack of a better term... Want..?I'm sure at some point after making an intelligent machine it will undoubtedly have wants unless it believes in Borg(look it up if you don't know, they definatly pwn) society. I mean seriously. Where would we keep an intelligent machine? Would it just stand next to a street light and plug-in(I'm sure we'll have a nice power source by then that could power them for God knows how long lol) for a few hours or sit in a broom closet until needed or it felt it had to do something. What if it wanted to wander around at night or wanted to actually buy something because it wanted it. Maybe it wants a different finish to be different from other machines in it's class. Just whatever. The strongest characteristic of this is the endeavor to become human, or to be like a human. Immitation. Immitation is to be human in itself. Our children immitate us until they believe they can sufficiently act on their own, and yeah there is proof, look at all the adults in the world who think for themselves. So if we give intelligence to a creature, how would we teach it things? I'm sure we can upload all sorts of general information with definitions and all that jazz. But it will ask questions if it thinks for itself. And I am sure that not everyone will give a hard *bottom* response to the machine but describe things as only a independent, intelligent life-form could answer, and thus the machine would then start to think like and immitate a human being.


I doubt robots could pose a threat anytime ,but yet if we make robots ,they will bve working everywhere and we might be making them more and more powerful and smart,first we may use them for house hold chores than the policing ,teaching and nursing comes in and someday even doctors but then it would soon led it to make them soldiers and the guy who creates the programme for making an virus that reverse their work ,o mine he would be the next hitler,but yet i have voted for no dangerous as it seems very farfetched.


A future with only Robots and human beings were working for them, this only possible in the hollywood movies not in real life. But in the coming years, robots production were growing with more features and more capability of work, as our needs and technology goes on increasing. Robot are good things, they help us in many ways and in many fields daily. Its on us how to use them. The future is of the Robots is not a correct idea, as if we made them then we can also destroy them also. Robots capturing the human beings, kiling them and make them as their servants is only possible in the movies or in the novels, the real life is far from them. So we cant belive in all these nonsence. Robots are only our servants and we are the masters. :P


bhavesh.. Seriously, where do you and other people who believe that get your notions from?It's simple fact that our technology increases dramatically every century. Our mechanical devices are stronger then ever and smarter then ever. Our trains can pretty much run themselves(with a few tweaks here and there), our cars know more about where we are going then we do, and our machines could already destroy us - I.E. Our smart bombs and missles ect.It will only take a matter of time before corporations or military research centers have developed stronger technologies to put into a different form. Maybe a jet that thinks for itself like in the movie Stealth, or possibly even unmanned space craft. The possibilities can be drawn all day long but the simple fact is, there are already robots among us we are trying to develop that not only resemble us, they do things like we do. A few years ago a machine couldn't walk up stairs upright with two feet. Now they can. Now hop and skip maybe 50-250 years from now. Where do you really think our technology is going to be by then?They may be clumsy, even dumb by our standards. But that is only for now. Once we are able to write smarter and more in depth programming that isn't so limited by our current hardware(assuming that we will indeed continue to grow as a society with technology like we have since the beginning of man) that we produce today we will be able to write more advanced programs that have an extreme sense of awareness about them. Understanding what is around them down to the last blade of grass. I know there are lots of people who do manual labor jobs, I am no exclusion. I myself have done plenty of down and dirty jobs myself. I've worked in a concrete burial vault factory/crematorium, several counter top shops, landscaping, I've even worked on construction sites cleaning up houses before they start filling in the interiors and finished look of the places. That being said I'm not trying to undermine anyone's hard work they do on the job every day every year, but, wouldn't it be nice if no one had to work jobs like that? Imagine machines being packed into a transport of some sort, hopping out on the job site(or even being left at the job site in a trailer or something) unpacking themselves and building an interstate for us. Just whatever. It's only a matter of time before machines do everything dangerous for us, or most everything that would be considered dangerous for a human. Like working on skeletal structures of sky scrapers. In japan they have been working on ways to new technologies that enables machines to build buildings pretty much by themselves. I'm sure everyone has seen the famous clips of a robot walking correctly and taking it's first steps up a flight of stairs(however slow it may be by our current technological limits) Do you seriously think that we couldn't build something ''Irobot'' ish in the future? Agile machines that could not only climb stairs but leap up them and have every common sense about how to land itself properly?Without proper control our technology could undermine ourselves. I know some things about the future seem clouded by movies and good writers but a lot of good writing comes from common sense. Look at submarines for example. No one ever dreamed that we could have had machines that we could live in underwater for some amount of time, let alone have submersables that can take out a small to medium sized country in a matter of hours. I am speaking about 20,000 leagues under the sea. So let's step it up a notch and consider what is going on in popular culture right now, even Hollywood. These people aren't stupid, they are interested in making uber amounts of cash by selling pretty movies, but lets look at the facts. Our technology will increase, it's only a matter of time. And as we can already see, there is a huge amount of machine development going on in our world presently. For daily use, military, work use all sorts of applications. It's only a matter of time before we make them intelligent so we don't have to babysit them. I'm quite sure it will take a while because for now society is driven by wealth, and let's face it, there is always somebody willing to work for a sum of money. I'm pretty sure someone could make nice cash managing a small collective of machines that think independantly. There is no difference in society today. Go to a construction site and look at the people operating cranes, front end loaders, dump trucks, ect. They get paid a decent sum of money for operating the machinery. I don't want to vier this discussion into a different topic but as long as people hold fast to money then our society will be limited. I don't suggest everyone quit their jobs and boycot money though, I just know that someday we may be enlightened enough to not have a need for wealth, and at that time our society will be able to strive ahead faster through technology.I think it's not a matter of if, but when. Machines will be intelligent someday - Maybe not all of them, but I'm quite sure there will be a good percentage of them. If you try to examine Star Trek, it does seem plauseable that they could create artificial intelligence. I think that Data would have been treated a little more differently like studied some and then duplicated but they had the technology. And in Star Wars they have all sorts of artificially controlled machines, but they all pretty much had kill-switches and were controlled by instructions. Take the driod army for example. They were fairly simple machines. They understood the objective of the mission, they understood the means and resources they had at their disposal to use, and they went and used them. This is not really hard to accomplish it's just that it's not that important to our society yet. If we can make 10,000 or so different types of candy, just because people crave it; I'm pretty sure we could put our technology to the limit and create halfway intelligent machines that can think independantly enough to get an objective completely. We can already tell a machine to walk up stairs and it does it(so I mentioned earlier) so how much longer before we can just tell it to go to the kitchen and pour me a drink? It's all instructions. We are already sitting on the cusp of major leaps in cybernetics everyday as people work more and more on these machines. Again it's just a matter of time.


Well lets put this topic this way robots arent dangerous in a sense but in a different sense they are dangerous they are dangerous in the sense of malfunctions however they are NOT intentionally dangerous unless programmed that way it could lead into people designing them to kill and selling them lol but they will not be dangerous unless malfunctioning or programmed by someone that way so they could be used as hitmans lol but they could malunction and injure us or they can help us greatly so its hard to say if their good or bad at the moment


robots can be our future, as long as we construct them on the good waylike some movies, giving them a couple of laws that they may not crossbut they can also become our end, a malfunctioning in their programs or a wrong circuit can make up all the differenceseverything is possible with robots, but in our current state of technology building, i wouldn't think yet about our end ^^it will take surely more then a couple of years for the engineers to make robots in human shapesthe robots from now are still human commanded, and do nothing more then they were commanded tolike car constructioning or some other stuffand if it would be in the future that the war battles are not anymore fought out by humans but by robotsat least i hope that the engineers got some robot-arms proof armor ready in case the robots go on a killing spreeone slight error in their programmation might be the end of human civilisation, enough movies to tell about it ^^but why would we think of our own end?? if we can prevend it?? just be sure if you grow to be a robo engineer, that you know what you are doingbuild in safety thingys like immediate shutdown codes, self destruct *BLEEP* or other goodiesextended testing of the new technologies will be the only prevention that we have while constructing robo and other stuff

amit nigam

hi friends,as most of you have said, i also agree with you that robots can be dangerous only if we do not handle them well, otherwise they will only be helpful...as i was taking in one of my other posts, the dangerous way of handling them can be like if we bring in a lot of red tapism in matters related to robots...for example if we give some type of rights to robots then if a robot malfunctions or is found to be dangerous to humans in any other way, still then you would not be allowed to dismantle them, since they will have rights therefore they can go to some court and get a stay order or a decision in their way...so the point is that how we handle them rather than that how they or their programming behaves...keep writing...bye..


Uhhh, no way man! That's like impossible! First off - let me state something that sounds philosophical: You CANNOT make something that is BETTER than yourself. It's true, and you can't prove me wrong. Yes, it is possible to make C++ in C++, but when you talk about human life - no way! Secondly, you guys watch way too many movies. Thirdly, a robot is something without a brain - just a machine that moves that we can control (Unless it's one of those stupid random moving machines, but we CAN still control them!) This was a pretty good topic, but you need to think it over more if you want to post it.


The government would probably make any robots undergo extensive safety checks before letting them be used by the population.I'm not at-all scared of them malfunctioning and killing us all. It's all just media-hype. :rolleyes:


I don't believe the robots themselves will be a threat to us, but instead I think they will somehow start off a chain of events that would lead to catastrophic events.


Humans are aggresive to humans, so when it comes to robot programmed by humans, of course they could be dangerous for humans. We kill each other so in the future robots will surely be used to kill. Sounds scary and apocaliptic but logical. In fact probably the main use for robots will be wars. It would be ok if there were robot wars... and no humans dying but poor countries won´t be able to afford those kind of mechanical troops and there will be lots of blood within metal and circuits. :)

Heh, you brought up a very good point there. I never even thought of it like this.

It kind of reminds me of a very old movie that I can't think of the name right now. More or less some people are making a FPS and wearing a suit you can play it in VR style. And it gets shocked during a storm and then the game controls the suit, rather than the suit controling the game. So when the game boots up, it has the suit going around killing people because that's what's happening in the game.

As bad as that scenario is, I can definitely see something like that happening in real life - not on accident - but on purpose.

Think of it this way...If we use robots for everything, they run on computers. Enemies can then hack them and use them for our own destruction.