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Man Dies From Playing World Of Warcraft Gaming? Harmful?


wow.. he must have been really involved in the game.. surely a short trip to the fridge for some food or drink couldn't hurt.When i play games (i usually play fps games) and i'm hungry, within the respawn time i take a quick trip to the fridge. get something to eat and eat while playing.. simple.. and its only a game.. someone doesnt have to try and finish it, after all it is only for enjoyment, it doesn't become something like a job, like you HAVE to finish it.Very strange


This is not new, like you say in korea happens a lot. But its a stupidity. a Break for 5 minutes just to eat or drink was that so impossible ? be awake for 48 hours isn't hard, i alreday taked a weekend with out a quick stop in bed and i'm not dead and i was working all day long, and night i went to Carnival Party for 2 nigths ahead and even went to play soccer. Of course that when i layed down the bed in Sunday evening i only waked up monday night. But at least i had good meals. Heheh cheers.


I saw something familiar to this before. Some guy committed suicide because something went wrong with his Everquest account. Everquest took no responsibility for it because the guy didn't say anything before he died. His mom know that it was Everquest that made him do it. I mean seriously, it's everquest! Get over it!


Wow amazing! I can't even stay 10 hours per day in front of a screen because it hurt my eyes...


Well I've been playing MMO's for over two years now and I can certainly attest to the dangers they pose for addictive play. I actually know someone who owns a doctorate in computer science and recently went to a conference where one of the topics at hand is how to make games more addictive. I also know of a teenager who was recently introduced to WOW and, within a year, was diagnosed as having borderlined ADHD. This and the WoW-related death is absolutely no joke. Who is to blame? Is this like the fast food analogy? Do we blame McDonald's or those who eat at Mcdonald's? Where does corporate responsibility end and personal responsibility begin? Tough questions are asked of all of us. Tough questions to be answered responsibly by all of us gamers...


I was reading the paper today about a man in South Korea who went on a 50 hour binge playing World of Warcraft and died of heart failure, caused by dehydration and starvation. Can video games become so engrossing that it numbs all effects such as hunger, thirst, or pain? It's hard to believe that he would not...

WOW! Someone died from a video game. Now that's just sad. The topic name sounded like he may had givin away his personal details and then was being stocked and killed but playing a game 50 hours strait that's unbelievable! I can understand 30 minutes strait (that's my record lol). Well if I lived in S.Korea I would be the opposite of a computer geek. I thought I was crazy when I played runescape for 4 hours this one day (total but I had lunch and hung out with friends in between). The funny thing is one time I was at my friends house and it was like 9 P.M. and we were going to go to bed (after he wanted to try a hack for the game) well that's a different story, but we saw another one of our friends on and then the next morning at 7:30 a.m. that same kid was still on! I was like WOW! Since then I find this post actually somewhat believable. Laugh out load!


I was addicted to a game a few years ago...the Sims. When the Sims2 came out, I was just as addicted. Like other people has said though, your body still tells you "hey stupid, go to the bathroom" or "i will eat you inside out if you don't feed me". I wonder if the guy was in good health though. Usually game manuals say somewhere to check with your doctor first to see if the game is suitable for you. Does anyone do that (minus maybe people with epileptic seizures)? Most likely not.My boyfriend plays FFXI online and I laugh every single time he logs on because there is this little message that says something to the effect of: There is a life outside of FFXI. Do not neglect your friends and family. It is a lot longer than that, but that is the general idea.I feel sorry for the guy because he died, but I find it kind of amazing that he would not think about himself in the way of his needs.


If this is indeed true (which I will most likely not believe 100% unless I see some more solid proof), then this man is mentally unstable. What kind of person is able to knowingly and willingly go without water and nourishment, not to mention a restroom break? No person in a normal state of mind could even attempt this.So, this does bring up the issue: can videogames cause you to be unstable?


It is interesting how video games can cause such dependence that one neglects the basic necessities of life. On the other hand, this is believable if it is truly considered an addiction or dependence. Severe malnutrition, legal problems, social dysfunction are often indirect effects of alcohol or narcotic abuse, not necessarily direct biologic effects of the substances.But similar to everyone else, I am at awe at how addictive a video game can become.


Maybe I should quit World of Warcraft :)It is a bit addicting, but I think playing for over 10 hours at a time is really pushing it.


Well, unless such incidents start happening more often, I don't think the blame lies with the game developers. If indeed there is a connection between playing a certain kind of game and dying, then the authorities better act quickly. Hehe... the devil might be infiltrating the cyberspace... :)Now, for those isolated incidents, has anybody considered that he/she was actually suicidal in the first place? Like what countless of people has mentioned in this topic, your body would tell you to take a break, like going to the bathroom. I can play games for more than 10 hours at one go, especially at night, where I play right till the morning or afternoon. But sooner or later, you would feel hungry. Or at least thirsty. Unless of course, that person is already suicidal or mightily depressed that he/she chose to ignore what their body is telling them and continue playing. That is when they run the danger of dying from playing games.So, unless there is more evidence showing the correlation between playing games and dying, I think we should just leave the game companies alone. Let them develop more addictive games becoz that is what we want. Or at least, what I want. What illini319 said, about McDonalds... I disagree. Obesity is no longer an isolated incident but an epidemic, if I may use that word. I mean, if I would to eat McDonalds for lunch and dinner, would I exceed the daily recommended calories intake?


i think that if that man can DIE from playing games (and one stupid like WOW) he is really dum lolhow can u stay like that for over 18 h without eating?i think that man was allready crazy befor that happendNoMore


yer some kid in AUS died from playing that gamke like 18n hours a day and he went 2 school!


This is true, WOW does kill ..Last Octomber a Korean mom went to a Computer Club to play in WOW and her small child died by falling of the window .. or something like this.


i was always under the impression thatyou can go atleast 3 days without water. You can go almost 2 weeks without food.


That's just insane.... all i can say is... no life. 50 hours of gameplay for what? lol to get better? pfft, just... sad Well.. i've played PS2 for over 10 hours before.. but sheet.. 50 hours on WoW... that's just pushing it. He asked for it.


well this shouldnt even be one of those things that gets parents concerned about thier kids playing video games... Its kind of like if you were to take people that drive really fast and hurt people and say that everyone shouldnt be able to drive for its dangerous..... Its a VERY radical thing, kind of like a tree falling on a guys car while hes driving down the freeway; it isnt one of those things where we look at ourselves and ask questions, its just something that we say "sucks to be him" to.....


Actually, mirdux, I'd say it's something parents should watch out for, but not necessarily go crazy over. I mean, yeah, sure, just because you see some crazy person driving super fast doesn't mean you should stop others from driving, but if you see the people around you starting to imitate that driver, then yes, it's time to worry. Therefore, parents shouldn't totally block their kids from playing video games, but they certainly shouldn't give in to their every demand either. I remember there was this kid in my computer science class last year who played WoW every single day until nine o'clock at night and then began his homework and stayed up until twelve to finish it. It was quite overboard, but his parents never did a thing about it. Though they probably had total control over finances and therefore could've just stopped paying for the WoW subscription, they never did. But he was lucky and quit during the summer before anything major happened.Then again, parents aren't always right either. Some of them are just a bit too uptight about getting a good education. Too much stress is not a good thing. Therefore, it all comes down to not getting obsessed with anything. Just like drinking too much water could make you explode.


Therefore, it all comes down to not getting obsessed with anything. Just like drinking too much water could make you explode.

Haha.... that sums it up nicely... I couldn't have said it better myself.


That's very interresting, someone that would go to such great lengths just to play a "game." MMORPGs have become rather popular now a days. Many people play it like its their life, while others play it casually to relieve stress. Those that play for hours on end with no food and water, like you have just said have certain had a wrong mind set. It is very sad to hear that that individual would go to that level of play just to play World of Warcraft.I am a MMORPG player, but I play casually. Never have I played over 3 hours straight. At 2 hours I am already dizzy from staring at the monitor and focusing on things that are going on in the game. Sometimes I even get bored just playing the game altogether. It is rare for me to be so focused in an MMORPG. The times that I am in tune and totally addicted to the game is when I first started playing it. It was my desire to gain high levels and obtain high level items that make me feed and addicted to the game.But as I realize during mid through the leveling process of my character I realized it serves nothing but self accomplishment that I could possible do overtime and does not needed to be rushed. Games the continuely make you grind out levels are games that no longer interests me, it just a factor to make you keep playing, people however, seem to dont understand that or is a little impatient that they have to achieve such levels.Quests and such are what drives a game, along with its story and depth, a game with just level grinding alone is not a game worth the time, because to me its like seeing how long you can watch and count a water drop from a sink that leaks. MMORPGs are heavily dependent on grinding, its because creators run out of ideas and need a "filler idea" in its place before they release the next batch of updates to keep players interested in the game and continue to pay for the game which they play online with there friends.I am currently playing multiple MMORPGs, which are Guild Wars, Maple Story, and Lineage 2 C4 or C5 I forget. Guild Wars, I have only version 1 which I have beat and no longer have interest in. But I do go on from time to time to see what have changed in the game and to see my friends, because they are continuing to play the game and its expansions that have been recently released.Maple Story was a game I used to play heavily, and this game was a major grind fest. It is a game that consisted of anime like short like characters which you can customize to your liking with different job classes. I was a thief and as I explored the world of maple story I saw cooler looking characters that I sought to be like, so I would grind levels hours on end till I reached that level. I was satisfied. But throughout the whole time and amount of time spent I was really having much fun, I felt more like I was just doing a job then having fun. Yes, my character looked cool, but thats all it gave me. No special rewards for achieving that level at such a quick rate, just self satisfaction.Lineage 2 was a really fun game that I play from time to time. This game is also a level grind game but comes with a great community. I would compare this game to much like World of Warcraft. It both carry the same elements. You can achieve levels just as fast, but it will take time but you can have more fun because like World of Warcraft you can do it in raiding groups. But the sad thing about this game along with the others games I played is that its not worth the time spent.I sometime wondered if I should just sell my accounts off on ebay to profit for the amount of time I spent playing the game and achieving the high level item rewards. But chances are game master from that specific game would check the auctions going on ebay and close my account altogether before I could even sell the account. So I see playing MMORPGs as a lost in life if your are playing it for the sole purpose of level grinding. If you however are playing it for the fact of relieving stress then you have the right mind set.Back to the main topic about the guy dying from not getting enough nutrition after the 50 hour marathon, all I can say is I wish him the best. Because he wasted his life on a game, I hope that he lived his life to the extent that he wanted to live. Because honestly, I dont think playing hours on end till I die is the way I want to leave this world.

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