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Do You Believe In Magic? Do u belive in magic =?


All unexplainable phenomenons cannot be termed a magic. For eg. Our existence itself is Magic. No one knows how we all came into existence. Did we all come into existence by Magic? What about Bermuda Triangle?


Magic is more about tricks and illusions. So, there is nothing wrong in believing it :-)

As a one-time member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, let me inform you that we prefer to call ourselves "Illusionists!"

The issue is not whether to believe it, but whether you have enough dexterity and the ability to distract the attention of the audience.


Tom Robbins gave the best reason for belief in magic:

âDisbelief in magic can force a poor soul into believing in government and business.â

he also said:

âThe magician and the politician have much in common: they both have to draw our attention away from what they are really doing.â

He expresses my view of government better than I can!


I've occasionally watch Criss Angel Mind Freak, it seems pretty real. Gotta wonder how he does it though. At the start of one episode though, he walked through a fence, then they changed the angle and there's a gap, lol.
I don't know if I believe it or not though.

There is the kind of magic though that you see on little kids shows or in fantasy things which no, I don't believe in.

Well...that guy Criss Angel is really Incredible...He actually split a girl in half in one of his videos...But it's hard to believe that...don't you think that...But maybe he's a specialist surgeon and he fixed her
But all magic is nice to see and i really like watching all kinds of magic videos....

Better thing is tricks like bar tricks with coins and bottles which YOU can actually do


Why is everyone intressted in videos xDI try to use magic myself :PI don't like to watch people watch magic.. I want to learn how to use it..Maybe you think I am mad, but the magicans that uses "tricks" ain't magicans.Magicans are people that uses real magic


Well yeah, I agree that a lot of whom wants to learn some tricks to entertain friends or family, for example I know a trick with cards, every time I could find a card from the log somebody has picked, even though he or she was putting it back to the log and mixed the cards log.. After a while some people could get the trick, some weren't interested and some said it is incredible, how do you do it.. but eventually after some time when I told them, most of them said "pfffff" thats so easy.. and I felt, that yeah it is very easy.. I guess thats why usually magicians don't give away their tricks.. Even though I saw some TV shows where they do or at least somebody does..


Still.. Magic is not tricks Tricks are something else I don't call them magicans so please stopp calling them magicans xDMagic is something else.. Something special. I am still trying to figure out what


Sorry folks, as a voodo performer, it seems that I am the only guy really able to talk about magics at the present moment.So, without wanting to be offending against anyone, I would like you to pay attention to a small detail.Magc is neither science nor technology. Science is now able to perform things like levitation or holography which seemed magic some hundreds of years ago. However, what we name magic today concerns things that cannot be explained neither by sciene nor by technology.That's why I moved the present topic off the "Science and Technology" forum, to "The Einstein Factor" forum.RegardsYordan


I don't believe in magic. It's all trick. But trick is brilliant.


"Magic" from a magician is an illusion. That I believe in. The magic with the powder and the the wands? Pure BS, I think. I think it makes a good story, though.


Now I understand my own problem. In french language we have two separate words."Le prestidigitateur" is the guy whose hands are very fast, and sometimes he also use powders and mirrors in order to make you believe things."Le magicien" is the guy who calls the supernatural powers around here, in order to obtain effects which are impossible by human standard means (like making rain fall without shipping rockets in the clouds). Sorcerers do that kind of things, but they use some artifacts which are not purely magics.


1. the art of producing illusions as entertainment by the use of sleight of hand, deceptive devices, etc.; legerdemain; conjuring: to pull a rabbit out of a hat by magic.

2. the art of producing a desired effect or result through the use of incantation or various other techniques that presumably assure human control of supernatural agencies or the forces of nature. ---Dictionary.com


I would like to note here the fact that magic is for entertainment. Also, if you look at the second definition it does say "techniques that presumably assure human control". So I would have to say I believe in magic. The magic of David Copperfield, Cris Angel etc. With this definition I have found, there is no doubt in my mind magic is real. Now when we start talking about putting hexes on people or other strange things of that nature, then I don't believe that.


No i do not bleave it magic it is not theologically possable just by making stuff happen just by saying a word or waving a want like it in movies Not non what so ever-Joshua


I personly belive that there is no magic , it's just a delusion that's all , and even there is a challage called "Randi $1,000,000 paranormal challenge" so The James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) currently offers a prize of one million U.S. dollars to anyone who can demonstrate a supernatural ability under agreed-upon scientific testing criteria. Similar to the paranormal challenges of John Nevil Maskelyne and Houdini, in 1964, Randi put up $1,000 of his own money payable to the first person who could provide objective proof of the paranormal or real magic . and til this day no one can get the prize Wink


Well, its really hard for me to believe in magic. All the magic tricks you see are just illusions, the magician whats you to believe they did a trick while they really didn't. Example: Chris Angel is a professional illusionist, not really a magician.quote from Sophia the zombie "I find magic is more to do with religious beliefs. There isn't any science or logic about it. It's just an excuse for something when it can't be explained"


I never belived in magic In fact Chriss Angel feats tried to deviate me from my faith.Hes the best at it. It was pretty amazing to see him walk on wall and get himself cut into two in front of the live camera But I still keep guessing what he must have done to attain it.


as a matter o fact,i DO believe in MaGIC... Magic which means wizardry or simply means MAGIC shows?I believe in WIZARDRY, bt nt like those shown in Harry Poter series cz its way too unrealistic..I be;ieve in cuses, voodoo n many more stuffs!


When I was young my father used to show me 'magic'. He took an empty box, rattled it around his back, and when he took it round, it had a few things to eat in it. It became obvious, of course, as I got older, that he just put some food in it when it was behind his back. No, I don't believe in magic, though it would be interesting if it was real.


Hrm, Do I belive in magic? Thats a very good question..I would like to say no, but there are things that are in this world that cannot be explained. is it proven? I'd say no, and many would agree to the fact that most of what we call "magic" is a illusion. We are seeing what is not really happening, and many are very good at this. There are however some things, that just blow my mind, like i remember this one guy i forget his name, who was put into a tank, stayed for 7 days and went without oxygen for 6 mins, and broke out of chains..Is it magic? or is it a very clever solution. I'd say its mostly an opinion:PAm i crazy? probably lol


Absolutely! Certainly there are magic tricks, but there are certain things that can't possibly be done without real magic. This opinion was only enforced after I saw the esteemed magician David Copperfield! I've always been fascinated by magic, ever since I was a child and my Grandpa showed me card tricks. I've always believed in some sort of magic, and I think I always will.


Magic, in my view, is just fiction. It just doesn't exist. All those things people claim to be magic (e.g. magic tricks) are just occurrences where people's perceptions are changed to think the act was 'supernatural'.


(sigh)Humankind wants to explain everything--every little part of the universe and our existence. I guess it would depend on what you'd categorize under 'magic.' Spirits for example. Aliens? Or unexplained phenomenas? All?I like to think there are things we cannot, and will never, be able to explained. I suppose I'd call that 'magic.'

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