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  1. Thank you for the official confirmation on that. I didn't mean to sound accusatory, I was just bringing the situation to the staff's attention.
  2. That's why I'm wondering if there was a compromise to the user db...I've only gotten about 2 per week or so of them. My hosting account went inactive (I moved to hostgator)...maybe there's a policy to sell off addresses to people who don't post in so many days...
  3. I have spam in my inbox sent to Xisto.<myspamgourmetaccountname>@spamgourmet.com. Only Xisto got this address, and it's not likely some chinese spammers guessed it either. Nor do I post it on any posts, nor is it viewable on my profile here on the site.Was there a user db compromise or is someone selling email addresses?
  4. You should check out the GIMP. It doesn't have a ton of features (compared to say, Photoshop CS3) right out of the box, but it does have an open source scripting API that alot of developers have written effects for. Basically, all the effect plugins you'd have to purchase for Photoshop are developed by coders who want them, and they're free ;)It also runs on Windows, Linux, and OS X!
  5. Yeah, I honestly can't stand MS office anymore. The new ribbon thing...complete and utter garbage. I had some hopes for the Mac version that just came out, but that was almost as bad and bloated as the PC version. I use OpenOffice (well, actually NeoOffice, which is just OpenOffice with Cocoa interfaces for OS X) exclusively now for my office software needs.I'm still stuck using office at work unfortunately, because they're using the latest version of microsoft sex change that you need the latest version of outlook to connect to, and despite my protests, have turned off IMAP access internally
  6. That would prevent it from getting sticky too >_> I've found that an air compressor works better.
  7. Worldwide Marlon brando look alike Organization?
  8. I was just about to say something to this effect reading through this thread...the code vujsa posted up there does nothing to sanitize database inputs. Brings http://xkcd.com/327/ to mind. Check out this function in PHP to sanitize your inputs: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/.
  9. Yes! but you have to do some special things to the USB key like set a proper partition type so the BIOS understands that it's bootable. The documentation over at damn small linux's site walks you through all of it.
  10. I'm excited about the changes. Eaccellerator will make page loads faster and more efficient, and open_basedir will limit the accidental damage caused by a badly written PHP script (and I've written a few of those...LOL)
  11. That monitor is broken dude. Get one last entertaining piece of fun from it. Get an extension cord, take it outside, plug it in, turn it on, then shoot the tube with a 9mm or a .38 or better from 20 feet or so. You could open it up and put some baggies filled with kerosene in it first for added fun.
  12. I had to do this with Fedora Core 2 awhile back, because my DVD drive wasn't booting properly. No idea why. Anyway, here's what I did:1) Get a bootable flash-drive distribution like Damn Small Linux and put it on your flash drive.2) Boot the system with the drive. When booting is done, umount the flash drive remove it.3) Download the network install (or mini as some call it) ISO image.4) Format the flash drive as Fat32 and drop the iso image on there.5) Plug the drive back into the computer and mount it using the -t iso9660 -o loop options.6) cd into that directory and run the installer.It took about 4 hours, but I was impressed I was able to do it back then.
  13. I forgot to add that your cable modem or dsl modem might expose the necessary SNMP OIDs to look at byte counts, which you could plug into MRTG.
  14. Macintosh computers are the best for gaming...it lets you compute painlessly and use your Xbox 360 for gaming
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