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  1. When you say swords, do you mean the swords that the aliens from the Black Arms carry around? Or do you mean the Samurai sword that you get from the Shadow the Hedgehog box after completing the various levels? Anyway, which either one, they are both really good because of the reasons you mentioned above Kid Saiyan. And I agree with you when you say that they make you almost invincible; this is because when they are swung, they cover a wide arc and therefore lots of valuable surface area for protection and for the points! The swords don't have ammo yes, but they do have a certain number of swings until they can't be used anymore ... but I can't remember exactly how much. Anyway, you're right when you say that you can just go back and get another on from somewhere else. This is because, just like I talked about the guns in my previous post, the small guns and the swords are two of the most common weapons in the whole of the game, and are therefore nerely everywhere because the enemies that carry them are almost everywhere as well! So you finally got past the second level!? Do you even need to ask me if I have tips?! Of course I do! Well yes, this was probably the third hardest level for me to complete in the game because of those robots with the guns and bazookas that you mentioned. But just like every level there is a sratergy: Okay, you know when you defeat one of the robots and they drop their weapon (gun / bazooka)? ... Go over to the weapon and pick it up. Keep on destroying the robots and picking up their weapons afterwards to increase you ammo, until your Dark Gauge is almost full up. Next, go over to the doorway where the robots are coming out of, and wait and dodge until there are like three or four out. Then destroy one of the robots and don't pick up the weapon they dropped. Now, use your Chaos Blast on the surrounding robots, and if all goes as planned, by destroying those robots, your Dark Gauge will be full again. Finally, just keep on using Chaos Blast until no more robots come out. HINT: Just before unleashing your Chaos Blast. This is because you may be able to destroy the thing above the doorway as well. Two birds with one stone! That's right! Cheers for asking me, I love this game and I like helping out other people with it. If you have anymore queries then I'd be happy to help you out! It seems that it's just me and Kid Saiyan who love this game so much! Like I said in my previous post anyone who loves Sonic and Shadow, or anyone who just loves gaming should definetly and 100% get this game. I wonder is the new sonic game called Sonic Wildfire for the Nintendo Revolution will be as good as Shadow the Hedgehog. If it isn't I'd be so angry with Sonic Team and Nintendo, and also quite disappointed because any game that is to follow up from Shadow the Hedgehog needs to be quite spectacular!
  2. This has to be like the dumbest and most obvious question in the histoy of topics on any bulletin board in the whole wide world! The best free host if definetly Xisto ... duh! Half of the other hosts up there I haven't even tried let alone even heard of! I have heard of Freewbes and Geocities but they are nothing compared to Xisto and the features that the latter has to offer. But in all seriousness now, when I say Xisto is the best I actually mean it ... and I should know about finding the right free web host. Before I found Xisto, I was searching the whole internet looking for any host that offered the average features that Iwas looking for; at least 1 mySQL database, an FTP account access, at least 200 megabytes of server space and enough bandwidth a month to last as long as I needed. First I was stuck with 100WebSpace. Back then I thought they were all right despite the banners they put on your site; they offered only 100 megabytes though and their bandwidth got sucked up really quickly. Then in time, I came to notice that there banners were indeed a hinderence and no site can survive with the features they have to offer. Just check out their hosting site and you'll see what I mean - https://www.100webspace.com/ - it's no wonder they're not even on this poll! Then after ages of searching, I found Xisto on a website's URL and decided to give it a shot. I had finally found what I was looking for and I have to say that this is more that what I expected and needed! Unlimited mySQL databases and postgre databases, FTP account access, lots of server space and bandwidth to last for my needs, plus a great community. I thank you Xisto and it's no surprise at all that you've received the highest number of votes on the poll! Well Samya ... I hope you now realize that Xisto is indeed the best one! As for me, I haven't tried either Geocities or Atspace but I'm sure they don't even compare to Xisto. But for the rest of you people who voted for other web hosts such as freewebs, then you should be ashamed of yourselves! Freewebs and Geocities are not really web hosts in my eyes but web builders. Everything is already implemeted and all you need to do is put in the links. Web hosts are much better because of the challenge that you have to do everything yourself.
  3. I totally and 100% agree with everything miCRoSCoPiC^eaRthLinG has just said in the above quote. Before when I had a free account with 100webspace.com I had to suffer low bandwidth storage, low storage in the servers but most badly of all ... only one mySQL database. With that one mySQL database, all I could have on my site was an Invision Power Board forum and since I had no more mySQL databases left, I had to make do with just that. No separate gallery, no separate download system, no separate media system and I could go on forever. This is one of the reasons that I joined Xisto.com. Very efficient and generous with all the major website neccessities and best of all the unlimited mySQL databases (well I have 99 but that is still amazing!) Once again I thank you Xisto for your services! This is true for most free web hosting sites out there. They make their site have a really cool interface to knock us off our feet and then when we actually read there plans (which are most of the time really complicated to even find!), we find out that they actually suck and are no way as good as there website makes them out to be. This is what I hate about trying to find free web hosting sites and why I like Xisto so much; nice and simple, yet highly effective and attracting interface! Thanks once again!
  4. Wow, I’ve only just seen this topic and I have a lot to say. First of alllet me just say that I’ve got Shadow the Hedgehog on Gamecube a few days after it came out and I completed it in around a week, so whatever I say in this reply is not made up. I suppose one of the reasons was because I I’m a big fan of Sonic (and Shadow!) and I’ve also completed Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, which has really similar comtrols to Shadow the Hedgehog. Before I comment on the latter of the games I must say that both are truly excellent games and they are a must have for any die hard Sonic / Shadow fan or Gamecube owner! I really have to agree with you when you say that the graphics of Shadow the Hedgehog are beyond awesome Kid Saiyan, because they are. They are drastically improved from any of the other Sonic games and they really add that extra twist to the game making it feel more incredible. The storyline as you mentioned is also a great addition to the game because there isn’t just one path to take but three very different paths and in turn those paths take three different paths as well and so on. But the best thing about this feature is that, by completing every simple path you unlock all ten bosses and by doing that you unlock the final boss, so in a way, everything you do throughout the game adds up for the final showdown. Yes yes, this is a really good feature that Sonic Team implemented into their latest game. Because of the fact that weapons were not included in any other Sonic game, I personally thought that this would be a let down for the game but it was not. The reason I thought this was because I figured that the weapons would be too influential during the game but I found that you also have to use Shadow’s abilities to make the most of the guns, swords, bazookas, sign posts, etc. By personal favourite weapons are the common guns because they easy to manage, plus there are lots of them in the game so you can recharge you ammo almost continuously, and the swords that the black aliens (can’t remember the names) carry because they cover a wide surface area when they are swung. So concluding what I’ve said above, my overall comments on Shadow the Hedgehog are amazing and fantastic! But for those of you who have the game and enjoy, please don’t use cheats. No offence Kid Saiyan, but this game should not be completed by using cheats. This is because it a really tactical and enjoyable game and the use of such cheats would definitely spoil the game. I know that you’ve run into a bit of trouble and difficulty while playing the game but whatever you do, don’t use cheats, because you’ll ruin it for yourself! I'm not being nasty either Tailson, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to strongly disagree with you on this one. Shadow the Hedgehog is the biggest turn around in all of Sonic gaming. If I were you I’d get the game for yourself and see how wrong you and that review website are.
  5. Thanks for that website sandeep, but to tell you the truth, I don't use Yahoo! Messenger at all or online web messengers either! The trouble with online web messengers is basically all reasons you gave above and the fact that they are much slower than instant messengers becauce they keep stopping and loading. I use MSN messenger all the time at home but at school it's blocked just like every other .exe file, so me and my friends use MSN Web Messenger as a substitute. In that experience, I've found that using these online web messengers is such a hassle and it's too slow and unpleasant that you might as well not use them at all. I'm sure this is the same with this online Yahoo! messenger as well, especially if it's on the 35th server. But if you take my advice, I'd use MSN Messenger instead of Yahoo! Messenger. The reason beings are; first of all the template of the MSN one is much more soothing to the eye and the layout if much simpler. Second of all, there are many other programs that will intergrate with the MSN messenger such as MSG Plus and others. These allow an extension of great features to the messengers already massive amount. Third of all, (and this is just my opinion) the Hotmail e-mail client is easier to use than the Yahoo! mail, despite the lack of available space. I hope you'll agree with me? Thanks alot for that miCRoSCoPiC^eaRthLinG, I've been wondering what those numbers meant and at first I actually thought it was some upgraded domain names! But surely, the more servers been used, the more bandwidth, space, etc is being taken up on the domain?
  6. For me it's just Google, Google and Google again prolifik! I've noticed most of the other people who have replied to your topic have also used Google either all the time or most of the time. The reason I use Google is because, unlike other Search Engines such as Yahoo! and Dogpile, Google has a clean interface and it's layout is inviting to new comers and existing users. It's not that I haven't tried other Search Engines though, it's just that whenever I go to one such as Yahoo!, it's page is always cloged up with information and ads it's just not pleasing to the eye. Also Google is probably much more famous than all the other Search Engine you mentioned prolifik. This is because unlike others it has so many other useful features that set it apart and distinguish it from them. Some of these features are Google Mail (or Gmail) for example - by having an e-mailing system, Google ensures that it's name is being spread all over the world in another different way and it will also attract other people to use it's Search Engine. Other features include Google News, Google Video, Google Earth, Google Images and quite a few others. I think that's it prolifik. I don't think are any other Search Engines out there apart from the ones you mentioned before. And if there are, then they're certainly not that well known or else we'd probably hear about it. But I've never heard of Hotbot before - I'll check it out and see if I can escape from Google! Thanks for those.
  7. I've never heard of Quicksilver Forums before xboxrulz - are they any good? Also, can you please send me their website so that I can try them out and compare them to phpBB. However, I never much liked phpBB anyway; this is because I found their systems too childish and simple. I've always felt that if you're a forum beginner you would go with phpBB and when you start getting the hang of it you go with either Invision Power Board or vBulletin. Yeah Houdini, I really liked it when Invision was running their free service, it made forums simpler for everyone and I really don't fully understand why they started charging people for their services now ... I suppose it's because of bandwidth and space. As for me I've always stuck with Invision; I've still got Invision Power Board 1.3 from when it was free, I just don't want to buy their 2.+ version when it's really similar to 1.3 anyway. What I do is enhance it with a CMS (Content Management System) to increase it's features.
  8. I'm not sure about the 90% bit fcfosters, but I can tell you that the vast majority of the people who chat use MSN Messenger over other instant messengers such as Yahoo! and AOL. I suppose you could say that the new Google Talk is a kind of messenger in the sense that you still talk to your friends over an internet connection but it's very different in the way that it uses your e-mail address to store your chats and to automatically sign you in to the talk when you sign in to your e-mail. As for me, I've used MSN Messenger every time I need to talk to my friends but I'm finding Google Talk very convienient as well. This is because, unlike MSN Messenger, Google Talk stores you chats automatically in a very organised folder so that I can go back multiple times and view them. Also, MSN Messenger has been blocked in my school but MSN Web Messenger still works. I hate using that, and I've found that using Google Talk is a great way making up for that loss. Also, I hate having to install MSN Messenger to my computer, it's such a long process. But with Google Talk - no installation; it doesn't even pop up when you log into your e-mail; you just choose whether or not you want to talk and you can still view your mail while you talk. Same with me miCRoSCoPiC^eaRthLinG. I've also began to move towards the growing features of Google Talk and I'm strongly encouraging my friends to do so. I think MSN Messenger is losing it's touch in the way that it's much too common now. Something fresh like Google Talk is a great new thing that I'm sure people will start to like as they get used to it. I too am trying to avoid using MSN Messenger as well because I'm finding it a bit too adictive. Agree with you on this one organicbmx. I don't actually know anyone in England who uses AIM - most of the people in my school use MSN Messenger. But like I said earlier, I'm trying to move away from MSN Messenger and start to use Google Talk more often because of it's vast and useful features.
  9. Totally agree with you on this one shadow-x! And if I wasn't told that this wasn't done with CSS, I would never have known. This because the person who made this did it so well to make it look like an ordinary Windows desktop screenshot. What I really like about it though is the fact that he positioned all the links exactly where they would normally go and the hyperlinks for the individual buttons. It must have taken him a great deal of time, effort and skill to do this, and I know that if it was me trying to make something like this, I'd find it really hard! Well done Trovster.
  10. Same here alis, I haven't seen many ones used at all before but the ones that I have seen are quite poor to be honest. But whenever I try to use pixel stretching in my images and pictures, I find that I can never get the right effect - so hopefully when I try yours it will come out much better than my other tries. But nice work by the way on that picture samma. I can't actully tell whether you spend a long time on that or not because it's so good! I especially like how you added that white line around the content to make stand out and not disturb the rest of the picture as well. Thanks again for the tutorial, I'm going to use it now! Cheers.
  11. Exactly the same thing happened to me nightfox! Right before I found Xisto, I had a website located at 100webspace.com. I suppose they were alright because they had 1GB for bandwidth, 100MBS, 1 MySQL database and 1 FTP account. The only thing that really annoyed me was the multiple ads on the top of every page of my website as well. That really put people of my website and this was one of the reasons I re-located to Xisto. Yes. This was so true. I remember on some places they said that there no ads and that if there were they would be really small. When I created my website, the ads were like all over top and clearly visible. The worst thing is that you can't move the ads to somewhere else, otherwise I would have done so ages ago. And I agree, their support is really rubbish. I posted for urgent help in their forums and what did I get ... nothing. There was no-one ever online and the navigation was really hard to manage. This is absolutely true techocian. Before, their layout was really poor and their navigation links were hard to understand. And about the domains - that was another thing that I really hated. They also had some dodgy sub-domain names that go at the end of your domain. Plus, they were also really long and difficult to remember. I had to use a URL redirection service al the time! And you can't even choose what domain you want on their free service. Your domain is the username you sign up with and a number at the end of it! But I'm really glad that I found Xisto.com. And for those of you who need a free service - I strongly advise you to sign up for Xisto.com and NOT 100webspace at all!
  12. WOW! This is a great modification to your Windows XP computer. Thanks so much for this soleimanian, I've been looking for a technique like this for quite some time now. For me programs such as Morpheus and Limewire have been taking up a fair bit of my bandwidth but when I inputted this modification into my Windows XP computer, I suddenly found my downloads and connections speeding up and much faster. I was wondering also, do you know or have any more tips like this because I feel that I still need more bandwidth! If this modification speeds up connections within Windows XP, then I think and hope that connections and bandwidth will be much faster than this in the new upcoming Windows Vista. The Windows Vista has high expectations but if modifications like this for the Windows XP computers are much better than the Windows Vista, then many people will just keep on buying the XP instead of the Vista and just use more of these modifications. Thanks again for this soleimanian. Very useful!
  13. I totally agree with everyone else who has said Dreamweaver. For designing a website whether a beginner or an expert, whether simple or complicated - Dreamweaver is definetly the best way to go. This is because there are lots of features you can use and combined with an FTP server, it opens up a whole new range of possibilities. The latest version Dreamweaver MX I think, is a great piece of software. I'm not sure if you have to pay for it or not but you can download it from the internet for just over 100 MB. However, there are some disadvantages when it comes to using Dreamweaver for the first time. It may seem a little complicated at first because there are so many possibilities, but when you play around and read a few tutorials it becomes more and more simpler. Another website designing program, which is not as good as Dreamweaver, is Microsoft Frontpage. Here you create your website layout(s) on a new page(s). I'm not sure how to upload this design to your website but I think that your host will have a Frontpage feature that will let you do this. But don't go along with what I said, just ask around to make sure! Good luck with which ever one you choose.
  14. I heard they changed the date from July in Spring to November in Autumn. But for me, it doesn't really matter when it comes out, so long as it does come out eventually! But PS3 will be in big competition with Microsoft because X-box is releasing Halo 3 at around the same time. hmmmm ... X-box versus Playstation ... which one???
  15. I'm only 14 and i've also been eager with a profession revolving around the world of computers. I agree with what you said, a compute engineer is definetly one of the best ways to go. For that, I think you bascially need a good knowledge of computer, I.C.T., maybe a bit of manufacture, and engineering of course. Also, if that's not the job you want, then a computer designer could be a great choice also because you make and design computer layouts both externally and internally. But then again, it depends on what interests you the most. You can also be a computer tester, where you just sit at a computer, test the latest functions and see if they work. This would be could if wanted money for just going on a computer and it could be bad because it's damaging and also a bit boring! Good luck with your choices.
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