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Giant Asteroid In Earth Course


I would say it will probably happen soooner or later, I mean thats wuts killed the dinosaurs right? Man...the chaos the world would be in when news break out that a meteaor would hit earth. I wonder if we would attempt something as seen in armegeddon to stop the metoer. that would be really neat.Im also curious wut the next life form would be after we are wiped off the face of the earth. I also heard that our sun is dying, and that is another disaster that we would have to expect. Once the sun dies a black hole effect will take place...haha, man...life is short if you think about it...


'Giant Meteor to Hit Earth', 'Sun Dying Out'. These are scientist horror stories I've heard since I was like 6 years old. Granted, maybe someday they will come true, but of course that would only be a matter of time anyway. I don't think that is something they can really predict. Meteor courses can change, the sun will obviously die out, it is just a star. Yes, there will be an end of the earth someday, but I don't think it is really predictable. Take it as it comes, one day at a time I always say.


Seriously i don't think human beings will be in earth by that time.. so we don't even need to worry if sun is gonna die in a century or if we gonna have a visit of a meteor by that time too.. We can see earth dying already.. polution, that will take centuries to get rid of, lack of water, we all know that water may be gone by the end of this century, and the petrol that is disapearing, that may last for 40 years if we keep consuming as we are now.. All of this is gonna destroy us all.. if we don't act as soon as we can.. so i think that we have to find another planet soon.. and i can tell government is aware of that too, otherwise they wouldn't be investing so much money in space exploration.. tho, Earth's death must not mean Humans death.. that's why i think we shall colonize as many planets as we can.. in order to make sure that humans will keep living.. We, humans, should spend less time fighting and killing each other, and spend more time helping each other against this kind of things that we can't controle and can seriously put an end in our reality.. cause in this case we aren't talking about saving our asses.. we are talking about saving our presence in this universe..


Want to know what would happen if that rock hit earth? http://impact.ese.ic.ac.uk/ImpactEffects/ They have a handy online calculator for neat stuff like this. Also there are several online to see what would happen if you detonated a nuke at x yield at y altitude. Anyway, fun stuff to play with there if anyone has a few minutes to waste on it.

Logan Deathbringer

Wow, you people are certainly pessimisitc.

The odds of an asteroid striking earth is only 1 in 40, which is about 2.9%

I got this number at Space.com

For more information about the asteroid 2004 MN4, I found some from NASA.

And if it does hit, it'll probably wipe out one or two cities - no biggie.
Sorry if I sound rude, but it's not exactly the end of the world.

Let's just see who gets lucky?

And, if it does land in the middle of the Pacific, it might be a lot worst than if it hit the middle of NYC.
Two words - Tidal waves

As for our brightest start in the sky, the Sun - it's got about 5 billion years left of gas left.

The Sun's life expectancy.

Before then, I'm pretty sure humans would have:

1) Gone extinct
2) Moved to another planet
3) Used various weapons of mass destruction and rendered our planet inhabitable
4) Choices 3, then 1.
5) Encoutered an astroid rated 10 on the Torino scale.

Okay, take your pick. Personally, I think 4 is probably the most fitting so I would stop worrying about the Sun and start worrying about the Nuclear stockpile that DOES EXIST.

On a side note, if we do manage to survive until the Sun reaches the stages of a Red Giant, our planet will be consume along with Mecury and Venus - so we die anyways.


I don't see any reason to be pursuing such thoughts about the future. To give an example of what I'm saying here, back when i was...hmm 4th grade? I borrowed a book about the future of the Earth from the local library. It looked really cool actually and stated so many things that would happen in the future and even had a "future chronology". The latest gadget being the artificial eye (latest as in, it will happen the latest) which will "happen" in the year 2010. Don't ask me about that yet, what I'm wondering about is the section where they state that almost every house in urban/suburban United States having access to modern cities and something like that would have a house similar to this: <with a picture here depicting the many facilities and features of a futuristic house>. Of course, that didn't happen. The main thing being roof gardens that absorb solar energy to power the house AND providing a nice roof view. I don't think people favored that much.I did see something on Discovery channel where some house was SPECIFICALLY built to save energy and collect solar energy to a level that the house's mean monthly electricity bill is about 1-2 dollars. It looks foolproof i guess. But the system itself looks so complex and costly there is no way any average family can afford it. What hopes...they're all just lame imaginations from some guy who needed quick cash. I'm not saying everyone's like this. But most random "facts" about the future are just getting old.


Personally I think that people devote way too much time to studying things that could destroy earth from space and not enough on what could destroy earth from earth itself. Like Logan Deathbringer said there is more chance of nuclear destruction than being hit by an meteor. If those super smart scientist devoted their time to studying how to save lives and clean up, find new energy sources, advance society then we would have a much brighter future. Besides once we do that can't we easily dream up some way to destroy possible meteors? And if a meteor does hit earth it will burn down its size as it enters earth's atmosphere, so, unless it is a huge meteor that is really really really big it will downsize enough that it couldn't possibly destroy earth.

Logan Deathbringer

Well as a follow up post I have to say that as a species, homosapians are not only one of the most pesimistic species on the planet earth but also the most self destructive, and I might even go as far as to say that if the earth was a multicelled sentient organism, we would be a massive paresitic infestation on its skin, much like scabies.While at the same time we are supposidly the most intelligent, although I have to agree with the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy, if we are so intellegent why are we so destructive to our world, and so blind to how our actions not only effect ourselves but those that share the earth with us.Now that being said...why do we only speculate on the what ifs, and not fix whats going on around us? Because its so much "fun" and interesting...End of Rant...


opinionGiant Asteroid In Earth Course

everyone needs to calm because the shuttle said the world was gonna die in like all the way back then and in 2001 so u may be wrong and it would be nice if u would stop making people worry about this they are getting out of hand and doing wrong decisions/txtmngr/images/smileys/smiley13.Gif

-reply by angelina

the little philosopher

In the end, you have to take these kinds of findings with a pinch of salt, as scientists only get paid for research that shows results that whoever commisioned the study wants or that catches the attention of the general public. and as eye-catchers go, "earth dies in 100 years" is a pretty good one.


I think that that has to happen sooner or later,cause asteroids,meteors and stuff like that exist in our galaxy,since there is gravity field on all planets,we can just hope world doesn't end at our "shift"...maybe it happens in 2012,but who can know ,maybe they predicted their extinction at that date,or maybe the couldn't count more than that :(After all i hope world won't end till i buy a new motorcycle


there is a Collision course of an astroide estamet date 2034 Giant Asteroid In Earth Course

ASTEROID:I know this is an old subject but liked to put this in here. Satellite picked up a astroide that has a course to earth. Researchers estimate that on 1 February, 2019 the imapct velocity on the Earth would be 28 km a second but still a very large estamet of if it will hit us because it may even change course. With that speed it can wipe out a continent and cause global climate changes. Russia I heard sent a rocket to the astroide aka NT7 to help change its course just for safty meassure. Btw I like to combine science with religon there are similarities with the two that alot don't notice. But the impact may be on 2019 or even 2034 still a large estmate nothing to worry yet unless it comes closer and the probablity increases gradually.THEORY:The mayan calendar well it has been correct of many prediction 99.9% of times still that 1% now the scientist may even be reading the calendar wrong or may not those calendar is so advace from what we use daily so its very hard to read. Now for religon it says fire will rain on to earth here is a scientific part I think might relate to that. As u may know some people anyway, the fire can be volcanos erupting then the ash and debris may be some flames so another way for the fire falling is particals from space such as small astroides or comets, the geologist picked up many volocanic activities to add to my theory that can be are fire for the destruction of fire and for water geologist also picked up the earth crust seem to be active in some parts of the earth. 1 is in the western side of the u.S. That has not yet given off to much movement but as soon as it become more active it can create a large tsunami that will hit many western part of the coast on the u.S., also to add the global warming the ice of the most attractive tourist area in alaska has gone away and all the ice seems to be backing away and melting. So even with the south pole it has been alot warmer than usuall costing the polar bears to die out and interupting the food chain. So as these ice melts that can be are flood but it wont flood the world but maybe possible though. Human's are not the only reason of global warming we are part the earth is just doing its natural change of its years passing by. Sorry I know this about space and giant astroides but earth is part of space do u not agree? well comment back this is not all my theory I have other ideas also.

-reply by David

grim reaper1666

well a simple nuclear bomb could be sent out now to the asteroid and it could be blow up at will lets say a more than 50 megaton force would shatter it. it would also be best if it was placed on the side that is heading towards earth then the shards of asteroid would most head the otherway and the pieces that do come to earth still would burn up to meer dust upon entry to the atmosphere. due to the massive amounts of heat would be generated as it hits the atmosphere at speeds that generate mass amounts of heat shattering those pieces down to microsophic pieces and most of those pieces would also be drawn into the gravitional pull of the moon since they are small while some wouldnt depending where the moon is at the time.

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