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Man Dies From Playing World Of Warcraft Gaming? Harmful?


Wow is very interesting game. A game without an end. And sometimes it's possible to forget about the real world, real time, real feelings, like starving, drowse etc, because of "living" in the 3D world.I can explain this with myself: sometimes, when I am home alone and play video games (online), for example Counter-strike, I find my self very interested in the game, what makes me forget to eat dinner. And about sleeping. I just don't want to sleep when I play games. But when I'm doing homework in late evening, I feel very sleepy..., until I switch on my computer....Lol this is crazy, the computer really makes people forget about sleeping, eating and the stream of time!My advice would be: put a big clock in front of your monitor, and go to eat, when the time comes!And about WoW - they could force palyers to take a 1 hour brake, after playing, for example for 5 hours. Or something.... I dunno.... Koreans are crazy


thats really sad that someone died playing video games. i think we need to revaluate our societies relationship with video games.

Kid Saiyan

Well...for one, im not too surprized...The reason for this is that My aunt's friend's son used to play Video Games a lot. He soon got so addicted that he wouldnt even hear his mother or , for that matter, anyone's call. His mind absorbed too much radiation from the television screen and gaming console that he lost the ability to concentrate on anything else. He would sit there for hours on end tapping buttons and beating highscores. He stopped eating and there was nothing his mother or anyone could do to help that. The Boy soon reached the limit that the police had to be called in. Even they had difficulty at first, but in time, they managed to pull the child away from his games. I believe that he now has a Psychiatrist who has helped him to get over his addiction / obsession with games.Although i said that i amnot surprized by this, i am shocked and saddenned. To lose your life over a video game is terrible and leaves me speachless...(pardon the irony!)


In South Korea, the best gamers usually become millionares and get massive TV contracts. Gaming is HUGE in South Korea, good gamers (gosu) have sports star like status. Maybe he just wanted to become the best. Or, he lost his mind. If this were to happen (which it did) I'd expect it to happen in Korea.


I don't know how someone could go 50 hours straight. Although these things do happen in everyday life, just not to that extent. My friend used to be obsessed with runescape. Once I called him to talk about a school project and he blabbed on about runescape for 10 mins. It got to the point where me and my friends logged on just to see if he was on. But you gotta take it as a game. Me and this kid at school had a duel in runescape. I owned him and tooked all of his stuff, and almost resold his own sheild to him for a higher price than normal. The next day, he wasn't mad and just said " Good job, someday I'll beat you".


comon...You do anything for 50+ hours straight your pretty much screwed


I was alive for 50 hours straight. Nothing happened to me...


There are many cases of violence in cybercafes due to online gaming! People get attack...and sometimes shot in korean and other asian countries over little disputes as "You stole my +5 long sword of vanquashing."People go crazy over these games. Counterstrike (a multiplayer counter-terrorism game that uses cash prizes to drive competition between players) is a good example. In 2002 their were 300 "brawls" sometimes envolving hundreds of people in the US outside of internet cafes.Here are some example of computer-game related deaths:"Bragg, 25, pled guilty yesterday to aggravated manslaughter and was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for the death of his nine-month old son, Tony Jr. last July. A St. Petersburg Times story this morning claimed Bragg had assaulted the child and left him to die because he was interfering with Bragg’s enjoyment of the popular online computer game""21-year-old Hudson man was addicted to EverQuest, says his mother, Elizabeth Woolley of Osceola. He sacrificed everything so he could play for hours, ignoring his family, quitting his job and losing himself in a 3-D virtual world where more than 400,000 people worldwide adventure in a never-ending fantasy.On Thanksgiving morning last year, Shawn Woolley shot himself to death at his apartment in Hudson."I myself got very addicted to Ultima Online - a mmorpg similar to everquest - which comsumed me and I often missed meals, and a nights sleep playing it. It was never that extreme but it was so damn fun. I remember staying in rather than going out clubbing to play as I was having so much fun. Like most things though, I bored of it after a while. 5 good years of my life though were spend in an online world. While at school, I'd plan what I was going to do that night. So glad I grew out of it before my final year!


Thats very interesting... I could see why people could be soo addicted with games... I used to be one of them individuals playing multiplayer games all the time, but not to the extent of starving and killing myself with thrist... I guess the technology is becoming so advance and soo aluring that people are becoming an extreme addiction... I wonder if eventually down the road, the government would start regulating and preventing people to go online for too too long... =/ just a thought...Chin chin...


Hahaha, if I die from WoW...MY CHARACTER STILL LIVES ON!!!Yeah, I'm addicted.And I accept that.Pity is, I'm only lvl 41.


It is true, because if I recall correctly a person in Korea had played starcraft 48 hours straight without any breaks whatsoever, he pretty much just keeled over in his chair. Also I remember a couple who had left their child at home to play World of Warcraft at the local Internet Cafe, they were planning on only staying for an hour, but they said they got so engrossed into the game that they lost track of time and stayed there for about four hours. Thus upon their return they found there child dead. Pretty idiotic of people really... hahahaha


Someone died playing video games? And because he didn't eat or drink anything for 50 hrs? I find that a little hard to believe. I believe I was engrossed in a game once...


Believe it... There was before a case like this one. Also in Korea. I am not sure what exactly happened, but here's the story. This man, he was in a playhouse playing Starcraft. I guess he ate and drank something, but he didn't sleep. He played it for about 48 hours without stopping, and then he died when he went to the bathroom. And this IS confirmed.


People die because of video games all the time. In America, to teenagers went to a highway and shot at people's cars with a shotgun. And they picked it up from GTA III. Crazy folks....


I was reading the paper today about a man in South Korea who went on a 50 hour binge playing World of Warcraft and died of heart failure, caused by dehydration and starvation.


Umm... this may sound stupid but did he get up and go to the bathroom? No one can "hold it in" for over 2 days strait... I don't use the bathrooms at my school (they are terrible and may include pot smokers/drug users here and there) and I work in District Technology until 5 PM (I start school at 7:20, ends 2:20, band until 3:20 just to give you an idea). I'm surprised the guy didn't die day 1 because of his bladder exploding




Maybe he had a tube going from his penis to the bathroom Just kidding :)He probably did go to the bathroom, but 50 hours is too much! People must sleep, eat and drink. And it's not good for your eyes either


Well he really was crazy if he played like that, but I agree that games can become addicting, but personally my record was less than 24 hours ~20 hours of playing, I remember I played thorugh all the night, but in the morning was quite tired and fed up with that game and went to sleep, while playing the game I drank water and had something put to my stomache but not to much of course, it is just when you have a nice/interesting time you forget about food and when you are borred.. I usually eat a lot


ok that sucks'page could not be displayed' when i postedtime to start overThis guy must have had problemsYou hear all this stuff that video games are badBut im sure that 99% of the bad things people do that the video game 'caused' them to do stem from other problems such as poor mental health, low self-esteem, depression, etc. etc...(ok, it wasnt 2 pages long but still~hate to lose time )


Certainly this case posted by the OP wasn't the first time someone was said to be killed by playing games too much. The worse thing is, it was neither the last; a few weeks ago, there was another game-designer-wannabe high school student reported to have died of over playing. Only a week ago from now, yet another man has died in an Internet cafe after having stayed there for over 10 days (both in Korea.)No one knows for sure except themselves who've died, but my guess is that they weren't trying to kill themselves. Nor did they notice they were being hurt that badly as they play --- and that's a big part, though not all, of the reason why they died.I guess the lesson is, one can always die of some reason he does not think will even harm himself.But if you happen to be the one sitting right next to that innocent guy who is damaging himself --- then let him know.


hey i heard the same story but it wasn't WOW it was some game that wasn't mentioned but i heard he like died of exhausting or starvation or something like that. so i guess they moved on to wow now.


now that is weird to die of heart failure when you are starving/dehydrated!! there's no link in that! but it is possible although hard to believe!since there are people that died of heart attack for watching tv, why not playing a game?i had old relatives that was watching a soccer match and his team scored the most crutial goal at a crutial time and he got a heart attack out of over-hapiness.. dats a die-hard fan!!---YudzzY


It's odd though, what if he knew he was going to die, and wanted to die doing something he enjoyed/ Like playing games or something? I think that's the case and he just wanted to live his life the way he wanted to before he died. Although it was 2 days, he was either trying to kill himself, or knew it would happen sooner or later. Or maybe he was being hounded by some group of gangsters for doing something we haven't heard about? THE POSSIBILITIES !!I think it's not because of the game, but because something else was the issue for this man. It's just we weren't given all the details and were just given what happened during the incident. Now if they added what he was doing there, or why, and how his past is, then that's a different story.


eh it's not like it's the first time this has happend


Notice from szupie:
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A South Korean man has died after reportedly playing an online computer game for 50 hours with few breaks.


The 28-year-old man collapsed after playing the game Starcraft at an internet cafe in the city of Taegu, according to South Korean authorities.


The man had not slept properly, and had eaten very little during his marathon session, said police.


Multi-player gaming in South Korea is extremely popular thanks to its fast and widespread broadband network.


Games are televised and professional players are treated, as well as paid, like sports stars.


Professional gamers there attract huge sums in sponsorship and can make more than $100,000 a year.



They are the types of games that completely engross the player. They are not games that you can play for 20 minutes and stop

Professor Mark Griffiths

The man, identified by his family name, Lee, started playing Starcraft on 3 August. He only paused playing to go to the toilet and for short periods of sleep, said the police.


"We presume the cause of death was heart failure stemming from exhaustion," a Taegu provincial police official told the Reuters news agency.


He was taken to hospital following his collapse, but died shortly after, according to the police. It is not known whether he suffered from any previous health conditions.


They added that he had recently been fired from his job because he kept missing work to play computer games.


Small minority


Online computer games are some of the most popular and largest growth areas in interactive entertainment.


Players can easily get immersed and feel compelled to play for hours at a stretch, particuarly in massively multiplayer online role playing games - MMORPGs - in which thousands of gamers play and interact in shared fantasy or science fiction worlds.


Reports of gamers spending 10 to 15 hours a day in front of video games, such as the highly popular World of Warcraft and EverQuest, are becoming more frequent. Experts say gamers should take regular screen breaks.


Psychologist Professor Mark Griffiths, author of several in-depth studies into online gaming and gambling addiction, told the BBC News website that, according to his research, playing excessively was not problematic in any shape or form for the majority of gamers.


He said: "It does seem to be the case that online gaming addiction for a small minority is a real phenomenon and people suffer the same symptoms as traditional addictions.


Screenshot of EverQuest

MMORPGs are social and immersive so require long periods of play

"But the good news is that it is a small minority."


In one detailed survey of 540 gamers, Professor Griffith and his team found that there were four playing more than 80 hours a week, which is considered "excessive".


He explained many people liked to play MMORPGs for long periods of time because of the social aspect of the games.


"They are the types of games that completely engross the player. They are not games that you can play for 20 minutes and stop.


"If you are going to take it seriously, you have to spend time doing it," he said.


But he warned there was a difference between "healthy enthusiasm" and "unhealthy addiction." People who sacrificed jobs, partners and loved ones were considered "extreme players".


Unlike help for traditional addictions, such as gambling, there is very little help for computer game addiction, he said.


"It is not taken seriously yet - it is the same for internet addiction," he said.


He advised anyone worried about gaming addictions should contact their local GP and get referred to a psychologist.


More than 15 million people, or 30% of the population, are registered for online gaming in South Korea. The country also host the annual World Cyber Games.

-----From http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/4137782.stm -----szupie


That was from um BBC dont remember the exact URL tho


Probably the games are getting better and better, thats good.But, they are getting more addictive every day. Thats a problem for some people, who dont think about themselfs anymore, but just keep playing and playing. These games just get in the mind of that person, and that person doesn´t think about anything else, just about the game. Thats the problem of some people, they just get to addicted to it.

Shooting Star Haven

So, some other poor guy died from overgaming, again. You always find this kind of stuff happening in Korea. It happens generally once a week there. And no, I'm really not surprised.

Games like EverQuest and World of Warcraft are so addicting that people literally give up their lives just to play it. I remember one time long ago, The Legend of Zelda, Majora's Mask came out and I remember playing it for eight hours without knowing. People who are addicted to things, no matter how bad it gets (family problems, etc.), they don't even know it. They just give up everything, for the game. And as they do, they aren't even content with everything. They stay there miserably replacing game time with sleep, homework, school, family, and everything else that matters. It's not just kids doing it. Check out this article:

When games stop being fun:

A psychologist wanted to find out what in the game was so addicting that he wound up addicted himself. Of course he was smart and deleted the game to save his career. Because these things ruin people. They take away lives. And it'll be sad to think twenty years from now, you've given up everything and are still playing the game. I mean, you go giving up everything, and when asked, "What have you done with your life," you can't just say, "Hey everyone, look. I'm a Level 58 Madrid, the Great Shaman of the North. I'm better than everyone else. And that's all that matters to me." Except there is nobody else. They chose to make something out of their time. The problem with video games nowadays is that you never really get anything done from it.

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