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World's Smallest Camera

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this camera will be pretty useless to most people who need to take photos unless of course you are in the whole voyeur scene or have a website because the you can use this small camera. Or maybe even mobile phone manufacturers as they need the camera to be as compact as posiible yet still be able to take very good pictures so this would work for the last two mentioned parties pervs and cell phone manufacturers but for everyone else it is really pointless as you can probolly also buy a much better camera with more features for alot less than what they want for that camera !!!!!!!


Awesome... But kinda useless unless your a voyeur a spy or just messed up.It's cool though that things this tiny can be made.


pretty cool, i'm imaging me what kind of use i could give it, just think!, i'm not gonna say what i could do, but it's greatful!, at last this kind of products are avalaible for people like me! or you!, but i was thinking if the battery is bigger than the camera, and where can i get that batteries, and other thing, i wonder that for a litle thing like this is so probable you lose it, so you better keep an eye on it the most of the time, it's a great tiny toy, i would like to have it.


It seems the smaller the high-tech tecnology device is, the more expensive it is those days. But I'd have to say that this small camera is quiet handy for the reasons mentioned by the earlier posters. It would be a good laugh if MP3 players and so on was added to it.. oh hold on... they are already on various mobile phone models.. :)