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  1. estherayuba2011@yahoo.co.uk .

    My name is Esther a nice looking young girl full of love and fun,i saw your profile today and it interest me to communicate with you.i am seeking for true love and friendship,i will like to have email to email communication with you,please contact me at( estherayuba2011@yahoo.co.uk )to enable me tell you more about myself and send you my pictures,I will be w...

  2. I think that we should be allowed to TALK about other webhosts and review them, but not mention that they are BETTER than Xisto... That would be fair for everyone
  3. Firefox always had a number of fun "about" pages. Here is a list:about:about Lists all the about pagesabout:mozilla Quote from the Book of Mozilla (my favourite); differs by the version your usingabout:robots A fun robot pageand many more!
  4. Just joined, but did 2 posts any suggestions?

  5. I think you're looking for the "Addon Domain" function. This adds the new domain to your current hosting account, but allows you to make it a whole new site by adding a new directory / subdomain where the new domain files will be located
  6. Google Storage for Developers is basically a free but upgradeable file hosting service. You can either place your files on Google's cloud for private use or add a link to them for public use. The only bad thing is that there is a waiting list But you never know if it's long or short. Here's the link to the main site: https://cloud.google.com/storage/?csw=1
  7. Website/ Company names are a big part of marketing, so you should think them through.I suggest finding a name which states what the site is going to be about (in this case a social network), but keep it creative and thoughtful. One-word or compound names are the best because they are easy to remember.For social networks, do NOT put the word "friend" in the name, that will make the name un-original. Try a name with "link" (for linking people together) or "plug" (almost same as link"). If I were you, i would not use real words but modify words to make a name... Here are some examples:Pluggd /PluggedSociaLinkWeBlinkOr something similar... As for the domain, try to get a domain that has not been thought of. This means that all major TLDs for the name have not been takenHappy Naming!
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