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  1. What saneax has said is the exact problem here. In case you find his instructions a little tough to follow, then try exploring the System menu in Kubuntu and goto Network Settings. You will find a tool that lists all the network interfaces including eth0. Select eth0 and then select properties and then make the configurations of IP, Subnet mask etc just same as in Windows. That will help.
  2. I don't know if this News has already come up on this forum... http://www.informationweek.com/wikipedia-founder-plans-search-engine/d/d-id/1050201 Having a search engine where "the people" contribute, is definitely a good idea. No doubt Wikipedia has changed the way people access information. Will this Wikiasari be able to change the way people search?
  3. I don't see anything revolutionary or evolutionary either in PHP 6. PHP5 still can be called evolutionary over php4.I believe PHP needs makeover atleast in terms of the way the functions are organized. There should be some basic OOPs principals for the grouping of the functions.
  4. The list is long but I will mention the top ones:Outlook 2005MS Visual Studio 2005MS SQL Server 2005Media player for songsFirefox for surfingSoapbox for inter-office jabber serverIn any case, necessity drives software usage.
  5. Here are a few recommended Anti-Viruses from my side:#1 QuickHeal (Free trial available, and cheap cost)\#2 Kaspersky#3 AntiVir (Free)#4 AVG (Free)I found Quick Heal to be the best since its extremely light on resources and is pretty fast. It may not be as stringent as Norton or McAfee but is a decent buy and provides robust protection.
  6. Seems to be a strange theory. But overall this leads me to further condemn the activities of the Human beings that we have destabilized the atmosphere to such an extent that a simple phenomenon of grounding of all the flights led to warming of the entire continent.This seems to be a more grave threat to me. Uh... what happens when we exhaust the oil reserves with us? Will the environment automatically balance itself? Or will we face the after effects of a destabilized environment?
  7. uh... God just seems to be a slightly superior "caring" human being by the discussion of you guys...
  8. Hi. I have a partial solution to your problem. Have a look at this demo script I wrote: set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")retval = WshShell.Popup ("Hi",,"Hello", 4+32)If retval=6 ThenWshShell.Exec("dos.bat")ElseWshShell.Run("%windir%\system32\shutdown -l")End IfHere dos.bat is a batch file and it may have any name. The contents of the batch file is nothing but the start statement with the URL you want to open. Like this: This would run the default browser and open Google.com in it. Make sure that the batch file is in the same directory as the script file. I used a batch file only for convenience reasons, you may use any alternate method to call the start command. Now what this script fails to do is to logout once the work with the browser is done. I am yet to figure out whether applications can be started modally from a VBS or a batch file.
  9. Hey vicky, here is a simple test. Start your notepad, and connect your barcode reader to your PS/2 port like Jimmy has already mentioned. Make sure your keyboard is detached. Now pick up your barcode reader and try pointing it at any barcode that it accepts with the beep sound. Most probably, you will get the barcode in numerical format on the Notepad.If this experiment is successful, then you can continue further.Programming a PS/2 barcode reader is the easiest. It just acts like a KeyBoard thats it. So while you code, just keep in mind that there is no KeyBoard but only the barcode reader.Now the programming part. If you notice the number read into notepad, you will see that it also reads the new line char i.e. chr(vbLf). Now what you need to do is have a text box in your program and make sure that it always stays in focus at any cost. There are many ways to do it but the more simpler and effective one is to have a timer control that will periodically set focus to the text box (i.e. txtBarcode.SetFocus). Now in the text box's KeyPress event you need to check the vbLf or vbCrLf or vbCr (try hit n trial).Simply compare the KeyChar argument to the above constants. The moment condition is found true, whatever is in the text box should go to the database. Its as simple as that.
  10. I have finally settled with Acer Aspire 5101. The same configuration as that of Compaq, but with 1GB Ram.Yeah I know the Ferrari series rocks... but I need the laptop for light gaming and more of a mobile workstation. I need to be working on a website concept along with my peers in the office (where we secretly work on our home grown project) and back at home where I work alone but have loads of time to spend.Tell me one thing guys, can we upgrade a laptop display adapter? Can I later move onto a high end GeForce card?
  11. Thats a cool article. I will try putting in efforts to make it run on IE if i find time. I guess it shall run on IE7...
  12. Uh I would sugget that you go with windows98 rather. You will not enjoy using Linux without a desktop environment, which if installed, will make your Linux machine slower. Either you install an old linux distro like RedHat 9/8/7 or take my word, install win98. You wont enjoy Linux unless you can mentally prepare yourself to get over all the Adobe products and switch for a replacement (which certainly aren't as powerful).
  13. Yeah you are right, and not just that, I had around 2 80GB IDE hard disks lying around for which I bought a USB Drive converter. Now I plug one of them onto the converter and am able to carry whatever extra data needed. Also it helps because then data sharing between more than two computers becomes easy. Also having a double layer DVD writer, I can simply have a InCD formatted 8GB DVDRW which almost doubles up as a second hard disk.I tried out a few games, and realized that a little bit of graphics lowering was required before I could get them running butter smooth.
  14. Hi Grafitti,Thanx a load, your suggestion taken and another 512MB stick added keeping the price same :-) I compromised on the Hard disk space, and got it reduced to 60GB. However the LCD is now 15.4" Widescreen...I hope it should fare a bit better with games with this.
  15. Hi Guys,buying a laptop and this is the most cost efficient Lappy i could zero upon:Compaq Presario V3155AUProcessor: 2.0Ghz AMD Turion 64 MK-36RAM: 1x512MB DDR2HDD: 80GB 5400 rpmOPtical drive: 8x Super Multi DVD Writer (+/-R +/-RW) with Double Layer supportDisplay size: 14.1" WXGA High Definition BrightView Widescreen DisplayDisplay resolution: 1280 x 800Video Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150Weight: 2.4 kg (5.4 lbs)Dimensions: 23.7 cm (W) x 33.4 cm (L) x 2.6 cm - 3.9 cm (H) So can you tell me what you think about this peice? It's costing me around $818 in India. Matter of factly, Laptops are costlier here than in the US. But it is a highly competitive price here. So guys tell how will this laptop fare up in graphics and processing functions?How does GeForce Go 6150 compare with ATI Radeon xpress 1100 Chipset?How does a AMD 64x2 1.60 Ghz dual core processor fare up against this 2.0Ghz 64x1 processor? How would either effect my gaming experience?
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