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What Desktop Resolution Do You Run On?

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I'm the only mad guy here that have a 1152X864 resolution? I have a 17" monitor as other people and i do all things that other people do. Anyway I find this resolution very nice.


I've got 1024*786 on a good old 17" CRT monitor, I've never actually tried 800*600 on this monitor because a friend of mine had it like that on 15" CRT and the hugh text everywhere was really annoying, so when I got this computer the first thing I did was check the resolution, (it was 1024*768 by the way) and I've never changed it.


I'm running 1024*786 on both computers I have. One is LCD 15" and the second one is CRT also 15". Two years ago I had 800*600 but it's kinda to big (the desktop) and the status bar is just to big and looks bad. I can assure you that with 1024*786 your computer desktop looks much much better, and if not for other you can have twice times more icons on it and better quallity images for background. :P


i have a 17 inch monitor and its not LCD. too poor. lol. I have 1024x768. 800x600 is sorta big for me. And anything larger than my resolution has small fonts and thats just annoying. I think usually people with glasses use the greater resolutions. Its more space but its too small for me.


800x600 pixels on a 17" LCD monitor.


I can't stand the tiny text on 1024x768 pixel screen resolution. Maybe all this programming has affected my vision >_<.


now i remember when i bought my first personal computer, it was 7 years ago, then lcd and crt monitors were so much expensive, and there were not choi9ces to make, for that time i bought a 14'' crt monitor and yes it had low frecuency and resolution and i always dream to buy a bigger monitor because i can't stay a long time in the computer, and the work space was too litle, but they were to expensive.


a few time ago i buy one new personal computer, and i got surprised when i saw the prices, now you can obtain a flat lcd monitor without expending a lot of money, even if the monitor is big, like 17'' or 19'', and now i'm happy, i have a high resolution panel and working at a high frequence, and i have it configured at 1024*768, i think it is the apropiated resolution for web design without forcing your sight! :P


I have a 15'' TFT monitor on a 1024x768 resolution. I have been thinking about upgrading to a LCD monitor sometime soon. I don't like using the 800x600 resolution. It is just too big for me too use. I like to have a lot of space on my desktop and when I have a lot of applications open.


1024x768 on 17'' CRT Monitor.


I cant imagine doing anything on 1024x768 after discovering 1024x1028.


Well, my screen resolution is 1024 X 768 on a 17" LCD Monitor. I find it pretty easy to use, instead of 1024 X 1028, I think that's hard. ;)


I use 800x600 on all of my computers. It isn't as big as 640x480, but it is big enough so that i can read it.


I have a very high quality 17" LCD, so i'm very comfortable with 1280*1024


Well I used 800x600 for a very long time, and then I finally decided to move up to 1024x768. Then a few days ago I decided I was running out of space on my desktop and moved up again to 1280x1024. I love it, and when I switch down to 800x600 to test my website, it's so ugly to me.


800x600 is good


I run 1792 by 1344 pixels on a 19 inch dell monitor. Flat screen thats all. I like the space on my desktop and the way games fit when windowed. Its pretty cool that way. My graphics card is ATI Radeon 9800 Pro By the way. I probably run one of the smallest texted resolution here on this topic lol


I'm running on 17-inch widescreen monitor by Dell, Inspiron 8500.1280 x 800 will be perfect for this...


I don't know how many inches my screen is, I think it's either 17 or 19 (of course ;) )I use 1280x1024. (max resolution, but works fine).On my other computer I have also 1280x1024, and sometimes I am testing pages on 1024x768 on my old computer which is my brothers computer now.


OhI Have Tftp LCD 15' My resolution is 1024x768 With SIS VGAMy VGA Cart Dont Support better 1024x768


I use 1152x864 res. It doesnt distory anything and i can see alot more and i like it. I have having to scroll side to side on web pages.


i have no idea how big my monitor is @_@;i just got a new once since the old one i had broke down on me XDi prefer using 1024-768 most of the time, since i like more space in my desktop :D


I change my around. I normally have it set to the two that you mentioned, shown below.


800x600 pixels on a 17" LCD monitor.


I can't stand the tiny text on 1024x768 pixel screen resolution. Maybe all this programming has affected my vision >_<.