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  1. Actually the \r\n are (return and newline) and can only be seen in the pages source not in your browsr for example write this simple code and then run it in your browser. <?phpecho "This is a test line of characters that is very very long\n but with the addition of the newline character it will\n be viewed by viewing the page source and you will see that this long single line show up as 3 lines.";?>
  2. Drugs should not be "legalized" and there are good reasons for it. LSD is an awful drug with no purpose, heroin while it might control pain in the short run with supervised administration...left unsupervised is addictive and highly destructive in all human fashion...emotionally, physically, and morally.Pot smokling kills brain and lung cells and inteferes with not just short term but also long term memory and may bring about Alzheimers earlier in life, not to mention the paranoic behavior it produces. No drug that is not prescribed be a medical doctor should be legalized>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>..................PERIOD
  3. Yes it does but read below...it is not a real concern. The content will be you main concern. A properly maintained MySQL Database can be rather small, depending on what you are storing with any database unless you are a massive company with millions of entries you should not have to really worry about the size of your MySQL Database. If for example you use a forum like this one then you will be just fine with the limitations of the disk space offered. As fields are tokenized and fit into a set framework with any database management system. For all intents and purposes you should be just fine with 150 meg offered or even the initial start package. Most forum software and also CMS (Content Management Systems) available will offer pruning of messages posted to your site on a basis that you control. Duplicate messages and stuff like that are usually not allowed with good software and keep data storage to just that data that is not also repeated. You do need to keep in mind that data stored either in files or in a database management system (DBMS) will take up space but as stated above a good system like MySQL wil be just fine for your stuff unless you start actually putting BLOB (binary large object) instead of a link to that data (binary like movies or music) which also take up space. All said, you should not even worry about the database, it will take care of itself and just do those things that make you site one that has people attracted to it.
  4. I have been around for about two years but am now going back to paid hosting for my own domain and have enjoyed my experience here and will continue to look over the site for interesting posts and will participate every now and then. Thanks to all here that have made Xisto a great hosting experience but it is time for my own domain with 1 Gig to build what I require. It is a great place for those new Webmasters to learn how to be an even better webmaster and discuss various aspects of the Internet sites and problems with creating maintaining and updating a site to keep people coming there to your site whether you make money at it or not.Steve DeMarcus (look for stevedemarcus.com in the near future, as I am still uploading all the stuff and deciding on my options with a gig to play with).
  5. Anytime someone asks about reading material concerning PHP I will always refer them to a truly great and FREE e-book called Practical PHP Programming. This is a very up to date and comprehensive book that is available in printed form also. It covers quite a bit of material and is up to date at least as far as PHP 5 goes. Databases, variables, constants, variable variables, normalization of databases, object oriented programming and more if you have PHP and a webserver and possibly a dbms like MySQL or PostGres. I have this page bookmarked in Firefox and Netscape and as a favorite in Internet Explorer.. I find it quite useful much like the PHP Manual available here at this LINK. Actually using the PHP Manual is a tutorial and a well wriiten book in itself. There are many examples with each PHP command as well as with the multitude of prewritten PHP functions ( there are hundreds of them) you can view all the links to all predefined PHP functions at this Quick Reference of PHP Functions for you to try them out as you see fit...that should kkep you busy for a little while. I love this link and a PHP Builder it is part of my signature as a contributor to the forums of that site. Good luck and at your age by the time you are my age you will truly be an expert in PHP as well as other offshoots of it also.
  6. If you send an improper query through phpMyAdmin to a MySQL database and recieve errors it is because you are improperly sending a query, some thing is wrong with your query and not phpMyAdmin or any upgrade that may have taken place. You might want to show the query you have made as well as the database structure that you presently have for anyone to help you solve your problem.
  7. In response to the question about an E Book on PHP there is one great and fairly up to date at least through PHP 5 and I have favorites with IE and bookmarks with Firefox to it and go to it when I need to refresh my memory about a PHP matter. It is called Practical PHP Programming and you can see it Right Here. It is a very good online resource and has within its chapters some example code that you can follow along with provided you have hosting or a webserver and PHP set up as a local testbed (which you should to get the most out of the examples). I found the book kind of by accident while searching for a particular PHP matter and bookmarked it right then and there becuase it covers so much and does it so well. Go there and you will see what I mean. Good luck with your PHP endeavors.
  8. I noticed that you have 9 posts as of your last post where you found where to look for your credits and until you request a hosting account pretty much each post will count as 1 credit so you will need one more post for ten credits and you can then request hosting, but keep this in mind that when you do use those 10 credits to get hosting that your credits will then be zero and you will probably be better to wait till you have at least 13 or 15 credits and then request hosting. After being granted hosting by Xisto your credits will be shown as days and not credits and a post might then be shown as a fraction of a day or so many days and a fraction of days,Enjoy your time here at Xisto and find an area that you are comfortable with and participate often with good content and you will find it easy to maintain your account. I have just recently started posting again myself after the past three months of maybe only posting once a week if that much due to the workload that I have been having with my job. My Posting will increase though as some of the most critical jobs have been accomplished and I now have more time to visit this site for maintenance of my own account.
  9. To view and debug php files using an editor you will have to have PHP installed on your computer and since databases are usually used with PHP to make a more dynamic web site and since PHP and MySQL developers worked together to improve their products (which are both free) and you would also need a webserver like Apache , which is also free. A really great editor is PHP Designer 2006 or the newest version is PHP Designer 2007 you can get it HERE If you really want to save yourself a lot of trouble with installing a webserver like Apache a dbms like MySQL PHP on your own on your local machine to wrtie and test your PHP and MySQL database then do your self a favor and get XAMPP HERE or if you have a Mac you would of course want to have MAMP which you can get right it at this LINK HERE!XAMPP not only installs Apache MySQL and PHP but also Perl and phpMyAdmin and Mercury Mail server and FileZilla FTP server. It is as simple as download the file and then run the install accepting the defaults. Within ten minutes of download you will have a working webserver MySQL database and the latest version of PHP plus the ability to use a software switch to use either PHP 4 or PHP 5 ever since I found XAMPP in 2003 I have been using and upgrading it when more important upgrades became available. Take this from some one who had in the past manually installed Apache PHP and MySQL...it is not worth the headaches of setting all that up when you can just download XAMPP then install it and boom you are done with it, it is truly childs play to install all that you get with XAMPP. TRY it out today.
  10. It seems to me that CrazyPensil (although in America it is spelled pencil) has a goo command of the English language...mush better that most. In these forums though some seem to act as though they need to use abbreviated terms like u and r which if you pay for your connection by the minute or hour would be appropriate but I know of few that do so in America even with a dialup account. The days of such are almost if not completely over to have to abbreviate your thoughts. It sems that you should only increase your vocabulary of the English language as used worldwide. It is the language of commerce and shipping and air lines worldwide so use it often and speak often with others that use it as a native language and also as a second language. For myself of course this is easy since I was born in the USA and that is mostly what I hear and speak. Your sentences are put together quite well as spoken and written language using the grammer and syntax with very few errors, punctuation is my weak point as I tend to use commas in inappropriate places (just look at my old English Composition records in college). All in all CrazyPensil I believe you just need some polishing of the written word, so just keep making posts and we here will aid you along in the process.
  11. Two Places one is PHP Builder.com at this link HERE and a great online book is Practical PHP Programming. Also a great resource is the PHP functions themselves with expanations and examples of the many built in functions themselves available for use of the language itself. You will note that I have over 1700 responses in the forums (community) of PHP Builder although lately I have not been very active due to a major networking project that is occupying my time during the week.
  12. Basically as one who has used both film and digital cameras since 1972 there are only a few things that I consider. One of these being that I do not use film cameras at all anymore...you have more latitude with a digital camera and the software to improve or alter a bad shot is overwhelming, and much more then 4 megapixels is probably more that most people would actually need...the ease of use of a digital camera is best when you can view comfortably the framed shot and the focal point and with the aid of the camera with autofocus and other matters such as white brightness or else or determining if a flash is needed for the shot. With most shots 4 megapixels max is more than enough for a very great shotwhich can be edited or croped with no real loss of quality even when blown up by 10 times to a large print like an 8 x 10 inch print from a tiny section that was 1x 3 or 1 x 4.. The best way to explain this is how good would a picture look if you were able to try to reproduce it with a series of dots, using a resolution of 16 x 16 pixels or grains (using film) below see an example xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Above a rough example of 8 x 16 pixels there fore a resolution of 128 pixels. Now lets blow it up by 2 or double and see the result. x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x As you can see as you enlarge smaller sections of a given resolution the pixels or grains (in film) become enlarged and spread out so when you take a picutre with many pixels than you would not have as exageratted effect as you would with a small resolution of say 1.2 megapixels which is good enough for an 8" x 10" but not a poster that is lifesize where you would want at least 4 - 6 megapixels. I just bought a Nikon Cool Pix L4 and it is sleek well organized and at 129.95 $ US I am very pleased with how it operates and the features that come with it. By the way here's a pic at medium resolution for a PC with this camera that I just took a couple of hours ago. As you can see I need to cut the grass and tidy up but the rest is nice and could be cropped to a nice pic for stilllife photography any way.
  13. Last night as I was about to post to this site I got the same message and thought hmmm what is going on and checked the bookmark that I normally use to be sure the addy was correct and it was but the same message came up again. I know that I had not made any bad posts in the prior days that would result in suspension. So I went to other bookmarks and later returned to find the same thing happening. I tried adding the customer/support/ to the domain and then just support/ and also customer/ and even added index.php as well as index.htmland had no luck at all. Then I thought well what can I do about this I can't even address my issue and having less than seven days of credit and could not even access the site to make even a test post as an anonymous user as though I were banned and not suspended. I then went to my FTP program and was able to access my site proving that my account was in fact still active and I thought perhaps another company had taken over the management of Xisto or even worse scenarios. How glad I am now to see that some sort of glitch happened and it was short lived. The only thing that I have to add is that I am glad to see that I am able to post to the site again and build up my credits although working quite hard on other projects which occupy most of my time and I can post infrequently now till we get through the crunch and can hire more people that can do the sorts of things that I do in my job which involve networks electrical and installation of raceways (rigid imc and emt conduits) and termination and testing of all cables from fiber optics, CAT 5e and control wiring and high voltage wiring and power distribution for various occupancies
  14. Houdini

    CSS Editor

    Well although I seldom use CSS there is a free alternative either with HTML Kit or PHP Designer 2006 you can check out or download FREE of charge either one at the following links. For HTML Kit go to this link and have a look around. This is a great program that includes an FTP client, and I use this program when updating my own sites to get really fast results. It has plenty of plugins and the link provided will show that CSS if in fact a great part of those offered with this great FREE software...at least try it out. For PHP Designer 2006 (this link is to the 2007 edition) go to this link and look at what it offers. I use this mainly for fast PHP development and testing locally but it also has an FTP client but I prefer the one that is in HTML Kit Try the free stuff and then if not satisfied go to the costly version of software. If you pay for it and don't like it what do you do with it? If you get it free and like the way it works then fine but if not at least it only took some of your time and not your money.
  15. Ah getting started with Xisto can at first seem hard ( you know having to post to maintain your account, which I have been negelecting lately) but sooner that you know you will find that you are in fact hosted. So welcome to Xisto and I hope you enjoy the time you spend here and get to know some of the others.Just look at my post count and join date, at PHP builder my post count is quite high but that is because I help in the forums frequently although lately I haven ther or here either due to my work load usually consisting of 6 day work weeks and an average of 12-16 hours overtime a week.
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