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Sun Bought Mysql


SUN bought the swedish company MYSQL for much money, around 2million each worker got in the company, they did it to come in to the database market, is it a good reson to buy it?


Sure it's a good reason. Sun is being kicked out of the server market, si, if they could step into the database market it would be good for Sun.Today there are essentially two big databases, Oracle and db2. Mysql seems good, but nobody really supports it. So, if Sun could sell mysql software and services, it could be a good business opportunit. If I had two millions I would have tried this too. Of course, this could be bad news for us, will the next versions of Mysql remain free ?


I doubt that mysql might get commercial, there's nothing to much of a commercial there, sql language put into some structure, mysql, besides if it will be not free, most of developers will find or even create an alternative, mysql isn't such a superb database as oracle and etc. but it's enough for most of the needs, besides I don't think Sun could make it not free, due to look at what it is doing Today, with Java and etc. They are on open source path and etc.


Of course it is a good reason, i hope only that them do not continue to offer MySql as a free database server.Best regards,


I agree Sun probably (and hopefully) won’t make MySQL commercial. Java is free and they could easily make that cost money. I wouldn’t be surprised however if they make a professional version and a free version of MySQL. I have just one question. If this version of MySQL is good enough for my use now, then in the future if they make it commercial, would it be possible for me to simply not upgrade? As long as I accept the fact that the current database may be hackable within a few years.Thanks,Sparkx


They really can't make MySQL closed source either because once they do, there's going to be a swarm of people grabbing the newest version of MySQL and just branch it off and just make an open source version since the community version of MySQL is open sourced already. Thus, that's why it's so popular.xboxrulz


If they did make it cost, people would just change to postGresql or some other opensource database, so I doubt it, especially because I pretty sure somewhere in the terms of service it must state that mysql will be free, they may only charge for updates if they do decide to commercialise it.


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