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  1. You can get call of duty 4 which has been out for quite a while now. Its a very good first person shooter than you can jump into and start killing people if your into those things. Or you can play its very intense story mode. Another good first person shooter would probably rainbow six. Rainbow six vegas has also been out for quite some time, but this game is more tactical then run and gun. You would use ur team, as you are the squad leader. And move with them through your mission. This games enviroment can be very fun to play in because you feel like your in a epic intense mission like you were in the movies.
  2. I prefer norton over mcafee just because Im please with the use of norton 360. It provides everything that needs to protect my system from viruses and my browsing transaction needs. It also offers your a online backup storage account with I believe 20gb or 2gb of data that you can store in case your system bites the dust. Norton 360 also does not use alot of your computer resources when running in the background like its older software. This software actually does everything that you usually would do for your computer manually in one simple click. For example, it cleans or temporary history, and optimizes your hard drive space, update its virus definitions, and scans your computer of prone viruses that are lurking around in the internet today. It also is very simple to use even a baby can probably be able to run the maintenance control on your computer for you. They definitely simplified the user interface and added a lot of useful tools to help the user protect their system and sustain its privacy. You would definitely not be disappointed if you were to use norton 360.
  3. Miracle, any amazing or wonderful occurrence of spontaneous event. I believe in miracles. I also believe that everything happens for a reason. Our world is full of oddities that are hard to describe. We have many cultures of different values and relgious beliefs that the talk of "miracle" will always be in the topic of consideration. Whether that miracle be a god that people believe in, or angels that are looking over them. I for one believe in god. Not as someone to rely on when everything goes bad, but for hope. I always notice that people tend to call upon god for times when they cant handle a situation, and ask him to relieve them of their pain and suffering. In a sense I find that to be selfish, because millions of people have the same calling. I try my best to use the sense of god as "hope." In a sense that I have something better to look forward to in the future with my patience, while I deal with the many trials and tribulations that I have confronted in my life. When I was small and didnt understand why I wore the cross around my neck, I always ask god for help in the most dramatic situations. But as I grow up and realize that I am the one that need to fix the issues that arise in my life, its not his responsibility. All I can do is hope that he sees my life has a better future, and forsees that I will do much more than what I do now. Whether that be helping countless others or just being successful.Miracles, in my belief is rewarded to those that have dealt with the worst of the worst. Where there is nothing left for someone to lose or care about, that they would catch a break. A ticket out of the hell that they live in, and having hope for a better future for themselves. I've encountered some interesting miracles in my life that I dont mind to share. One would be a time when I was driving on the freeway, and a large piece of steel plate comes flying to my windshield. But it somehow shot down by the wind and hit my fender. If that large piece of steel plate would have flew straight it would have crashed through my windshield and i would have crashed the car. But it was a miracle that it just got caught by the aerodynamics and just fly straight down.Moreover, another time was when a car on a freeway suddenly came out of nowhere from my blindside of my car and almost hit me. But somehow I was able to manuever my car away from the careless driver and avoided a accident. This accident if it was to happen, would have caused a pretty bad pile up because it was a two lane freeway with barricades on the sides with not much of a turnout lane. I would most likely have spun out of control due to the fact that the mass of the other care was so much more than mines. If that is not a miracle I dont know how else I could explain how I was able to avoid that car at such a last minute reaction.Furthermore, another incident involved a family member of mine where they had to swerve out of the way of a car that was cutting them off. As they swerved out of the way in a SUV, the SUV had flipped over and ran into the center divider. This accident happen around 70mph, of the 5 in the car one was not wearing a seat belt and flew to the front of the SUV and could have passed away. But luckly everyone walked away from that accident alive. The lesson that they learned from that incident was to now always keep a cushion around your car while driving. No one is safe, because you dont know when the next time you run into the next careless driving on the road that could easily take your life for a abrupt and careless move.In conclusion, from what I have described in my past experiences, miracles are real whether you believe in it or not. Its there one way or another. I am certainly glad that its around to get my out of nitches when I am unaware and not on guard.
  4. That banner is very random, and creatively hilarious. If thats the type of reaction you are trying to get from users than you definitely hit the spot with that one. I first glanced at the rocketship then in my head started to wonder what is it doing, I then led myself to believe that the rocketship was going to mess up those clouds only to find out that it bounces back with text and a bunch of little people jump out from the banner. Again, creatively entertaining. Keep up the good work.
  5. I prefer the desktop computer over the laptop, because a desktop has more customizable affordable parts. While a laptop in its form, is limited in customization, and not only that but the parts for a laptop can be very expensive. As a laptop, it should only be used for a lightweight source as a computer. Whereas, the desktop, should be your primary machine where all your work and the hardcore duty stuff would take place. Things like memory heavy games, or work. A laptop maybe able to handle the workload but, like all laptops they become obsolete and software requirments tend to increase with each month. And so the laptop lays and becomes the paper weight of everything we know and love. I own both a laptop and a desktop. And I tend to use my laptop for mostly browsing the internet and other things. But my desktop is my workhorse computer, and also my main game station. I have crysis running on it with a sli setup. But even that is running obsolete and eventually will need an upgrade. But parts for a desktop is cheap and easily found. If I was to try to upgrade a laptop that might cost a arm and a leg. So if anything I believe a desktop wins hands down.
  6. I remember when this release was on the 360. It was incredible looking that made me almost get it, but what prevented me from the purchase was that it looked like bioware was testing the waters with the new gameplay for maybe their next Knights of the Old Republic sequel for the next generation systems. And it all they succeeded, hopefully they will be making the sequel to that game soon. But for Mass effect, I heard that he game will be a trilogy leading up to 2 more games before you really get the real endning to the story that its very well brought to life in the game. My friend recently purchased the game on PC, and I tested it out and it definitely got some potential of being a franchise game that will go far. There were some nit pick points that I did not like in the game and that is mainly the graphical issues. The running animations of the male counterpart looks rather odd, and there was not much in depth gameplay in close combat. Seems like all the gameplay is done through range play. I guess bioware neglected the target audience that are more all about melee than shooting from afar. The tactical aspect is very interesting I didnt get to deep into the tactical part where you control each of your members but I did notice that they did have issues following you and such. As for space exploration, through the 100s of planets that you can supposedly explore you really dont really do much but find things, and those things are little things, sometimes you cant even land on the planet. Although this is coming from playing just 20% of the game, so thats just my gripe with it at that completetion rate. But overall its still a good game and graphically detailed with the exception with the animation issues. But for me, I would pass on it and wait on the real masterpiece that is Knights of the Old Republic.
  7. There are plenty of good CSS sites and tutorials out there that you can follow, because its is now very commonly used in the web industry. At first it may seem rather difficult to understand on how things are set up but once you get used to how things are put together you will understand that it is no different from regular html just a little in a more ogranized nature. http://www.w3schools.com/ is where I went to get started, and from there I just used google to search for whatever it is I was trying to do. I also tried many resources from various forums to further my knowledge in the world of CSS and its various magic techniques. You will realize that there are a lot of browser compatibility issues with the use of css but there are various techniques to fix those issues without too much trouble. I would however look into the hacks of CSS if you are going for a pure css route, which you should if you are looking to make it your career, because that is definitely the road that every company is going for if they wanted to build their site, because not only does it optimizes the performance load of their site but it also gives the web developer the ability to change everything on every page with a single attribute change. CSS has many advantages that you should look into while you are learning it. You will notice the difference in your coding as well, in which you realize what you used to do you end up realizing that you were a bonehead and wished you knew about this earlier. But like with all technology in coming years these markup languages will change and you would have to follow the trend and learn new languages.
  8. I used to use this software at one point in time of my life. But ever since google has built such a powerful search engine, there isnt anything that I cannot find. Before google have evolved the search engine into what it is now, I was using napster, from napster I jumped to kazaa, from kazaa I went to kazaa-lite, then from that I went on to limewire. Limewire definitely find you things that you are looking for and it also gives you the resources needed to download the file at a tremendously fast rate. But I noticed that while searching for music it mostly give you dud results, by that I mean the file is not a real music file but a bogus file that maybe riaa might have put out on distributed systems of peer to peer just to make downloading music and other media software that much harder. They actually did what they intended to do, annoy me to the point where I could not stand the repeated number of bogus files that I stopped using the software altogether. I do however, still use the program from time to time if I am desperately out of luck with google's search. But that is a very rare occurrence because, google has defined various ways you can search for things specifically, that it also keys into the file that you are looking for at 80% accuracy. Most if not all my music and albums were found through the use of the google search engine. It is amazing, and when I noticed its true power I just dropped the use of the limewire program altogether. I just used google as my primary searching tool for pirating material and various other things. Google indeed out did itself, by building such a reliable and accurate tool that I find that its hard not to believe that this tool isnt know to many as the primary search tool for music and various other downloads. It took me many years before I realized this through experience and reading from various forums on how to search for something on the internet. Not only that but practice from writing research papers during my college years also provided me with good praictice and experience. I try to figure out new ways to search for things everyday so that I can utilize the search engine at its up most unique core of strengths. I have to recommend you to look into learning how to effieciently use the google search engine because its definitely a beneficial tool for you in the long run. Once you get used to and learn the tricks of the trade which I can not reveal because I believe it might be against the forum rules about piracy talk, you will definitely experience the freedom of the internet as I have. You will also notice a really dramatic difference between the use of limewire from the use of the regular search engine that is google which you have know about all your life. Only one downside about using the search engine to download your software is that it may not be as fast as if you were to download from limewire. Google actually takes you to areas of a direct download of that file where you can get a hold of, which is usually rather fast because it is a direct download off of storage servers. Well much is said and I hope you will take in the information that I have given you and look into using the search engine and master its tactics and tricks in finding what you are looking for.
  9. NASA's project on space exploration is very important to our survival as human beings. As we continue to live on this planet we will eventually run out of the resources that has kept us on this planet for so many millions of years. So with the exploration of mars and seeing if the planet itself is capable of inhabitable life we would have found our new area for resources or more so a new world to go to. We have come really far to being able to send probes out their now we have our own robot to scavenge for life on Mars is a great way to find what we have been looking for for years. This world is almost outgrown its lifespan and our worlds population has been increasing at an exponential rate. And very soon the world we know of right now will not be able to hold our weight.With the news reports on the many space explorations that NASA has under went I became facisnated at how close we are to finding life on other planets. Because in actuality there really has to be something out their with our intelligence or even greater. We cant be the only ones out there that can do things. The universe is a vast space that has to be abundent in life. Fictional stories and movie adaptations of life in outerspace may soon come true once NASA has reached its goal in determining that MARs can actually be inhabited. That alone gives proof to what we can expect in the near future of how far we can take that knowledge and expand it to our horizons and take off with the knowledge that it has given us as human beings. There has been many discoveries in the past but this should be a shocking and most important one to our human race. And from this discovery we might even take the next step into embarking a journey to MARs like we have already done so on to the MOON.Many have said and believed that this type of event could not be possible, but scientists and great minds at NASA has proved with great investigation that this may be the new world that we have been looking for, for so long. Movies that were fictional actually and probably hold some of the truth that is to come. And with that it is only a matter of time before we discover what it is we are looking for.
  10. I have that game for the 360 and its a wonderful game in my opinion. Plus, I believe it was a testing ground for their physics engine. Whether it did good or bad I believe they were testing their physics engine. And so far the game shot off the shelves. The games story is pretty deep if you follow it, and the games gameplay can be a little repetitive but it does offer a lot of freedom that other games doesnt feature, yes I even talk of the famous GTAIV. Because the physics of its freedom where you can climb basically everywhere is just jawdropping. And once you get a little stylish with the way you run from fights from ground to buildings you sometimes wished you had the feature to record your gameplay, cause it looks like what you did was straight out of the movies. Not to mention that their animations in the game is very detailed, I still think I havent done all the killing counter animations yet.I notice that your comment on the achievements of the 360 ported, breaks the immersion, and drive you from the intended gameplay. But I think its great they also ported that over for you. Because without the achievements thing, I wouldnt have been able to see the other areas of the game because the game itself is so big. With the achievements feature it gives you the guide to explore 100% of the game then if you did without it. Which I believe they wanted you to do. They added the achievements to help you explore areas that you usally never explore. I understand you that the rewards for unlocking the achievements is not satisfying, but you cant expect much from games that are only in development for a couple of years, and are only tied to fine tune its main features. You can only expect more in the sequel, because this is the first of the series. I am happily awaiting for the upcoming releases of the game, because I want to see where the story goes to. So far the game ends with a cliffhanger that makes you guess its future possibilties. But now that they got their engine down, Im certain their future sequel, will offer more to us than what was given to us with their first.
  11. I found Xisto originally and eventually ended up learning about another site called Xisto, I heard that those that could not keep their post count up would end up moved over to Xisto where the posting requirment for credits were more flexible to manage their hosting credits. I for a moment thought about moving over to Xisto but I dont find it that difficult to kep my post count up. I just casually post information and help other members out with my knowledge and wisdom from time to time and in the result rewarded with credits to keep my hosting up! So Xisto is where Ill stay, while Xisto should be those that are looking for a quick access to hosting credits.
  12. kgd2006

    My Works

    Wow that is really a good start, you should definitely get into the field to improve your abilities ten folds. Because I know from experience that you can have talent but you need to get into the field where you are surrounded by talented people of your same interest so that you can feed off to improve your skills at an exponential rate. I am a web developer/programmer/graphic artist. And I'll tell you that I feel that I have reached guru status that I been wanted to be proclaimed as. Ever since working for a company that has so much skills and talent, I was able to refine my skills in many different areas that I never knew was possible until they opened the door of other possibilties for me with their ability of optimizing code for performance, marking areas of details where I have not seen before and so forth. So i say you continue your work and your hobby of developing your games, but you should take your work to a professional enviroment where you can build on your skills, and maybe eventually I and many others will be playing the game that you took part in developing for.
  13. I am pretty sure that there is life after death, because there has been many story tellings and movies made with psychics that make contact with the otherside. To neglect that there is not another side is just ignorance rather you believe it or not. Because I can tell you for certain that I have a couple family members that can call on spirits as a practice. And if that is not enough to prove that there is not afterlife than I dont know what else to say. Even the movies that have been released on the occurences of ghosts and such is half of the truth. Lost souls, and such I believe is half true. But I really dont know what the truth of it all is unless I move on to the otherside to tell you guys. Even discussing about this gives me the creeps, but Im sure there is a afterlife. Whether it be another dimension remaining on earth, or the so called heaven and hell of a world. Science I believe cannot even to determine its reality, because its something that cannot be tested to be proved, but only can be experienced before it is proved true. But those that have experenced it will probably come back marked as crazy and lunatic if they started to spread nonsense. So in my conclusion I do believe that there is another life after what we live, I just hope heaven got a ghetto, hehe.
  14. We were probably a different type of ape, that we had evolved from. I dont think we were the same type of ape ancestor that you have seen at the zoos. We were probably a more unique type of ape that evolved into what we are now. Its been awhile since I have been lectured on the history of evolution, but Im pretty sure that we were a different type of ape that have evolved. And before that we were an organism that came from water to land. Like all life, things are changing as the enviorment we live in is changing. You will never know if we will suddenly just become extinct like the dinosaurs themselves. Like movies that predict the future of events in our lives. ANything can happen and we could just vanish on the face of the earth, and the next thing to update to the new enviroment would be the ones that will be walking the earth. Which is pretty interesting, knowing that we have been walking this earth for a good millions of years. Im just interested in what type of new species or evolved forms will be found, because if you have not noticed recently that the change in our enviroment has been drastically changing.
  15. I think for me to help you, you would need to narrow your question into some form in which we can answer. To ask use to help you on how to use photoshop is like asking to teach you kung fu, in which there are many forms and styles. Just like photoshop, there are a ton load of stuff that you can do with it whether it be image editing, texture creation, image automation, web design, graphic optimization, icon creation, vector art, and so forth. But if you want to learn how to do some cool stuff with photoshop from the start with out learning the basics I guess you could just do a google search on "photoshop tuturials." That would probably be your best bet, then if you have issues or problems that you cant resolve in the tutorials than you can come here and ask us. But otherwise, we cant help you if you cant help yourself into refining your question into a more specific form. Once you learn photoshop you creativity of graphic arts will probably be immersed in a form in which you cant get through painting or drawing on canvases. This form of art in photoshop basically pushes your artisitic skills to its limits, and eventually you will learn where your limit lies, I certainly notice a difference when I mastered the program, but I also now know my limitations compared to other peoples work that I have seen. Its not that I couldnt do what they do, but to come up with the idea first is where things gets interesting. Take a 2d image and making it into a 3d almost reality picture is where my ability have not been able to grow to yet. But I know with practice I will eventually get there, but from the works I have seen online, the competition out there is very large, and your ability and talents must be very great if you want to compete with the best of the best out there in the world.
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