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  1. Nine Inch Nails makes me feel...exhilirated, uplifted, invincible, powerful, hurt, intoxicated, high, groovy, lost, orgasmic, drowsy, like me.Static-X makes me feel...poweful, fast, speed, invincible, rush, awesome.Music is the perfect drug.
  2. Listen to any HED pe. Any 311. Chimaira. Chevelle. Listen to Nine Inch Nails. It's depressing somtimes. But Trent owns. Muha. You know that song Johnny Cash did called Hurt? Well it was a cover. Nine Inch Nails is the original. (had to say it cause people who don't know this need to be informed - i was so sad last year when he covered it and people are like omg that song is so beautiful - and didn't know it was by the Nine Inch Nail!)
  3. What brand it is I mean.People say I dress grunge. I dunno. Maybe it's the long *bottom* hair and my beard and such. I'm 18. I wear jeans and shirts. Everyonce ina while I wear a collar cause it shocks people and the girls are like, damn you clean up nice. It works for me. They don't care what kind of shirt I wear. Sex symbol *BLEEP*.
  4. Who cares about brand names? If it looks good on you, wear it. I don't care how it looks, as long as it looks good on my bedroom floor. Muhaha.
  5. Cutenews. http://cutephp.com/ Easy customization. Full customization. Don't want a feature? Don't use it. Don't want clutter on your webpage? It won't give you it. Integrated by a php include in your webpage. Simple as that.
  6. I've got the solution.Ask her out.Don't tell her how you feel - that you want to be with her forever and ever. haha. It'll scare her.Just plain and simple, ask her out man. It'll either work or it won't. At least you won't be thinking "if only.." in the end.
  7. ill

    Nin Fan?

    You're completely right.
  8. snlildude87 you'll be added in a sec, i'll make a button :lol:and fre3 has been reduced to a 88x11 because i've noticed that most of my affiliates have just now made album downloads on their website so.. i'm big linking strictly to music websites
  9. who cares if it's valid css? you should only care if it works..
  10. eXtreme and Dan you are both added.fre3 got a big link because his site has music downloads. anyone else?
  11. That is not necesarily (sp?) true, one click on your link and you may gain a regular visitor which in turn turns into one gauranteed hit per day... and they spread the word. Dan - Since your site is not of music I would rather like to link to you with a 88x11 image.. please make one... I would cut down the one that you put up.. but there is not button as "this page cannot be found."
  12. That could work - but you'd need lots of money for bandwidth - might take you a while to come out of the hole - but when you're out I'm sure there is good money.
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