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What Desktop Resolution Do You Run On?

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I have a 1024x768 resolution on a 15" laptop screen, with a Nvidea gforce 2 go video card


i have a 1024x768 on my 17 LCD!have a nice day


I run 1280 x 1024 on a 19 " LCD TFT for most applications but I find that I have to swtich to 1024 x 768 for some of the games I play. The "God View" is great but the characters just are too small LOL


1280X1024 for the win...BUt my dads mac screen is like 2650X1900 or something huge like that Gotta love the Macintosh Cinema display =)


I use 800x600 on a 17" monitor.I do rely on 1024x768 resolution though, it helps to use it so when designing a layout I won't get people coming to a disjointed webpage. Staying with the 1024x... is annoying for me though, I probably could get use to it because before I was using 640x480 on my previous computer because it wouldn't let me go any bigger so when being able to have 800x600 and doing it it wasn't so bad to get use to.


I am using a 1024x768pixel screen resolution. this is very helpful especially when I am using Adobe Photoshop program. There are so many pallettes in Photoshop, and they would cover the graphics i am designing if i would use a smaller screen resolution. I Use 800X600 to check if the lay-out of the website that I am designing looks good and not distorted when viewed on that resolution.