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Mermaid In Tsunami


Can you see the wind? no right ?... But you know is there. The whole ocean has not been discovered yet... And there's a big possibility mermaids exist... Both human and fish are mammals... Human and fish are really related to... If you don't believe me ask scientists.-reply by chelsea


If you are a mermen, then I am happy for you. Look not everyone is going to believe you, it's hard. I have to be super careful when I go swimming, because when I enter salt water my skin turns into something else, idk what. But when I am in chlorine water I can swim so fast but my skin doesn't change at all.

Well, at least you wanted to tell us your story.

-reply by Loni



Tsunami MermaidMermaid In Tsunami

It has actually been reported that the "mermaid mummy" found after the Tsunami (and the one that looks like a creepy Jar Jar Binks) are both sculptures created by talented artist Juan Cabana. He sold the mermaid creations on Ebay for over $1,550.00 US dollars. Apparently the buyers then used these sculptures to try and stir the media. I suspect they were just poor saps hoping to get 15 minutes of fame.

-reply by Margaret J McGregor



MermaidsMermaid In Tsunami

Replying to Eternal_Bliss I have been trying to find the same answer, but sometimes we need to accept that some things aren't just black and white. Some things can't be explained, but those things do happen or do what they do (I'm not saying mermaids in particular) What earth is missing, what people are missing is chance, magic. We don't have that because people kill the chance and magic, by forcing it to give a black and white answer! If mermaids are real I say we should let them be a start to have chance, and magic in our lives!

-reply by Lisette

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