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Hey all, just wanted to know if u rekon this is negood. Made it in like 2 min but neway :D


Posted Image


And if u want any from me (i can make much better :D) then pm me eh? Or go to my site


and request it there :D


not really bad. the background is good enough with good graphics and the text too is ok. doesnt disturb the eyes at all.seems very good to me. What do you say about mine Genocide?


Not bad, not bad at all.And also if anyone wants a tutorial i will make one just ask me


i like your website and your sigs :D


thanks! umm.... could sum1 create a new topic on tutorials? I wouls be happy to contribute


not bad Genocide, its simple but it gets the job done. 7/10and your odomike, umm, how long have you been doing graphics? 3/10 (sorry)


urrm yeh odo ur one isnt that good it just doesnt look very professional no offence man :D


quite good, try to make more pro like


nice. imagine how long that woulda took to make in ms paint. thank the heavens for progams like fireworks and photoshop and the like. :D


Yah, it's pretty good for a 2 minute creation lol... it's cool, good work with it :D


genocides is nice and simple but as a sig i think there would have to be a little more text cause sigs usually have a message or a clan tag n them much like nexdesigns's sig and odmike yours is too overpowering it kind annoys me well it annoys my eyes alot ecspsially cuz i am tired and i know i cant spell but whatever


good,a bit boring!


great man =)... i would say its really good... only a fast suggestion would be to maybe add something more... dont know exactly but something should be there... but i like it =)


Hey everyone! Thanks 4 ur awesome replies. I will take all of your advice on board. The reason they are so plain is because they were supposed to be anime based eg. Have a anime person where all the blank stuff is but i have yet to find any site that give our good anime pics. Do you know of any?

And BTW my site is now http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
It will link straight to the forums where you can request sigs etc.


dont know of any anime but i know of game related renders
its a good site for it.


thanks 4 that. It will help alot! Yeah so if neone wants sigs then go to http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ and do the approiate thing listed there. Please go there, i want to make sum lucky person a sig!


and im afraid that GameRenders doesnt work. Maybe only just down for upgrages or something perhaps?


that seems like a forum you set up there genocide. what kinda thing you got to offer in your forum and are we, the members of Xisto supposed to register there again?


Nice i like themMabby try 2 make them with more coller


i dont want to open a new topic just to hear from you that my sig sucks...so rate it here :D