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Use Of Technology In High School

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My schools techonology is ok. I think they try to upgrade once a year or so. Thre is this new techonology that lets you touch the projector screen like you would on a touch screen computer. Its so cool. But we don't have that at our school. As it cost thousands. I tinkn it depends on the school. My school is a magnet so it has all these computer classes like BCIS and stuff. I guess it depends on city and state budget. I think you should move to some rich disctrict. They'll have updated stuff.


Heh, the computers at our school all use Windows NT, it's really stupid. But, well, their capacity makes up for it.Though they run games like Counter Strike (the old 1999 one) extremely slowly (as in it takes 20mins to make and connect to a server, and if more than 2 people connect at the same time it lags out :-S)But they upgrade the computers every year, so it's fine.


Well, when I was in high school I don't even know the actual look of computer because I don't computer subject... When I was in college I started using computer but found it to hard for me to used, word, excel, paintbrush is very difficult for me. Now I learned how important the computer is, and today, if you don't know computer phased out. he he he.. Lately I realize how important the technology is, so I think children now especially high school student should learn to live in the modern world. "COMPUTER" must be part of there subject... Anyway, kids now are very smart when it comes to computer, my neighbor having two computers at home for their two kids, the kids about 5 and 8 years of age, they know how to used computers, play counterstrike, warcraft, and many more.. how interesting but they only knew games,,, thats not what the children should learn about computer... not only games but instead, to play and to create the games...I agreed with you people, computer is part of our lives... :-) I started to think how to teach my 3 year old daughter to learn computer.. :unsure:


I can't imagine how my parents lived through life without computers... I am absoloutely addicted to computers!

Uncle Bob

My High School has a couple of Computer Classes, but none are really any help. Computer Graphics and Design is a class in which you use Corel Draw to creat graphics. Digital Art and Design uses Macromedia. and that's about all. A new class has been introduced called independant study in which you can choose absolutly anything you want to do. I chose Web programming and so did a friend. so that's the only way we are able to learn anything usefull with computers. other people in that class chose other things that didn't have anything to do with computers so it isn't really a computer class either.


I really despise high school students that can learn real computer skills in their school; part because my school's computer program is crap.


i dont understand your hatred for others who have it better than you, and those that have it better than them. Yes computer technology is a very useful tool in teaching wether in marking for teachers or powerpoints in teaching new subjects, techonology in my high school is used well. we have a fair amount of labs but courses not 'requiring' computers are still taught out of those things called 'textbooks' which can also be very useful.


you shouldnt hate those highschools that actual use technology you should hate yours (which you might already) for not.


also dont depend on highschool or college to teach you how to use a computer, more can be learnt at home. surfing the web.


I think my High School's technology program is actually pretty nice.All students are required to to BCIS (Business Computer Information Systems) which includes classes on how to use Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, PowerPoint, Access, Excel, and Publisher extensively.The BCIS class also shows you how to type correctly, and the basics of a computer.My school also offers training extensive in JavaScript, C++, and Visual Basic 6.0.Even though they teach us all of this, their networking system setup sucks.I'm a 15 year old freshman who has access to their main administrator account, I mean I'm not even that big of a nerd that I should be able to do this..I know at least 20 other people who have access to it aswell...


Technology has a big effect and contribute a lot in our life, imagine the world now without computer, so for me, it is important to be updated in school not only in high school but in the elementary, they should learn the basic as other said basics put you in the next level. if the technology is the center of every businesses we need to be in and to be part of it... I agreed that they must increase and improve the use of technology in school since school is the foundations of every students for their career...:unsure: hope to go back in grade school and study assembly language.. :D


i graduated from hs with our school not having that much in the techno world.times are changing and im sure one way or another these places will have to adapt for them in time...and yeah, some of my classmates dont know much about those pc programs either~


Hell yea, your case is "really" like me..computer at my school is tottaly out of dated, stupid broadband connection in fact sometimes it can turn on B)Computer at my school are custom made P4, when it first come it's works fine and quite fast comparing other computer at same class. But's it's getting way to slower, and because those some stupid student who way really behind in technology, studied computer at the same computer lab with my class.and the results 76 virus found, more than 200 spyware program, stupid ads ware program make the computer worse, pop up advertisement. at the day exactly 2 weeks old of the computer.Unfortunately, the teacher whose I think didn't know much about computer, not being arrogant but I think I'm better than him and befitting.Beleive this or not? I'm the one who introduced him antivirus program :D , my bad...Okay this is very personal of him, since he bit stupid and didn't know anything about cookies and history :D With some freeware program that easily found on the internet, I read his history of visited website, and what I found is really make me "shock" :D he open xxx website while not teaching any class or on break time, altough he already deleted his hitory on IE, with the program I'm still able to retrieve it again.Man this's too bad, however he's good at Microsoft Office, and he tought me much about microsoft excel.


well I thing computer course in high school is just limited to as a public lesson ... just for getting mark , not learning ... what do u thing ?


My high school still has keyboarding ><Anyways, I've grown up with some form of computers. I mastered Windows 98 by 4th grade and I was doing HTML by 6th. I went to a magnet intermediate school and took Tech Apps for two years as well as becoming a tech-aide (we did errands with computer and site maintenance around the school as well as creating an 8th grade movie for the end of the year). It was actually that year that I got 1st in my state's website competition for a historical site, which was really spiffy. Here at high school, I'm not as motivated to join any tech classes because the number of tech noobs exceeds every year. My school's website absolutely sucks because for one, the colors are red, black, and silver. I could think of something pleasant on the eyes to do with those colors, but they went for *ugh* frames with black backgrounds, silver text, red images, and uglies like that. I hate it so much. To summarize, I'm 15, a "s'more", and I don't like my school's views on technology at all.Noobs scare me away from everything, it seems :D


my school has an ok budget for technology stuff. they replace the computers like every other year in some parts of the school. they are not top of the line or anything but they are good enough to get the job done. But i agree that schools really need to expand the curriculum in the technology area. two years ago i took a website authoring class and they hardly teach you anything. they tell you the basics and make you use frames (which i rarely see used anymore). then they put you on dreamweaver which does everything for you, so if you didnt understand things in the first place, it didnt really matter. and everything i do seems to be almost self-taught stuff in school. the teachers hardly do anything except give you a book to read or an assignment. it just seems that technology is speeding ahead while a lot of the education about the technology is just lagging behind in many schools.


I used to do Intern for my high.., we did the same thing that was stated above..., we had some old p133 computers that we just through out. Although, they did have windows 95 on it.., they was still slow to use. I can only imagine how much slower they would have been if they had XP on them because of the framework of the processor and the operating system. Here soon, I will be hired at the High School, and i can give you more information about schools and computer usage.


Lol, i once had to help my pc teacher with turning the pc on. She "Forgot"...Well i am the best with the pc in my class. no one knows what photoshop is. The only thing the do is play runescape & habbohotel all day -_-


Well lets see here.......School technology kinda suks but we cna work with it lil but thay need upgrade alot *BLEEP* don't u guys think so if u say i cuz i sure do think so thay got some really old stuff i telling u it really old but everyone can work with even i work with it but its hard but i make it tho it


As someone mentioned earlier. "Your basicly disabled if you can't use a computer", i myself am not saying everyone should go sit on the pc all day like i do, but they should atleast get advanced with it.


At our school there is a big attention, shown to IT. We even have computers in our school corridors -_- Our teachers are very good and also teaches things we don't know generally (it should be so)...


I disagree with the first post, well that is I know that the idea of having technology help education is right but still there might be some people who dislike computer or hate using it.Then they just need to know the basic, right. Just know how to operate it well and something like delete, copy, type, analyse, system operating or something like that.


I really despise high school students that can learn real computer skills in their school; part because my school's computer program is crap. Anybody can use the computer better than the computer teacher, and most of us don't even get a computer class.


The result? Half of my classmates doesn't know how to use Excel or Powerpoint. Most of them hardly know what Photoshop is. Technology is progressing at a really high rate, and it is becoming a big part of our lives. You're basically disabled if you can't use a computer. So why doesn't high school education put so focus into teaching the use of technology? Why wait until the college days?


I don't see any reason how a technology class would not enhance the traditional subjects. By learning more, we can enlarge our view and broaden our knowledge.


Maybe this is more social than technology lol.


In most school they teach powerpoint because its a very powerfull tool. Im with you i think they should teach technology in everyschool and every Person is supose to have it


In my opinion this technology thing is not learned at school, it is at their homes if they have a computer and internet access. I know some people at my school who take computer classes but if they are not interested they will only know like photoshop is an image editing program but if they dont really care about using it they will never be able to create graphics in it. I know some friends who have taken programming and application software (excel etc.) and about a year after they forget how to use it, to the point where they dont know how to do anythin in them. It is all about caring, if you care about technology you will know when the next processor is coming out, what speed, what program to use for something etc. In school all the can do is show you the doors, in the end it wont matter cause you decide if you want to cross them or not.