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Dragons Were They Really Alive?


re;breathing fireDragons

there actually is a modern day animal that produces fire,the bombadier beetle produces seperate chemicals in two seperate glands in its abdomen,which it sprays from it's posterior via two ducts that are resistant to burning,it fires these two  chemicals in pulses(about 200 per second)that prevent it from shooting off like a rocket,whenthese two chemicals mix in air,they combust.You can actually see great footage of this online...The thing is,almost every culture around the world has legends or myths of dragons,, in the ancient world,when there wasn't supposed to be any real contact between these distant peoples,yet they all seem to have come up with the same "mythological"beast,,seems to me if aninsect can shoot fire out of it's *bottom*,why couldn't a dinosaur share the same trait? 

-reply by tristanswar00

grim reaper1666

it did say on that program that they found an organ in that dragon fossil that was used to collect hydregen that came of the food which inflated and made the dragon lighter, as proved with blimps that use hydrogen hydrogen is less dense than oxygen or nitrogen so it has a natural tendicency to decrease the grip gravity has on you and means you need less lift to fly. they also stated that the dragons used platinum to light the hydrogen meaning that they could breathe fire. don't forget if a creature evolves to say brethe fire than it is bound to have a protection against its own fire.


I haven't had time to run through all the replies, and it's probably already been brought up but I think the komodo dragon plays a large part in the myths of the past. Although there is no record of a komodo dragon ever killing a human being, there is one account from hundreds of years ago of explorers visiting the island and observing a komodo dragon devouring an entire human male. The poor inhabitants of the islands where the komodo dragon is found have to live in huts on stilts with their livestock in pens underneath the huts. It's to prevent the dragons from getting in to the houses as they are vicious little creatures. The myth may have also come from ancient caveman drawings of dinosaurs. It's possible the knights of old discovered some caves, maybe not in England but some time during the crusades, saw pictures of flying beasts attacking and eating men and created their own stories. The possibilities of where the myth actually came from is endless, and without any real hard evidence or information on its origins we can only really speculate as to what the truth may be. It's obvious though that dragons never actually existed, at least not as we know them today. The earliest possible account of where the myth may have started from cave drawings, before that there was no inteliigent being capable of creating anything we are able to interpret. Also, since we have discovered most of what has been buried in the ground from that era the likelihood of finding anything remotely like a dragon is geeting more and more unlikely. It really would be interesting to know where the myth was originated, but I guess we'll never know.


Well i every legend (story) there is little truth about it. You decide what's truth, what's imagination of the human being.


Everything changes with time. To explain the existence of the dragons I am giving the example of a language. A language do not remains as such after two or three centuries and their are many changes in it which if heard by the people two or three centuries old would not be understood.The dragon portrait of today is also sure to have been changed much. A poster said that the dragons are too big too fly but who knows that they were that big. It is more probable that they have been made big by human exaggeration. It is possible that there existed small animals similar to dragons in the far past. But the main point is that the portrait presented today cannot be true as everything changes with time


It amazes me on how people are so closed minded.

Well let me just say this.

although I am young, I have a logical mind. When it comes to dragons, I'm a maybe. One on the fence. I say maybe because we havent 100% explored the world to say dragons don't exist. We don't know whats out there, nor what evolution can create. For me, I believe to believe. You gotta hold onto something. I am maybes when it comes to God, aliens, ghosts and even afterlife. You just don't know if these things exist. As for dragons, well, occasionally I stare up into the sky, look at the clouds, and hope. Hope that maybe, just maybe, I'll see a dragon.

Think what you may, dragons might just exist. Most people need hard evidence to believe, but me...I just hope. Its not about the hard facts, or how much evidence is agaisnt their existence today...Its just about hoping that you may see one.

Thank you for reading.

-reply by mrcomment




First things first I don't care what some "person"said there is NO real proof that dragons never exsestied I do believe that they were real and they say that it may be if there had never had been real then people wouldent have made them up so pls give me so real info on how they can be real and they lived in firey places so some thing may have changed over time to let them asorb it so hahaha I believe/txtmngr/images/smileys/smiley14.Gif!1!  /txtmngr/images/smileys/smiley10.Gif

-reply by loveheart


IDK, again, I think it is possible that they existed, because most nations in the world had them. Now, I am thinking of sharks, and the most we find of them usally, is their teeth. So what if... Dragons had bones made of cartilage, and the species did not reproduce much, because of the hostility from early humans, and were not able to find enough food in the wild to sustain their existance. If one died, then scavengers would clean it, and whats left would vanish if it was cartilage.

-reply by Someone Tookthisname


tard oDragons

Replying to Kid SaiyanLet's modify your sentiment slightly: Because we can't prove that X doesn't exist, justifies belief in its existence. That's like saying that because I can't prove the flying spaghetti monster doesn't exist, it must. It's the fallacy of ignorance my friend, and it's not worth your time.

-reply by Kris

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