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  1. Hi everyone,Well, my free webhosting has been deleted cause I've had negative credits of 30+. I'm no longer a student and am now in Mumbai trying to earn a living. My new job keeps me busy from 9 in the morning till 9 in the night (usually) and I can't surf the net at work. I'll probably get broadband soon in my flat (rented of course) but I don't think I'll have time for posting in the forum anymore. Once things ease up a bit, I'm gonna buy paid hosting at Xisto - Web Hosting, because if the free webhosting at Xisto is so good, paid hosting definitely has to be better.It's been a great year at Xisto, and I'd like to thank everyone at this community for being so helpful and generous with what they know. OpaQue, m^e, dhanesh, qwijibow, CaptainRon, xboxrulz, vujsa, viz, szupie, MasterComputers, Vyoma, techocian, twitch, yordan, jeigh, moonwitch, pyost, weaponX, cyborgxxi, nightfox and everybody else on this forum ... wish you all the best in life and hope you have a great time.CheersAbhiram :PPS: My apologies if this topic title has already been used .
  2. On another note, bruteforcing a password to Windows may be enhanced by using a large number of nodes, but bruteforcing email passwords is capped by the bandwidth and the response time of the website. The only way out would be to have different computers try different sets of combinations on the website simulataneously. So, the power of the computer you are using has no effect on the cracking. It is different from bruteforcing an md5 hashed password protected local file.
  3. You know, I kind of agree with your point of view. All this hype and push about piracy is mostly done by companies trying to get the most out of their record deals even when they're doing quite well. I don't think piracy is such a big issue that the government needs to encourage kids to act as vigilantes for huge companies that make a whopping profit in any case. Of course we hear about Millions of dollars in losses by the record companies because of piracy, but no one talks about how much these companies are already making in regular sales. And by governments backing up such schemes, it sidelines the more important issues, as already said, like human rights.
  4. I don't think this counts as Advertising. TavoxPeru stands to gain nothing from us visiting this site. It's a pretty neat site with some good features. Telling people about something new/cool doesn't necessarily have to mean advertising.
  5. Hehe ... Laughing my pants off! Dude, this stuff is awesome. I'm not a fan of Star Wars, but this stuff is really cool. Can't believe the effort put in by these people.
  6. Wow ... no kidding there. Real ... um ... nice . Lucky stiff Dhanesh. Hey dude, how about introducing all of us to her, share the wealth?
  7. Well ... depends on what you say are social events. The only thing that's absolutely true is I'm a Narcissist. Well if you don't praise yourself who will? Paranoid? I'm not paranoid at all. I'm only paranoid that someone will occupy the computer when I get up, but that's something that comes with being a geek. Histrionics ... I should say I'm quite given into sudden outbursts, although for the past 2 years I've been bringing it down to once or twice a year. No outbursts this year yet, except when someone wakes me up for no reason early in the morning. End note, I'd say this is a silly test. Not to be taken seriously .
  8. Whoa ... what's this about a chick on Dhanesh's list? Let me in on a piece of the action too guys ... everybody knows geeks are despos, and this forum is loaded with them [].
  9. Here's mine . Funny test ... takes some time, but I don't even know what half of the things mean. What's Histrionic?
  10. It isn't a good idea to try to bruteforce email sites, especially sites like Yahoo! and Hotmail. These sites get more than their share of people trying to force their way in. Also, I would guess that they've got security measures installed which detect whether a person from a particular IP is trying to force his way through ... like so many number of failed attempts within so much time. Your IP will be logged and the host will notify your ISP, if not report you to the police if you repeatedly attempt to get access.Also, bruteforcing can take ages. Since most email providers require that you use a password that is atleast 6 characters long, allowing alphanumeric and special characters, IMO there's absolutely no good in trying to use a bruteforcer for getting access to an account.
  11. You've got to be kidding. I can't believe there is someone who charges so much for webhosting, basic webhosting at that! Maybe these guys are still in the stoneage when webhosting used to cost a bundle .
  12. I've been learning to use Maya for quite some time now. I must say that it isn't as easy or as intuitive as I thought it to be. Got myself some video tutorials and a big fat book on Maya and started reading through. The number of tools and features is huge. There are tools for almost anything you need to do to manipulate vertices, edges, curves, nurbs, polygons. I can make some decent inanimate objects, but still need to work a lot with it to really be good at it. The best part of Maya is the Maya Personal Learning Edition (PLE) which gives you all the features of the full fledged version of Maya for free. Of course, just to practice and learn on, but it still is pretty good.I haven't used blender. I wanted to learn something that had some good resources even if they cost some money. I don't think blender has as many resources to learn from as Maya or other more popular 3D software.
  13. Great find ... it's really cool. But, you do need a fast internet connection to be able to use it properly. With my 40kbps, it sure takes a long time. The eyeEdit app looks similar to AJAXWrite. Looks like you can even upload files to the virtual desktop from your system. Heh, it even has Sonic the Hedgehog and PrinceofPersia. This site is going into my bookmarks.
  14. You've got to edit your ~/.bashrc file so that it defaults to what you need everytime you open a console. Technically, .bashrc is called everytime you open a console shell. Here's some more info: Source: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ So, all you need to do is put ulimit -n 50000 in ~/.bashrc and it should do the trick. Hope that helps.
  15. Looks rather interesting. I think I'll give it a shot sometime. I've stopped using yahoo messenger in favor of meebo for quite some time now. Meebo is fast and doesn't need any installation. Also it works well with slow internet connections.
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