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New Technology To Be Implanted To Human Body computer and Human body to be merged

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well, all this has actually happened. Kevin Warwick is called as the world's first "cyborg" or as you call it, a cybernetic organism. He's been doing research in this field and has a microchip implanted in his body which is directly connected to his brain. the chip senses his nerve signals and acts accordingly. for example, he could control a robot over the internet which was miles away just by thinking!!! in order to lift the robot's hand, he just had to "think" about it. If that's not all, he implanted the same chip in his wife and they both were connected to each other, and they could like mentally talk to each other. the borg are coming!!


you people watch to much ghost in a shell, i tell why it will be impossible to do anything like that, human physics 101, you cannot keepa brain alive cuz once you discount it from the body everything shuts down, and so does the brain, forget about the frankennstien stories cuz thier is no way from what i understand to electroshock a brain back into working order, most doctors and scientists are still working out the details of false body paorts like arms and legs, yeah its been going on for ahile computer technology is somewhat making improvements but its all thoery and if their was any practical way in doing it i don't think anyone would want to volunterr to have their brain removed and transplanted in a robot or another body, just to many risks involve.


So it's begun... Well, these chips right now can Improve Eye vision, Improve Hearing, and enable the person to have a sense they didnt have before or improve one... The second it becomes a requirement to install chips so I can be registered, im leaving the US. Im sorry, but I cant accept that I can be traced and have radio be broadcasted into my brain.Of course, with good comes evil. Military can improve a soliders performance to the point where a solider can be an average person transformed into a super solider. Who knows... one day, in return for improving sight, when we are in war, the chips can take control of us...The possibilities of this... is horrifying and glorious. But it will be a cold day in hell when I allow myself to merge with a machine. If you become one with a machine, you are a machine. Being one with something thats not human has never happened before in the history of man kind. When it finally does happen, we will no longer be defined as human beings.Scary huh? It hasnt even started yet.~Darker333


The RFID technology referred to in a previous post is already being implanted in humans. I saw a Fox News program that indicated in a New Jersey hospital these are being promoted heavily in the emergency room as a way to save lives.Several RFID companies are producing products that could be used subcutaneously. But the VeriChip (http://www.4verichip.com/) seems to be leading the pack. I read an article indicating these chips are being put into security personnel in Mexico and are even being promoted in some night clubs for financial transactions, i.e., no more credit card necessary.I even read somewhere that the next generation of these chips will include GPS for easy tracking of the user. This use, of course, is to track missing children. But it may be used for tracking anyone (how convenient). Anyway, do a Google search on VeriChip and RFID implants and you can read a lot of this stuff for yourself.


Wow cool! :D I think in future no human catogarized as dumb people, you can plant a micro chip processor on your brain, so if you want to study something you can just download some program, just like one in the matrix movie :D If they're need any "rabit lab" I would be happily to be one :( kidding :D


i guess these things will happen in the near fiture, sooner that we expect it to be..~as for myself, id rather not have those things inside me, but for othersi think they would fall for this..depends really.. since its not widely spread yet and few info about it is known, it would be hard to say if one will try this kind of new technology or not~in the medical field, if this things canhelp heal tissues and nerves in the body, it would be a really good help, since nerves do not regnerate, being able to find a way to heal it by using technology wouldbe of great help~


Maybe in the future we can have another way of communication, using the chips in our bodies.
Planting a chip in our bodies doesn't mean that they plant a computer linking to every part of our bodies...
It means to add a part to help us communicate, store data, check your surroundings, give warnings......
that could mean a lot to us, like making us available to use many types of cool things such as: telepathy, sixth sense and super minds with the help of machines.

Bill Gates is probably gunna develop some sort of os where he can control peoples minds & bodies and soon we will have an army of microsoft soldiers controlling the earth, he must be stopped here and now before it gets out of control. I'd bet my life that if bill gates had the chance he'd take over the earth.

lol, your joking right?


hmmm... I don't think that merging pc with a human would be a good idea, but maybe it could let's say smth to remember more, or music inside you, or smth that could help you move faster, or stuff those inventions in your body would maybe be cool cuz i think every teen that goes to school would really like to prepare faster for egzams so like memory saver or stuff could help it, or going somewhere far a something that could help you walk would be great ! Well maybe 20 years later we will have something implanted in our bodies :P


Hmm... I actualy can't wait for this to advance. How I wish sometimes I could have a built in calculator, or something alike in my body, or some super cool ability. If I got asked if I would like to test this new technology, I would scarily say "Yes, of course!" to it. I wonder how long till Microsoft make the website "http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/; :P!Looks like they are trying to make this take off, and good on them.Have a good day!-Tom.

caos dreamer

iam against thinks like that. of course this can b e used for identification and everything but if it keeps going like that even your local store might be able to get your whole life report, what you buy, what car u have, how many children, criminal record and all that stuff.


this is well expected even before many years,according to the Revelation,the last book in the Holy Bible, the Anti Christ will enforce everybody in this world to implant chips either in their forehead or in their arms. And only the people who've implanted the chip can buy or sell things. These are the last days, all the phrophesies said in the Bible about the last days of the Earth are being fulfilled.


new technology implanted in human body...for what purpose? what kind of technology? would be interesting to follow the progress of this =)the technology as you guys have said, may not be new...but in terms of its usage, it should be rather new right? ^^ i doubt its RFID, people are already using it, so it wont be 'new' anymore. and that is more for tracking purposes right? since this is bill gates n microsoft we're talking about...i htink they have a different kind of technology in mind...


this is well expected even before many years,


according to the Revelation,the last book in the Holy Bible, the Anti Christ will enforce everybody in this world to implant chips either in their forehead or in their arms. And only the people who've implanted the chip can buy or sell things.


These are the last days, all the phrophesies said in the Bible about the last days of the Earth are being fulfilled.

Can't agree more with you.

Everywhere you can read, watch and listen to these predictions, but it will come because a few wants it to.


"What I most fear for you is the Impostor... He will present himself before the people and will

invite them; they will believe in him and will answer to him."

We will be invited to have this microchip and tempted by the ease wich comes with it and as the sheep that we are,

I think most of the worlds population will allow microchips in their bodies or will be forced by those who have them.


Technology can be good, but not permanent inside a human body.

What's next? "Resistance is futile"...?


A sum of my fears:


People like Gates +

Political leaders +

Religious leaders +

Microchip in human =

Anti Christ


Well I don't know if there are any people who are watching or have watched Star Trek but nontheless you may have saw how powerful Borg is and what are they capable of doing. So we may improve our civilization in case if we start making implants because we may just start thinking that it is not enough and that evolution process is too slow for us. However, this might also have some problems security and so on. What if we start implanting chips in people brains and so on. And what if some hacker make virus and sends it on internet and this virus start spreading around among people making them crazy or his slaves and whateveer scenario might happen what do you think might happen then. It might as well present the end of world known to us or even the end of life and civilization itself or the way we know it.So I suggest that whenever someone starts thinking about implanting chips and other cyborg implants into humans it should first make sure that communication is one way that is. Person can send information but it cannot recieve it this would make it much easier and safer wouldn't you agree it???


Hey guys, imagine this:If not a computer we should have a small chip in us say at the back of the hand that will store our identity. So there will be no need of passports and other documents to prove your identity. since everyone will have a single chip implanted since birth, there will be no scams relating to forged passports and stuff.You can go to a gas station, refill your automobile, pass your hand over some scanner and you will be billed automatically.Crime could be easily controlled. Have sensors all over the grocery store. Once you know who the culprit is, you could track him down via satellite!! In case of a kidnap, track down the kidnapped and the ones who are with the kidnapped.There would be no Osama hidding in some godforsaken place.Nobody would want a computer to be running their lives. But having such a chip will definately help us. And all this can be realised in teh near future!!


And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. (Revelation 13:1618)

I bet this is a passage from the book of revelations that is about to come true.

There are also experiments with chips in a mini-electrode backpack on a cockroach wich makes the roach remote controllable.
And you know... What is tested on animals will be used on humans, one way or another.



Hmm, think of the viruses... "function__suicide__start."No, i dont think that is real, tey dont understand enough about the brain, to implement a computer, that will do anything useful, i mean, technology means that blind people can have images sent to their brain ect, but a computer like what your talkng about.... in your head or body?No.This is just one oftose stupid rumor... ;)


There is already stuff like that out there, there are computers which can take pictures, and process it, then send it to a persons brain, VERY low resolution, just dots, but they are starting to make people who have been blind all their lives, SEE!And there was a man who got a monkey, to controll a video game, using his mind, a computer read the monkeys brain waves.


What would happen if the computer implanted in your body crashed?! :lol: Hahahaha.


How Can I remove microships that were put in my body without my permission, it is horrible how I feel, I loose my autonomy of thinking , Please help!New Technology To Be Implanted To Human Body

Please let m know how to remove microchips inserted in my body without my permission. I'm an inocent person. I'm a dentist. I noticed wires put inside my teeth! without my permission!. I had stoped at the local hospital for a check up and the admission lured me into staying 3 days!

I left depressed and feeling like crying. Well then I noticed my genitals were enlarged as if they had introduced a devise to put implants in my ovaries. I feel the wireless electricity they pass thru my body. It is horrible thi happen without my permission. Look at Dr. Keith Bolton Digital Angel on the Internet. They say it is for medical reazons and location. It is a lie! They want to have SLAVES. Somebody stop this !

-reply by Leila Darling

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