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  1. Couldn't get more simplier then de4 said above, you just ask if she'd like to go get a coffee or something. It's easier I believe with high school mates(kinda) like that, cause you ca make a funny/nice conversation about all the good things that went on at highschool. You'll know full well what she is talking about and you won't have to "bluff" your way through a date.Although if she never did like you, don't be thinking that maybe she has changed and might like you, on this note its like meeting for the first time again. Some people have changed others may have not.
  2. Love at first sight is all fine until you ask her out after a week, maybe you should have tried the whole friends thing first? I know it's scaring seeing someone that looks to be the perfect person everytime and know that at any moment could be going out with someone else but you can't rush into things either.I'm not sure of your age or where you live but it seems you have difficulty in seeing each other, now add that with all the people she will spend time with at school that isnt you. It would also be hard on the both of you, wanting to turn around and walk to your partner just to reliese your not in the same place. I say give it time and on the weekends maybe get some alone time with her, as I said in another thread the weekend has 2 days and is it hard for her to give up one third for you, and vice versa, one day together can be a life time of memories.
  3. She has most likily found someone else already and was just looking for a way out of your relationship with her and is now just keepiung you for the bbysitting and money. I don't think she is your main concern here, I'd be more worried about the kids, as to them you are practically thier father more so if they haven't even meet thier father.Maybe friendship with her isn't such a bad thing, but you need to say "you'll have to find yourself a job and a babysitter, cause I need my own life back to meet someone to replace you..." otherwise your going to be 35 living with your ex-girlfriend caring for two kids while she is out partying her *bottom* of her with a social life.
  4. When you're ignoring her, because you like her, she to get a reaction out of you... Ask her out to somewhere, like the movies, just sa hey "Would you like to go to the movies sometime?" you'll know after that.
  5. Harden the F&^K UP ... Sorry, but Australian High Schools are soo full of sh!t that you can see it buldging out of the window seals. People will wake up and relise that if they really like someone then they won't care whoever'/whatever/if anything about what is said about thier feelings for someone else. Just be friends with her as everyone above has said, do something with her, go to the movies, what ever. People will get over this bullcr%p about relationships being a standing groudn to tease someone or make fun of them, seriously if you like her still, then tell her, and don't ask "do you like me?", what does it achieve, nothing. Go and tell her, msn or phone is ok, I'd go down the letter path as you can do it over long period of time and get it right and its a romantic way.
  6. Firstly, you need to step up and stop fudging around your feelings. You either like her or you don't, If you do, is it friends or more? If it's just friends, then be friends, but we all know it's more then that, so stop saying "NO" or "Lets just be firends...." crap because you push her further away from you each time with that, I believe if that time at the park you said, would you like to get together some time for drinks, movie or somthing, then you could have had a very clear yes.Your parents just need to be giving you some trust, and you need to show them that you are trustworthy, and not to say that you aren't or anything but 15 year olds these days walk the streets 24/7 like they own them until they hit by a car or something. Maybe you should talk to them, and maybe bring her home to meet them if you end getting together with her. If you are still on limited time, then maybe you can become friends with her friends as well and spend some time together at school, after school, and weekends is 48 hours along, its not like she will say no if you ask to spend just 5 hours of that with her, thats neally a full working day! You need to stop pissing around and tell her straight exactly how you feel and stop delaying it, the more you do, the more she has a chance to be swayed but others thoughts and opinions. Back to your parents, are you an only child? Many parents will get over-protective of an only child or first child because thats there success in life there life, thier pride and they dont want anything to happen to you, and they can't take a grip on when they have to let you go and put some faith and trust in you. Just sit down and talk with them, and give them some sitiuations like, I know some 15 year olds do this, but i'm smarter and would never consider such a stupid thing and I'm only going out to do this becuase I really like her, and parents like being involved, and as I said, then maybe after a couple of times out together bring her home to meet yours parents, it isn't such a bad thing if she is polite and nice, which I'm sure she is.So answer me this, Do you like her more then a friend? What are you going to do the next time you see her?Could you write her a handwritten letter?AS AN ADSIDE: When I first saw the title I thought you were going to be some 18-19 year old that wants to impress a school girl and I was soo waiting for the page to load so I could come back with some smart *bottom* answer like: Buy some cheap asain piece of Sh!t car and take the springs out so it's a$$ drags along the ground with some 22" Chrome rims aand then give it some unreal stickers that read "I'm your typical sterotype dimwit..." then insert 5 18" subs to the back with 9" splits speakers with fully cranked techno, and cruise past her with you stooped back in your seat so your eyes only just see over the door and your baggy cap sideways and big bling bling chains swishing from side to side then hammer it showing off your tinny tinn tin exhaust system, that'll win her over... haha, I'll top now!
  7. Please stop telling people to turn EMO, Cause they actually go and do, and if its any thing we need less of int this society, it's EMO's!!!! I like your post though, straight and simple to the point. What does one do if they say they dont like you? Anyway, good luck you all!
  8. There is no such adive on how to cope mentality with kind of stuff. You either accept it and move on or you don't. All you can keep trying to do is live a normal life and get your feelings straight. No point dating other people if all your going to think about is her, but you meet forget her if you start dating other people, see how it's a major loop?If you don't want to get her back and move on with life, then accept that fact and find someone that is million times better then her and move with your life, soon you''ll reliese you haven't heard, seen, thought about her in many years!!
  9. I don't understand it, how does a girl that can say all that be your EX girlfriend? :rollseyes:Now is there a purpose to this thread? Come on give us some details, you getting back with her, we are all lovey dovey soapy kind of people you know, we love a happy and romantic ending to any story!
  10. As CSP says, just ask her if she has MSN or the such and ask if you can add her to keep in touch, and that be the best cue in for assing "would you like to go to the movies one time?..." . Any time which you two can have together away from school is good time. Just keep being yourself as long as your not there talking about games or computers etc. talk about something that would interest her or find out what she gets in to, will help make conversation. Don't be afraid to be yourself, if this is your first, then trust people when they say "they'll be plenty more to come ...."... so don't worry about losing her or trying to change for her. As for her friend, she may not like you just because your not in her "in" group. Just learn to dodge her comments with something smart that will make the girl you like laugh.
  11. Can you be sure guy number 1 will not change again?Can you be even more sure relationship with guy number 2 will ever be the same?I think you are asking yourself all the wrong questions here, it's not who you love your asking, but who do I like more. If you really did love either of them then it would be really clear anwii has said. I believe what anwii has said is correct, but I think you just need a good break and it will become perfectly clear.With guy number two, you broke it off cause you thought you didn't love him, still the case? lease guy number one probably did love you but did the right thing for his education.
  12. Shawn is correct. If she is that good of a friend she will surely see how depressed you are, and even I can tell you are depressed from your style of writing. However, you need to give her that space, and just the occasional "hi" when passing her by or something. Don't try and do some big thing that will win her back, but if you have a chance to defend her honour then do so, it will get back to her gurunteed!I dislike the way females go "We would have been fine, IF you had of just 'given' me space..." and they expect you to know this, and being her friend you have always been there for her, and why should this one time be any different? So my suggestion is just to give her some thinking space, and if she is that much of a friend, she'll call you or unblock you. I REPEAT: DO NOT hassle her at any chance you get, just a simple "hi, how are you" will go along way. Now to her, why did she act this way? I think you have something you need to figure out here, weather she has something going on with her family or it could just be the fact she does actually like you back and can't tell you or is trying to hide it. It's a trickey situation to be in, but you as her friend will ind a way around it, whilst showing you still care and not annoying her any chance you get, friends always fall out and come back, just with time.
  13. Are you wanting to get over her or looking at ways to get back with her? I think you need to chill out and take a holiday somewhere and meet new people. If you treated her badly then you have no one but yourself to blame. It does however seem like you had some memoriable moments. I suggest you get out more often and meet new people, or talk with her, if she wants to talk to you and not sitting there waiting for her to come to you, try and do something that shows that you may have changed and are willing to make the relationship work next time around. What made your relationship soo bad??
  14. I didn't think an employer could state that in a contract no one is allowed to start a relationship but could stipulate that if it did effect your work performance or used company resources it could be a ground for dismissal. If it's as you say, an ordinary job, and you like her, just get a better job and go out with her. Although, make sure you do it in that order, otherwise your leaving yourself to hang. Good Luck.
  15. Just keep trying. You don't get to a "perfect" relationship stright from set go. I have to agree with Tiki on the friends part, dating friends of ex-girlfriends is bad. I say you just need to get out "not online" and meet new people and try something alittle different.I understand how Tiki is saying that it's two people in a relationship, but it only takes one to be half comitted or have an underlying motive for the whole thing to have been a set-up from the set-go. I hate the fact that girls can say how it's always the guys fault, there all a$$s yet cannot look in the mirror and see all the *BLEEP* they do put guys through. All I can say is, good luck, and get away from immature little "sputs"!
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