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Hi guys,I am going to be starting my own network site like Facebook, Myspace, Hi5 etc... all of which have an intelligent name to them. I have tried to think of some names though can't think of any. Please could any of you guys come up with some names for me?


How is your social network going to compete with the big names out there - what is your unique selling point? Working from that killer feature, you should be able to devise a name that will instantly portray that feature to potential users. For example, "MySpace" tells you exactly what you get - a little bit of space on the Internet just for you, to edit into oblivion with some of the worst design skills ever seen online You will also likely only want to consider names that are available as URLs with suitable extensions.

May I suggest Friendface as a name?


And just a heads up, Diaspora may well stick a nail in the coffin of these centralised social networks.


Well I have tried almost anything on the web as you may know. Web hosting etc so I thought to myself why not try social networking. I mean how hard can it be ? Can't really copy FriendFace from the IT crowd. But you are on the lines of what I am talking about most of the social networking sites have a name of what they do 'Myspace' 'Facebook' Etc.


I'm no good with making names. Either go for something simple like Friends Network or use a name generator.


it's good to try things for the experience, but it's better to stick with what you know. it's not a good sign when you are going to try something and don't even know what the name is going to be yet :)i can think of a alot of generic names but rvalkass is right. it should have to do with your selling point and you have given us no clue what that is.....


mavatarmahavatariavatarxpressmeonlineknowinowgintro.com some names that popped up...


Thanks for the fantastic names there OpaQue I do like 3 of them, I am going to look around on Google for another hour or so and then randomize them all and pick which one . Then we will see how well my social networking site goes.


Thanks for the fantastic names there OpaQue I do like 3 of them, I am going to look around on Google for another hour or so and then randomize them all and pick which one . Then we will see how well my social networking site goes.

You aren't going to come up with any thing unique if you look in google, the niche of social network has been ripped apart by millions, you aren't going to find any bit still in google.

Try to use your head, now just imagine what kind of experience you want your users to have and make up a name based upon that.


So...How's this project going? Think their ready to make a movie about you yet? Are you trying to attract the general public, or a specific group of individuals? If you were looking towards just a certain part of the people you should come up with a name related to the interests of the group, for instance, copshop if you were looking towards people in law enforcment or doghouse if you wanted me to sign up. If your after computer gamers, how about gamiegroupies? But if your after the general public, that's a little tougher. You want something catchy, and also easy to remember and easy to spell to log into and rememeber so a newbie can tell all his friends.


Website/ Company names are a big part of marketing, so you should think them through.I suggest finding a name which states what the site is going to be about (in this case a social network), but keep it creative and thoughtful. One-word or compound names are the best because they are easy to remember.For social networks, do NOT put the word "friend" in the name, that will make the name un-original. Try a name with "link" (for linking people together) or "plug" (almost same as link"). If I were you, i would not use real words but modify words to make a name... Here are some examples:Pluggd /PluggedSociaLinkWeBlinkOr something similar... As for the domain, try to get a domain that has not been thought of. This means that all major TLDs for the name have not been takenHappy Naming!




"I'm new here"


I'm pretty sure your social network wouldn't work , even at your neighbourhood , Facebook,twitter,tumblr and 9gag are the most popular "fun" social networks and they all are great , in all aspects , security/popularity/ease of access/limits.However , if you have a strong topic of social network , like a social network for skaters or SONY fans , you might go into somewhere , but not popular anyway.For the name , i would suggest Lark , Pullster , Socialize... They sound web2.0 and they are easy to remember.

Okara KAmi

darko100 is right, the Social Network market is pretty well hashed out and flagged down. Unless you have a game-changing idea, or even an older idea that never hit it big before, you won't get anywhere with it. The first question you want to ask yourself is, "Why would anyone want to cut down their FB/Twitter time to join my site?" There are a ton of resources, friends, and data on FB/Twitter that makes every minute you spend there more fruitful than 1 minute you spend somewhere else.Once you've found what you want to bring to the table, your site name should come easy.But if we're going with random recommendations:alakaz.am, cap.com xD


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