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Robots : Our Future Or Our End

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amit nigam

The robots that will be made in the future and that can be useful to us some day will be programmed in such a way that from the programming they can logically find a way to perform a task that is not given explicitly in the program.simple machines that follow the program written are a reality even today and then if these machines are called robots , then i will have to say that my dear friend the medium through which we are interfacing ,that is the computer will be called a robot.this is the basic difference between a robot and today's computerised machines that a robot will not obey certain explicitly given orders but will be able to deduce logically from the program that what should be done to finish a given task.


Heres sopme stuff that might interest you Robots have been available for a long time and their use has been varied, for example: * Protecting human life by o handling hazardous materials or o relieving situations where people are at risk from repetitive strain o by carrying out operations in tight enclosed environments * Increased production options o increasing operational accuracy o 24 hour operation o lower down-time Robots are not always used in intensive manufacturing environments but also to protect and supplement an existing process and workforce. Typical costs of using a robot can be hard to find due to the unique applications of each user, however, examples of where robots can cost as little as 1.6 Euros per hour are regularly achieved. While employing a measure of new technology, many such robots are envisioned merely as new interfaces - more user-friendly means of combining existing ways of accessing the internet or reaching loved ones through mobile phone networks.In the quest for artificial intelligence, the United States is perhaps just as advanced as Japan. But the focus in the US has been largely on military applications. By contrast, the Japanese Government, academic institutions and corporations are investing billions of dollars on consumer robots aimed at altering everyday life, leading to an earlier dawn of what many in Japan call the "age of the robot".But the robotic rush in Japan is also being driven by unique societal needs. Confronting a major depopulation problem due to a record low birthrate and its status as the nation with the longest lifespan on Earth, Japanese are fretting about who will staff the factory floors of the world's second-largest economy in the years ahead. Toyota, Japan's biggest car maker, has come up with one answer in moving to create a line of worker robots with human-like hands able to perform multiple sophisticated tasks.With Japanese youth shying from so-called 3-K jobs - referring to the Japanese words for labor that is dirty, dangerous or physically taxing - Alsok, the nation's second-largest security guard company, has developed a line of robo-cops.The guard robots, one version of which is being used by a client in southern Japan, can detect and thwart intruders using sensors and paint guns. They can also put out fires and spot water leaks.It is perhaps no surprise that robots would find their first major foothold in Japan. Japanese dolls and toys, including a moving crab using clockwork technology dating to the 1800s, are considered by some to be among the first robots.Rather than the monstrous Terminators of American movies, robots here are instead seen as gentle, even idealistic creatures epitomised by Astroboy, the 1960s Japanese cartoon about an electronic kid with a big heart.


Very nicely put. I enjoy reading about them. I just wish I had the knowledge to build one. I mean really, It would so cool to have a robot. Not for meaningless tasks, but to talk to or to play pool with. That would just be cool. But then I have to think that I need to get out more and get some real freinds :) and maybe, dare I say it, a girlfreind :)


i think that as long as machines don't grasp our ability to be unrational, we're pretty safe.because it gives an edge if they go agaisnt us. we can always predict they movement but they can't so...computers and machines are needed, but they can someday turn against us. it's a possibility, but we can counter it with our abilities. For example a machine cannot manage certain logical and illogical problems, so using them we can create much problem to them.i don't fear them at all lolcheers


Two Things,



1. Robots ARE a part of our daily lives,


A. Robosaur, a robotic toy invented that thousands play with daily


B. Cars, Cars are made by robots that implant delicate features


C.Computers, Computers are robots, a robot is a non-organic device that is designed to accomplish somthing. With Commands, computers in all shapes and sizes, for millions of reasons.


2. Robots CANNOT turn against us, and thats for a simple answer


Artifical Intelligence


Although its around, Computers are designed in a way where any Human can over-power its control. Meaning they cannot be unstopable, when people can be in hong-kong, and be able to cause a robot in the USA to self destruct


I do believe that some day robots may become so advance and so capable of complex thought they maybe just as capable of evil and good actions, just like any normal human is capable of. However, I'm not thinking we are going to have robots running around with ray guns out to destroy all of humanity. We may just have another race basically we will have to learn to deal with and co-exist with.


I do believe that some day robots may become so advance and so capable of complex thought they maybe just as capable of evil and good actions, just like any normal human is capable of. However, I'm not thinking we are going to have robots running around with ray guns out to destroy all of humanity. We may just have another race basically we will have to learn to deal with and co-exist with.

that however seems impossible, how a robot can create its own thought, and emotion, and action completely on its own


hmmm... i think robots will start taking important roles in our lives in about 10 years... not 20... technology is blasting away at the rate its goin now. robots are an interesting topic. its the the robots themselves but the ai operating them. how safe can we make a robbot which is able to communicate and interact with humans? they would have to be pretty smart and may learn things which could potentially harm us. either way, i'm sure there will be counter-measures for such occasions as they would producce robots if they were a threat to us. but this brings many other topics. will robots be used in place of terrorists? well wars be waged by artifical lifeforms? onl time will tell.


Hmm, sounds like you've been ready a few too many Isaac Asimov books. I really doubt that robots will ever be a serious danger. Of course there may be a couple of fatalities do to a rogue person doing serious modification of a robot or something, but the machines we have now cause deaths anyway. We're still in the beginning development of robots and such machines, so we will see what happens in the future. They will most likely be wired with rules and such (read that in an Asimov book..) to prevent injury.

Dagoth Nereviar

I'm sure that, as silly as it may sound :rolleyes:, the government/companies would do something as stupid as release dangerous robots, who can easily kill. Plus, I doubt that they'd give them "feelings" and human functions.I'm also sure that they'll have a "destroy" function. Eg, a small EMP located in the robot-only, etc.


Robots might become harmful in the future, but never to an extent where they will be the cause of our end. Why do I think this you might ask? The answer lies in my mind. And yours, and everyone else's mind. Robots will never have what we humans are greatly known for, our brain. With this great weapon we can think of any solution to a problem. Nothing, not even super robots can defeat the power of the mind.


i cant see robots being capable of learning. And this isnt no Japanese anime or the terminator where the robot dont blow up. If you get a missle say good bye. There is no strong alloy metal that will not be blown up. Come on people. Robots will never take us...


I am afraid of how rapidly technology is growing. In a couple hundred or thousands of years, robots, I tihkn, will have the capability to do everything we do now. Robots will put many people out of business and out of money. Plus, they will change the whole way the econemy works. That's just what I think though. Good topic!


Hah. I finally watched i, Robot (I still have yet to read the book, unfortunately). It's an interesting concept. Will robots be protecting us from ourselves by oppressing and controlling us?And I think that, if a robot does start harming humans, it will be because humans told them to. Either an accident (of some sort...) or a programmed "attack." I don't think that it is possible for robots to spring out and suddenly start killing people.


This is an importance subject, and just for you to know, i have voted "YES", why, simple, did you not see the movies:. I, Robot. Exterminator 1, 2, 3This are movies, yes, but they used a subject, or better, our future problem, maybe our death, to create interesting movies.Of course, this problems won't be for our generation, at least for mine (i am 28 years), i beleave that in a first phase, robots will help the humans, but as long as they develop, as long has the artificial inteligence develops, the robots will "become" smart, and then smarter, and then genious, and some they they will take over the rest of the planet earth, yes, the rest of it, or at least, they will take over the planet that those generations will be living in.Robots and artificial inteligence are a threat, it is a matter of time untill they take over everything, it is a matter of logic and time.One more thing, and now i am more certain, those 12 "NO" votes are exactly like the inventors and cientists think, i mean, they do not think, they can not see the harm that robots/artificial inteligence can do to all of us in the future, and that is why they will take over!


I voted yes as well because they already have robots that can help elderly people by giving them extra strength to lift and do things which people can use to their advantage. People can create robots for mass destruction and soon robots that can teach themselves how to destroy people more and more as they go along because they will learn more on what to expect. I mean you never know what could happen if someone goes mad or if a robot falls into the wrong hand. Pretty scarry to think of what could happen, but you know this is the future and I like to stick with the present. Who knows robots might not ever be made and if they are they are controlled. I guess we shall find out.


I think they'll become our end, if they become advanced enough. If we make them so that they can "think" on their own, there's no telling what they might do. But robots will never come close to the human, because they're man-made, and we're God-made =)


Why are we discussing what someone will do in the future? There is almost no way this can happen because in 20 years, we'll still be alive and still have a voice. So by saying that there will be many robot wars and such seems as if you won't do anything about it if it happens - even though you seem so concerned...


Take my words, people will be way more worried about other things than robots. Robots will not be our end, People will. Or did you all already forget what our planet is evolving to? because of humans.And I'm talking about our most important current global issue that is global warming, among other political and governamental conflicts, so believe me, don't worry about robots right now. They will not be our end. (At least not my end)But anyway, relating to the topic, all I can say is that they cannot ever possibly be smarter than humans (take a computer for example, it can calculate the pi number to an incredible extent, but that does not make it smarter), but they can indeed harm us, but for that we must let them do so. Many people have died due to 'electronic' accidents, like putting their hand where they souldn't and getting electrocuted (weird example but I can't think of anything else right now) so just wait to see what will happen.


I'd say yes, they will be harmful to us in the future. However, it's not because of the fact that they might develope Artificial Intelligence or anything like that. (They might, but I'm not taking that into consideration here)As of now, everyone uses a robot in their life. A robot is designed to improve a human's lifestyle. However, in our generation, robots have become such a big part of our life, they're a step away from replacing humans. As of now, thousands of robots are working in factories, or places like that, doing things that we humans can't do, or have a hard time doing, for practically nothing. They don't get paid, nor do they get tired.Just think of it. In the future, if our technology continues to evolve, there won't be a need for human hands to work. Everything will be done by robots. And that will be the downfall of humans. Soon, we will be unable to do things that is usually a piece of cake for us.Robots are the future. But they can also be our end.